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Career Mode in FIFA 21

In FIFA 21, Development Plans and Training Drills are two important tools in Career Mode in order to improve your players. Development plans are for developing your players and have full control over the development process and improve your player’s skills. Many skills have been added for your defenders or forwards. With Development Plans you can focus on any of the possible skills that you want. But how can we choose a plan?

In the Squad Hub or Youth Academy, you can choose the player you want and set the plan for each player. You will find the Development Plan in the actions after pressing the show actions button on the controller. You can chose a plan from growth plans list for your player. You can also see a preview of the changes that will be applied to the players skills, that will help you to pick the right plan. It will also shows you the time required until your player has reached the rating you’ve chosen.

Sharpness is a new quality that will shows player performing in high-sensitive moments in a game. The player will get a great score and get a lot of FIFA 21 coins in the higher sharpness but it contradicts fitness. That means, If you don’t want to substitute your player in the second half of the match you should balance sharpness and fitness.

Scouting and Selling Players in FIFA 21 Career Mode

At First you have no FUT Coins in your account and a new bunch of youth in your football academy. After hiring a scout you should search for new youth players in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain and so on in order to find Lionel Messi. When you have found the player, you must sign him and it will be added to your youth team.

In Career Mode you can also sell a player. You will get an offer for any of your players, If it’s a good offer you can accept the offer to sell the player quickly and bring some income for your team and use the FIFA Coins to buy another great player for your squad. If you want to keep a good player and you keep getting offers from clubs, you can go to Squad Hub and then Block Offers.

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