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Can Marijuana Help Boost Your Immunity?

Nothing like a pandemic will help you realize how important your wellbeing is. People have been trying to stay healthy since the coronavirus first emerged and social distancing steps were introduced. Many corporations have sought to benefit from these health-related developments by offering relief to people while also making a profit. CBD from the cannabis plant is a major business in this industry. Marijuana delivery in West Hollywood and throughout California has increased. Are its health promises, however, true?

Before delving into CBD’s effect on our immune system, let’s take a look at the system as a whole. Immune health refers to the community of cells and organs in our bodies that work together to combat pathogens, viruses, and other agents that might damage people’s bodies. It’s a crucial part of our health.  Immune systems are also in charge of keeping track of and killing cells that aren’t operating well. Most cells in the body, including those in the immune system, are influenced by the endocannabinoid system.

CBD and other marijuana compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, acting as an immunosuppressive drug and immunomodulators, according to research. It implies that CBD inhibits the immune system’s functions while keeping it active, while it’s underperforming.

Cannabis has the potential to influence both neurogenesis and neurodegeneration. In disorders resulting from defects in these functions, the immune system plays a critical role. Patients with stroke, brain injury, cerebral ischemia, and tauopathy can benefit from cannabis, according to early animal studies.

Marijuana and Immunity

Depending on your condition, cannabis will support or impair your body’s immunity. Cannabis’ capacity to reduce the inflammatory response helps the immune system to restructure itself whether you have asthma, lupus, type 1 diabetes, IBD, or some other chronic condition. This is good for relieving debilitating pain. Decreasing the body’s inflammatory reaction, on the other hand, is detrimental since this is how the body spontaneously avoids infection.

Cannabis Seeds Are Beneficial to Your Mental Health

Although the study on cannabis and immunity remains highly debatable, the use of cannabis seeds has been shown to help achy muscles, realign the nervous system, fight health issues such as stroke and heart disease, increase brain activity, and combat mental illness such as depression. They’re filled of omega-3 fatty acids, along with minerals and vitamins including zinc, iron, and other essential fats.  Cannabis seeds can aid with insomnia and stress relief. They can also be used as nutritional supplements.

Cannabis and HIV

HIV/AIDS patients have resorted to cannabis to relieve some of the complications associated with their disease and antiretroviral treatment. Vomiting, loss of weight, lack of appetite, and neuropathy are also common symptoms. In one study, HIV-positive men who consumed cannabis experienced an unexpected rise in their white blood cell count. White blood cells (WBCs) are immune cells that live in our bone marrow and battle foreign, dangerous cells. Cannabis was also found to stop HIV from binding itself to the body and also keep the virus from replicating by preventing infection in the brain that happens as a result of the virus.

Cancer and Cannabis

Not only can cannabis offer significant relief for cancer patients and the complications of both the illness and chemotherapy, it’s also been discovered that cannabinoids including THC will reduce tumors and cut off their blood flow. It also facilitates apoptosis (or tumor cellular death), without harming healthy tissue and cells throughout the surrounding area. Chemotherapy, on the other hand, can destroy both cancer cells and healthy cell tissue. It is essential to keep in mind that different types of cannabis have different impacts. THC strains, in fact, have a higher level of cellular immune resistance (depending on the dose). CBD, on the other hand, has been shown to assist with a number of immune system problems. One can avail of weed delivery online and enjoy both benefits.

Don’t Worry if You’re in Good Shape

As far as we can tell, weed has an effect on the immune system, even though scientists have no concrete evidence of how it influences our immune system or what long-term effects it might create. As a result, all of the perks that cannabis provides are actually unnecessary for a healthy individual.

If you have an autoimmune disorder or a hyperactive immune system, CBD may be a good choice for you. It can aid in the strengthening and regulation of your immune system. But, for the time being, further research is required to derive concrete conclusions about CBD and whether it is a successful therapeutic choice.

With more study and evidence, we will be able to assess whether cannabis has any long-term, detrimental impacts on the immune system. There’s nothing wrong with having weed in your life as long as you do so responsibly. If you’re thinking of using cannabis to treat a medical condition, talk to your doctor about the right way.

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