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CBD And Mental Health: A Mini Guide

With all that is going on in the current world, our mental health is at stake. Many people have stress and anxiety triggers which inhibit good mental health. According to statistics, about 3.8% of the entire population suffers from anxiety and other mental disorders. Another study reveals that one person among a group of 10 has a particular mental illness. While this can be hypothetical, it is a different case scenario when you are one among this group. 

Mental health disorders can exhibit themselves in two ways; Any Mental Illness (AMI) or Serious Mental Illness (SMI). The difference between the two is only evident in the severity of the symptoms. 

A patient who is suffering from AMI experiences behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders. The severity can range from less or no impairment to moderate impairments.

 On the other hand, serious mental health problems can be behavioral, mental, and emotional illnesses that could limit a patient from engaging in daily and routine activities. It is more of a mental function impairment, which could result in cognitive disability. 

Whichever mental illness you could be suffering from, it is crucial to find the right treatment option for the symptoms. While Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other treatments are the best treatment options for mental disorders, they are expensive. This is a barrier to accessing much-needed care, and therefore many people resort to natural treatment options. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these alternatives and may provide tremendous relief for mental health disorders. 

How does CBD work to treat mental health disorders?

Over the years, CBD has been used for its therapeutic properties and is deemed to offer even more health benefits to human health. The drug has shown positive results in Psoriasis’s treatment, anxiety, depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), epilepsy, and other problems. Further, it proves to be a perfect drug to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders. However, it is crucial to identify quality CBD products such as NuLeaf Naturals CBD. So, can Cannabidiol help with mental health disorders?

Being a popular compound from the Cannabis sativa plant, CBD contains Cannabinoids that interact with the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to regulate and enhance body functions. The ECS has the CB1 and CB2 receptors that induce therapeutic effects in the body after interaction with CBD’s cannabidiols. It is crucial to identify that the onset of relief is highly reliant on several factors such as CBD’s potency, dosage, method of ingestion, and so much more. 

CBD can help overcome PTSD.


PTSD or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a common mental illness where a person may experience problems recovering from a stressful or traumatic experience. A victim may experience several triggers that remind them of the traumatic event. CBD oils and other CBD products may help alleviate sleep disorders, nightmares, anxiety,  and stress. 

Conventional treatment options for PTSD have adverse side effects, can be harsh sometimes, and could force the body to relieve the symptoms. Conversely, CBD is a natural treatment alternative. It is an incredible option that you can use alongside other PTSD medications. However, it is essential to consult with your doctor, who will guide you on how to take CBD and the right dosage for effective results. 

CBD can help overcome addiction.


Addiction is a common mental disorder prevalent among different age groups. Even though it is mostly linked to over-dependence on substances, you can be addicted to almost anything, including your smartphone or the internet. Most of the time, the disorder is impulsive, leading to behavioral and mental disorders. 

CBD helps to overcome addiction and its symptoms by clearing the mind, inducing determination, and focus. As a result, the victim can overcome addiction and other mental health conditions. CBD also proves to treat a variety of addiction symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and depression. However, in your fight with addiction, it is essential to cultivate a sense of self-worth, develop a positive attitude, and build self-confidence. 

CBD can help overcome anxiety. 


Anxiety is the most common form of mental illness among the US population. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 30% of US adults experience anxiety disorders at some point in their life. The severity of the condition ranges from biological responses to danger, which can gradually progress into mental illness. Like any other mental illness, a victim has intrusive thoughts, often experiencing fear, persistent worry, and other symptoms. 

CBD can help alleviate anxiety by promoting emotional stability, inducing a calming effect, and even helping a victim relax and avoid overthinking. CBD produces quicker results than other medications for anxiety, with no adverse side effects. Being a natural treatment option, CBD offers incredible results to treat anxiety. 

CBD can help overcome stress and depression. 


Common among different age brackets, depression and stress exhibit in different ways. Early signs of depression are mood changes, loss of focus, interests, and irritability. While there are several ways to reduce stress and depression, most people tend to wear a brave face, ruining their chances of alleviating the symptoms. 

Thanks to CBD’s therapeutic and calming effects, it is a natural treatment for stress and depression. Many patients experience positive results after taking CBD oils, gummies, capsules, and ingestible. CBD helps regulate and boost serotonin levels and enhances the interaction of cannabinoids and CB1 and CB2 receptors to induce mental stability. 

Is CBD safe to take for mental health?


The debate around the safety of CBD to treat health conditions is a going concern. CBD is deemed to be safe to use. However, many people are still skeptical, speculating that the side effects could be severe. Users do not experience any adverse effects besides drowsiness, a dry mouth, and sweating. 

The bottom line.


Many people suffering from mental health disorders have experienced positive results after taking CBD. The quick onset of relief makes it a perfect alternative for mental illness treatment. While CBD proves to be a potential treatment alternative for common mental health conditions, you should consult with your doctor.

Self-medicating with CBD can aggravate your symptoms, especially in case of an overdose.  A health care professional will be able to recommend the right dosage, product, and brand.

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