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Carpet cleaning made easy-peasy

Carpet cleaning made easy-peasy

Carpets provide you comfort and warmth. But when it comes to cleaning them it becomes a hell of a job. And if you are a beginner that is if it is for the first time in your life that you are handling your carpets then don’t freak out. This article will act as a beginner’s guide to cleaning the carpet. So after reading you can handle the dirty carpet situation as easy as ABCs.

  • Vacuuming:

If you want your carpets to last long it is always recommended that you vacuum your carpets frequently. Because carpets are sort of like filters that is the air inside your house gets filtered through carpets leaving lots of dust particles inside the carpets. So, you don’t want the dust to get accumulated on your carpets, right? So, what we do, we vacuum our carpets.

  • Don’t leave your carpet wet:

Firstly don’t let your carpets get wet and if it does get wet make sure that you dry it quickly. Because damp carpets are the choice of home for molds and fungi, whose inhabitation on your carpets makes you and your family sick, and you don’t want that. So, make sure it doesn’t get wet but still, if it gets wet, well here are some tricks create an airflow to the carpet by wither using a fan or even vacuum, you can also use a combination of air and heat by using the blow-driers, if it is a sunny day just hang your carpets in the sun but take care sometimes the harsh sun-rays may fade the color of your carpets, in such cases dry them in shade.

P.S. If your carpets get wet due to spillage of drinks or anything that causes stain DON’T DRY IT QUICKLY because dried stains are difficult to remove.

  • Stains:

No matter how well you are organized and how well you try to keep things tidy and neat, there always be a chance that your carpets get stained. The stains may be from the sauce of the tasty lasagna you made for dinner or the lustrous wine from the bottle. And if you have kids around your home the list is never-ending. So, the first thing that anyone would do is to look up for tricks to remove these stains. But, I would recommend that you wouldn’t try these DIY at home tricks right away because you want your carpets to last long and some of these tricks may remove the stain but weakens the fibers of your carpets and sometimes the color is lost. So, firstly try to understand the stain, if it is still wet try not to spread it by removing the excess liquid. Then understand the fabric of your carpet and then act according to it. It would be better if try to contact your cleaning service and try to get their suggestions for the stain- removal. Always trust your cleaning services in this matter because they care for your carpets

  • Don’t try anything new:

Don’t directly try out any new cleaning solution, just because the salesperson told it was effective or your neighbor told it was great because every carpet is unique so are the needs of the carpet. So, one has to give the utmost care while choosing a cleaning solution for their carpets. So, if you want to try something new for your carpet don’t just apply it over the entire carpet apply it in some portion or just any corner of your carpet and see if it is safe, then you can use it. While purchasing the cleaning solution just have a look at the label and see if the cleaning solution is free from the hazardous chemicals. Most cleaning solutions have toxic chemicals in toxic chemicals in them, which are a potential risk for the health of your home. If possible avoid these chemical cleaning solutions and choose an eco-friendly one. These cleaning solutions are plant-based and therefore is safe for your home

  • Sanitize your carpets:

There are zillions of disease-causing germs that lurk in your carpets. So, it is always better if you sanitize your carpets. Sanitizing your carpets is an easy process. After every vacuum, take some disinfectant liquid and spray it all over the carpets. Don’t use huge amounts just a little bit. If you are looking for a natural way then you can sun dry the carpets because the heat kills many microbes. But, as mentioned earlier, drying in the sun may cause the carpets to fade its color so be careful.

  • Carpet protectors:

If you have children or pets in your house then keeping the carpet always stain-free and clean is out of the question. So, what can be down besides locking your kids away from the carpet is you can have a protective layer or cover for your carpets. Many professional services provide your carpets its own protective shield that guards the carpets against getting dirty or stained. These protective shields come in many forms, plastic or vinyl films, fabric-based, spray-on type. You can choose from this wide range to protect your carpets. The plastic or vinyl one acts like a spill-proof one, whereas the fabric one itself gets dirty but doesn’t allow the dirt to reach your carpets. The dirty fabric carpet covers can be washed like any other regular clothes in the washing machine. This keeps your carpets clean.

  • Annual deep cleaning:

You should get your carpets cleaned by professional carpet cleaners frequently, let’s say once a month. But once in a year, you should get the deep-cleaning of your carpets done. Deep cleaning is nothing but a step ahead of the vacuuming. This involves the actual washing of your carpets. The techniques for deep cleaning vary from company to company, but the first step is common in all the methods, that is vacuuming, this is known as the pre-treatment. After the pre-treatment, there are many ways in which the deep cleaning could be done such as carpet shampooing, which is rubbing the carpets using cleaning detergents using a brush and cleaning it with water and then drying it. So it uses a lot of water. There are water-less ways such as encapsulation, in which the cleaning solution is applied all over the carpet and allow to sit for some time during which the solution gets crystallized, trapping the dirt in it, later these crystals are vacuumed. Some other methods use minimal water such as hot water extraction and steam cleaning. The former uses water at high temperatures in combination with the cleaning solution and the latter uses steam. Anyways, you can choose any of the methods for the deep cleaning of your carpets

So, these are some of the guidelines if followed you can protect your carpets and extend its durability which in turn keeps you cozy. It is to be remembered that carpets are not only for adding beauty to your house or providing you comfort, but also play a vital role in the health of your home so always keep them clean and stay healthy and happy.

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