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Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi
Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi

Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi

If you have decided that you will pursue your higher studies in Canada then it is the right career move. But to study in Canada you need assistance from Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi. This is mainly because of the long list of formalities that you need to complete.
If you want to study in Canada then there are two things that you need to take into consideration. The first is to apply to a university in Canada and the second is to get a Canada student visa. Both these aspects involve many formalities and many documents have to be submit.

Getting admission to a Canadian university is the first step:

  • You can apply for a Canada student visa only after you get the letter of acceptance from a foreign university. So, the first thing that we need to focus on is how to apply to a university in Canada.
  • Now you have to decide which course you want to pursue in Canada. And the university where you want to study. You have to choose a university which is a designated foreign university. Which is grant by the immigration department of Canada.
  • Next you have to submit the application form to the university and along with the application form. You have to submit many different documents.
  • The candidate has to submit the statement of purpose which has all the details about the reasons why you want to study at the university and the reasons for choosing a particular university etc.
  • 2 letters of recommendation also have to be submit along with the application form. The candidate has to get these letters of recommendation from authorities like the principal, head of the department etc.
  • Transcripts that give complete details about the grades of the student also have to be submitted by the candidate.
  • The applicant has to submit a resume which has details like internships, awards that the student may have received and other such details.
  • Proof of funds also has to be submitted by the student and this is to prove that the candidate can pay the semester fees.
  • Besides these documents any other documents that the university requests have to be submitted by the applicant. The university admission committee will review the application of the candidate and they will verify all the documents.
  • If the university feels that the candidate is suitable for the university then the candidate is shortlisted for an online interview.
  • If the student clears the online interview, then the university will issue a letter of acceptance to the candidate and once the candidate gets the letter of acceptance then he can connect with Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi to understand the process to be completed to apply for the study visa.

It is now time to apply for a student visa to Canada:

Now that you have the letter of acceptance it is now time to apply for the Canada student visa. Keep in mind that you can go to Canada to attend the course. Only if you have a student visa to the country. Therefore the student visa is one of the most important documents. And without this travel document you cannot set foot in Canada.

  • To apply for the Canada student visa the candidate has to first have a valid passport and he also has to submit the photographs that are as per the specifications.
  • The student has to submit proof of funds to the visa authorities to show that he has enough finances to study in Canada and to take care of his living expenses.
  • There are many other documents that the student has to submit along with his student visa application form like a medical certificate, police verification certificate etc.
  • In the case of Canada visas, English/ French proficiency test results also have to be submitted by the student.
  • The letter of acceptance as already mentioned also has to be submitted along with the visa application form.
  • The candidate then has to make the payment of the student visa fees and he has to submit the receipt of the payment at the time of submission of the student visa form.
  • Once the visa authorities get the student visa application then they will review the application and if everything is fine then the student visa application is processed and the Canada student visa is issued to the candidate.

Once the candidate has the student visa then he can pursue his dream of studying at a university in Canada.
For the precise details about the Canada student visas. One can connect with reputed Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi like IRA immigration.

Why this inclination to pursue higher studies in Canada?

  • In the past few years, many Indian students are going to Canada for higher studies and there are many reasons for the same.
  • The quality of life in Canada, the infrastructure of the country and the facilities that students get here is exceptional.
  • Many good universities are world-class in Canada and these universities have many different courses.
  • As compared to many other countries the cost of education in Canada is very competitive and the quality of education is very good in Canada.
  • Many Indian students are studying in this immigrant-friendly country and also students from other countries are studying here and the students get the chance to expand their global network when they are studying in Canada.

Need guidance for a Canada student visa? Then you need to speak with IRA immigration!

There is a long train of formalities that has to be complete. And for this, you have to connect with a reliable Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi. In Delhi, you have to get in touch with IRA immigration which is known for its amazing service.

Just connect with the study visa experts of this company. And share details about your profile and the course that you want to study in Canada.

The experts of IRA immigration will check the details and will provide all the information. That the student needs to apply for a student visa to Canada.

IRA immigration will tell you about the documents that you have to submit. And all the guidance that you need to apply for the student visa.

If you are asking why IRA immigration and not any other visa and immigration expert. Then just keep in mind that this is one company that has a successful track record. They have helped many students to apply for the Canada student visa and they have a high success rate. IRA immigration has a dedicated team of experts for Canada visas and so you can be sure that the team of experts of this company will provide the right guidance to you.
If you are keen to study in Canada then it is a good decision but to realize your dream you have to complete many different formalities. This is not something that you can manage on your own and instead of making mistakes in the student visa application it is better to get in touch with renowned Canada Study Visa Consultants in Delhi and that is IRA immigration consultancy. You can rest assured that you will get the correct guidance and complete support from the experts in IRA immigration.


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