Cashmere Leopard Scarf: Practicality And Quality

cashmere leopard scarf

From the history of cashmere

Delicate, soft cashmere is a material that has been associated with luxury for centuries. Only a few could afford it. And this is no coincidence – too little of this wonderful fabric was produced in the world, and it was not easy to deliver it to other countries.

The fact is that cashmere is fluff or undercoat combed or plucked during molt from mountain goats living in parts of India, China and Mongolia. The hairs of this fluff are very thin and soft, for the production of fabric, fluff from the neck and chest of the animal is used, and in general, 100-150 g of this raw material can be collected from one goat in the spring.

Once upon a time, the thread from the wonderful goat down was produced only in the Indian province of Kashmir. Now this is being done in different countries, including European ones. However, goats, which serve as a source of fluff, have not taken root anywhere except in Afghanistan and Iran – and there their wool is somewhat less delicate and airy. Therefore, cashmere from these countries is cheaper. It was not possible to breed mountain goats either in European countries, or in Australia and New Zealand, so cashmere production remains limited and fabric is expensive.

For centuries, only the richest people could afford it – after all, the path from India to Europe was long and unsafe, which also affected the rarity and cost of the goods. Unsurprisingly, cashmere shawls cost like diamonds and were considered a family asset, along with expensive jewelry and real estate. And not only because of its rarity, but also due to the wonderful qualities of cashmere – exceptional tenderness, warmth, endurance. Cashmere products can be worn for a really long time – and they will not lose their shape or thin out – if, of course, we are talking about real cashmere.

Shawls and scarves are one of the most popular trends in cashmere products. And it is not surprising – after all, they touch the delicate skin of the neck and reliably protect the neck and chest from the cold.

Cashmere leopard scarf or palantine. What’s the difference and what to choose?

Judging by strict rules, the difference between a leopard cashmere scarf and a stole is only one thing – size! Or rather in width!

As a rule, the width of the scarf does not exceed 55 centimeters. Anything more broadly called a stole. In this case, the length of the scarf and stole can be very different.

Due to the width of the fabric, the scarf is less maneuverable for draping and wearing, but more practical. The scarf is perfect for the simplest use – wrap one, two, three times around your neck. The number of turns of the scarf determines the length of the scarf. This is the easiest way to wear a scarf and one of the most practical. With this use, the scarf will fit most closely to the neck, which means it will warm well! That is, to be used according to its original application – to warm and protect from cold and bad weather. Of course, a cashmere leopard scarf made of cashmere will warm you the most and in terms of comfort it has no equal.

Some more advantages of the scarf over the half

Cashmere scarves are thin and compact, unlike bulky stoles.

For the price, such a cashmere leopard scarf is much more affordable than a large cashmere stole. Because the smaller the size of the canvas, the less cashmere is used on it. Which makes it more economical to manufacture. This is for simple models. However, if we are considering a scarf with a complex texture, for example, jacquard, or a complex color, then in such cases it will not be possible to save money.

When should you chose a scarf?

  • If you do not like to drape a scarf and want it to just keep you warm from the cold.
  • You need to put on a scarf under your outerwear that fits snugly. That is, in cases where a voluminous stole may not fit, and the outerwear cannot be fastened.
  • If you are small in stature (below 160 cm), you do not need huge stoles that will have to be stacked somehow. Provided that you DO NOT like oversized stoles.
  • You want to walk in cashmere and are looking for a practical option – a cashmere scarf is a good start.

Our company offers the highest quality cashmere scarves made of plain woven fabric. Such a thing without words speaks of your status and has real nobility, and most importantly, it constantly gives a good mood with its softness and lightness.

Should you buy a cashmere leopard scarf?

Accessories are an important part of your wardrobe. One of the main autumn-winter accessories is a scarf. It not only warms up in cold weather and provides reliable protection from the wind, but also provides space for creating original images, makes it possible to make your appearance more fashionable and modern, visually combine outerwear with a headdress into a single whole.

The most expensive models are cashmere products. Soft and warm, they look very stylish, but at the same time they are quite expensive.

So is it worth spending a considerable amount of money to buy a cashmere scarf,
or can you get by with a cheaper product made of other wool or even synthetic?

Cashmere is traditionally a luxury item. Such an accessory will cost you dearly,
but its relatively high price will fully justify itself with the warmth and softness that this product gives,
as well as its expensive, respectable look.

Benefits of cashmere accessories

Incorporating a cashmere scarf into your look will make it more elegant.
Products made from this material are traditionally considered symbols of refined taste and high status.

Cashmere is used to make airy and very delicate shawls, stoles and scarves. Despite its subtlety
and airiness, these products warm well in the cold and reliably protect the neck from the wind.
In addition, they are not very pleasant to the touch, absolutely do not “prick”, therefore they do not cause skin irritation.

Cashmere is made from goat hair – a natural, hypoallergenic material, therefore,
products made of it do not cause allergic reactions. Unlike many other jerseys, cashmere
does not roll, thanks to which it retains a presentable appearance for years.

Cashmere yarn has anti-static properties. Dust does not adhere to products made from it,
dirt and debris. They do not electrify, so they do not shock during use. In addition, clothing from
cashmere is highly hygroscopic. Cashmere absorbs excess moisture, after which it is brought to the surface
and evaporates, which ensures proper heat transfer.

Assortment features

Cashmere scarves are always in fashion. Wide, stylish cashmere stoles are popular.
A voluminous cashmere scarf, beautifully draped around the neck, will be an appropriate addition
to a classic cut coat.

Also popular are the classic medium-sized pieces. They can be paired with any garment –
coat, raincoat, fur coat, down jacket, etc.

The color range of such products is very diverse. Models of calm, pastel colors are combined
with fur coats and coats of any color. If you want to add personality to your image, make it more original,
get a brightly colored accessory. To create feminine images, models of wine, burgundy, purple are suitable
shades, and for romantic ones – pink or lilac products.

Cashmere scarves are very soft and thin, so they fit in nice, elegant folds. They can be tied
around the neck in the most bizarre way, each time creating new images. Having purchased such a product, constantly experiment tying it Рthen your looks will be original and very stylish.

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