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Choose the Best Aluminium and Glass Companies in Dubai

Aluminium windows are not new; their use began decades ago in buildings of all kinds. Houses, offices, supermarkets, and other structures also began having sliding windows but these were still rather basic in terms of function and appearance. They also had a few issues such as difficulty in closing properly.

However, nowadays there are plenty of aluminium and glass companies in Dubai and aluminium technology has progressed smoothly over these years. Modern features and functionalities have resulted in some of the most attractive and efficient aluminium doors and windows.

Aluminium has several benefits that make its use more frequent than other materials such as plastic or wood. We will discuss some of these advantages that will answer a few questions that you may have about this metal and its use.

5 Main Advantages that Aluminium and Glass Companies in Dubai can Tell You

It has been several decades since aluminium has been introduced as a frame for windows, and there are many reasons why choosing this material over alternatives like uPVC or timber is preferable, such as these –

  • Aluminium is low-cost and requires less maintenance

This makes it almost indispensable as a construction material and for many other purposes, since it is also relatively more easily attainable. Therefore, window frames made from aluminium are a great, economical alternative.

As for maintenance, all you need to do is wipe your window or door with a slightly damp piece of cloth in about a month or two. A proper cleaning like this is more than enough to greatly enhance their appearance and keep them shining. On the other hand, a swift glass room with wood, for example, usually requires painting and protection from termites, which would prove costly in the long run.

uPVC based doors and windows are also more expensive, although they are cheaper to install than aluminium because they deteriorate quicker. So, if you want to save money and the time and effort it takes to maintain doors and windows, then aluminium might be the best option.

  • Impressive Resilience and Long Life

Aluminium can stand decades of use and it doesn’t even need any sort of weather-proofing, unlike wood that definitely requires polishor paint every few years. This is because it does not fall prey to rust or corrosion like wrought iron, and doesn’t get damaged by insects like wood does.

So, if you are considering buying an office glass partition Dubai based buildings are using these days, then you certainly don’t have to worry about it decomposing over time, as it is much more resilient and resistant to the elements than you think.

  • Available in Many Flexible Designs

Aluminium based designs are available in a vast variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, ranging from elegant and classic to stylish and modern. You can also have custom designs created as per your requirements without losing any of the valuable qualities of the metal, and make your selection from hundreds of incredible colors and finishes.

  • Marvelous Thermal Efficiency and Insulation

This material is extremely resistant to temperature changes and is highly unlikely to deform, which is why it is one of the most preferred materials to work with to increase its insulation capacity. This is quite different from wood or uPVC because both of these can be vulnerable to the changes in temperature and air moisture. Since the aluminium in an aluminium kitchen or other aluminium based structure does not expand or contract noticeably with the rising or decreasing heat, it is often the chosen material for sliding doors and windows in extremely hot or cold places.

  • Environmentally-Friendly Material

Aluminium is a recyclable material, more so than many other materials, and this makes it more eco-friendly. Moreover, it takes significantly less energy to recycle than its production process – a unique, intrinsic characteristic that sets it apart from other materials in the same application.

Why Choose Al Basira as your Aluminium Company

Al Basira is one of the best choices among aluminium and glass companies in Dubai because we have much more to offer than doors and windows. Aside from our extensive range of patterns and designs that will surely surprise you. In fact, we can also cater to all kinds of custom specifications in terms of aluminium, uPVC, wood or glass room based constructions.

Ordinarily, people used to only consider wood or PVC as their choices for the windows and doors in their homes. As a result, many of the aluminium and glass companies in Dubai did not offer constructions in other materials before. However, there has since been a rise in the prominence of aluminium doors and windows in recent times. It is because of the modernistic feel that this kind of construction brings that a large number of interior designers and architects have adopted the use of the same.

The appearance of the frames made from this material is not the only thing that has made it well-known. There are plenty of factors that have led to a growth in the use of this material in various ways. As times and technology have progressed, it has become easier to take advantage of all the benefits that aluminium-based structures can really offer.

Even investors have started to observe both the looks and functioning of their investments – their houses – and are finally starting to realize their imagination through bold and innovative architectural designs. These can be spotted in stand-alone houses as well. Apart from homes, aluminium construction is very evident in huge commercial projects like multi-story offices, malls, hotels, banks, and hospitals. Combined with glass panes, these structures encourage plenty of sunlight to pass through to the inside of the buildings.

Aluminium Windows and Doors – Recommended by Experts

Given the demand for a more minimalist look among architects and designers wherever you go, aluminium joinery is recommended to achieve that kind of look. This is particularly easy given its compatibility with various construction materials like concrete, sheet metal, composites, and spotlighting.

For those who require long-lasting and sleek-looking doors and windows, aluminium is definitely a preferable choice. This is due to multiple reasons where aluminium holds the upper hand. For starters, it doesn’t lose colour, unlike wood or PVC, after many years of the changing climates that bring wear-and-tear to its components.

Aluminium joinery is truly an important advantage to have as this means that metal profiles do not distort over the years. If you have windows and doors made of this material, you needn’t worry about them getting loose or developing gaps over the years. This is because aluminium is very sturdy and durable and excellent at transferring loads which prevents it from breaking.

It is this great quality of strength that is prompting investors to buy many kinds of such doors such as sliding, lifting and sliding, and bi-folding systems that cover the entire wall of a room with its really wide leaves. The fact that aluminium doesn’t weigh too much is an added bonus as it makes installation and usage quite a bit more convenient for nearly every purpose.

There are a few doubts about the ability of this material to handle various temperatures. Despite aluminium being a metal, it actually provides insulation from cold and offers plenty of ease when it comes to thermal insulation, even comparable to wood and PVC.


If you are thinking of enlisting the services of a glass company in UAE like us, then you also get to choose from a wide variety of designs that suit your building or preference. Along with all these benefits, you get an added advantage of minimum requirements as far as maintenance is concerned. Cleaning is just as easy – all you have to do is use water and a mild soap to wipe it clean.

With the amount of money saved and hassle reduced, opting for aluminium doors and windows is a very intelligent decision. Your investment in this material will prove to be the right choice especially after decades of convenient use.

Source:- https://www.apsense.com/article/what-aluminium-and-glass-companies-in-dubai-recommend-why.html


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