Canon Printer Troubleshooting Method To Fix Canon Printer Error


Canon printers are famous around the globe. Canon a well-known Japanese company that manufactures a wide range of printers and various imaging and optical devices like cameras, photocopiers, and medical devices. Canon printers are available in various sizes and ranges. These printers are compatible with enterprises as well as for home users. Canon printers are known for their robustness as these printers provide good services to the users. But like other hardware devices, you may face some errors while working with Canon printers. Most of the errors in Canon occur due to some runtime issues which easily get fixed by taking simple measures. 


Canon Printer is not responding

Not responding errors mostly appear in wireless printing. If you are using a Canon wireless printer then make sure your router is working reliably. Check the default password for HP printer. Inspect the WPS pin on your router and then check the Wi-Fi button on your printer. If you are unable to connect your printer to the router then try using a USB cable. If your printer is still not responding then you should ask the Canon team for help.


Slow printing 

Speed issues in printers can appear due to various reasons. For wireless printing, keep your Canon printer nearby to the router and computer. While taking the printout from the network, check the internet speed. If your connection is weak then try connecting the PC and printer with a USB cable. Use a high-speed USB on your Canon printer. If you are using an old printer then getting speed issues is very common. High-quality printouts take much time for printing. If you are taking simple printouts like you can switch the printing mode. Go to the settings and change the mode to draft. This mode uses low ink for printing and takes printouts with a good speed. For taking simple printouts, draft mode can be very helpful. If you want to take quality printouts then you can easily switch back to a normal or high-quality mode. 


Low ink warning

Canon printers will start showing your low ink warning when your cartridge is about to get empty. Even if you are getting the low ink warning; you can take printouts until the cartridge gets full empty. But whenever you get the low ink warning, you should install a new cartridge on your printer. Purchase original Canon printers for your device as the third-party cartridge can ruin your print quality. Original ink cartridges cost a lot and if you take lots of printouts on a regular basis then it can be pretty costly. Instead of purchasing the cartridge, you can refill your ink cartridge. Purchase good quality ink for your printer and refill the cartridge carefully as the ink has some carbon content which is harmful to your lungs. After refilling the cartridges, close the lid tightly and reinstall the cartridge on Canon printer. 


Canon error B203

Canon error B203 appears when your printer is unable to communicate with your PC. One of the most potent reasons behind this error is corrupted printer drivers. A printer driver acts as a bridge between the PC and the printer. If your printer driver gets corrupted then your printer won’t be able to understand the command. You can either reinstall the driver or restore all the corrupted files. You can use the driver update tool for updating and restoring the corrupted files of your printer driver. Search for a compatible driver tool on the internet. Install and run the driver update tool. The tool will automatically update and restore all the outdated and corrupted drivers on your device. Once you restore the corrupted files; restart your device and check whether your error gets fixed or not. If you are still facing the same error then contact Canon support code B203.


Faded Printouts

You will get the faded printouts when you are using low-quality ink for printing. This issue mostly appears when the person is using a third party cartridge on the Canon printer. Always use quality ink for good printing. Check the quality of the paper. Make sure you are using good quality pages. If you are using quality ink and paper but still getting faded printouts then ask the Canon team for help.

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