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Clothing Tips Ideas For Travelling Dads On The Father’s Day

Father’s day is celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday in the month of June. And for many children, it is one of the best days to gift something special to their fathers. But then with so many different options available in the market, what would you want to gift him? And things can become a bit more difficult if you wish to keep the gift as a surprise. Never mind, if you want to gift something special and cool, you can design your own clothes and give them to him. 

It can be something that he likes to wear. Or something he had to buy but even after repeated trials failed to get his hands on. If your father loves traveling and has to visit multiple places due to work or leisure, then your work is half done. You should look for things that he might require while traveling and gift the same. Anyways, the options list will always be huge and you can’t tell for sure what would suit him. So, we are here to help. You can bank on the below-listed options and give that to him this Father’s Day. 

A neck pillow

For fathers who frequently travel, multiple neck pillows should be there in their wardrobe. Don’t you think so? They would be bored of taking the same pillow over and over for every trip. So, one of the best things that you can give your travel-loving father is a neck pillow. This will be a useful product and you will probably get a lot of appreciation for your choice. 

Comfortable shorts

Be it shorts or Bermudas; you can pick any amongst these. It will again be a good collection for his wardrobe. It is always comfortable to wear these while traveling, irrespective of the mode. Also, they can be used in the hotel or even in the house. There are a lot of brands that make such shorts. You can go for printed, solid, or other patterns.  


If nothing is coming to your head, then simply gift a kit bag on Father’s Day. That will be probably one thing he would always want. If your father already has one, gift him another kit bag as a spare. If you look for options online, there will be a huge list in front of you. Although it is your choice to pick from all the options, it will be still better if you go for a handy one. It should contain his grooming kit and still, there should be some space left.  

Men’s grooming kit

Oh, your father will love to have this kit. If your father has good hair or beard, you should skip all the other options and pick this one. Men’s grooming kit is majorly for beard and hair. You can customize it according to your needs though. You can put in a few more things that according to you would be beneficial. Just pick up the products that are known to be the best in the market. If you want, do research a little bit about it. There are many competitive brands having a lot of good products. 

A comfortable t-shirt

Who doesn’t like to get a t-shirt we already know that there are some brands and online stores that offer t-shirts customized according to the buyer. From getting a memory printed on the tee to simply buying a good-looking solid t-shirt. The choice is yours. Even in this, you are going to get sufficient options. Just research the internet for better recommendations and answers. 

Polo Shirt

To a lot of people, polo shirts and t-shirts are the best gifts. To a significant extent, it is believed that these shirts are the best in terms of comfort and looks. They are short-sleeved having a placket neckline (collar) and a great fit. You can simply pick a couple of such shirts or t-shirts and gift them to your father. That would be special to him and when he wears them he would look great. 

A zip-up jacket

Travelers love to stack up jackets in their wardrobes. And without a doubt, your father would also have a wish something like this. It would also be a useful product and whenever he would go out during mild winters or winters; it would be a savior. 

A cart of boxers

Don’t be shy and explore all the options that you get in terms of garments or other stuff that would help him in traveling. Also, there is a fact that people who travel more love wearing comfortable clothes inside out. If your dad is an avid traveler, make sure that he is comfortable too. And to ensure the same, you can order a cart of boxers for him. Don’t worry there are a lot of options in the market. Just go and explore the online market first to find gifts this Father’s Day. 


Shoes, boots, slippers, and even flip-flops- whatever you wish you can gift to him. But yes, while determining a gift, make sure that you have considered his genre. With this, it means the way he travels and what he loves doing. If your father takes hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, or any such thing; it will be better to offer him the same shoes. Whereas if things are different, you can explore the comfortable options. That he can wear while traveling. 

A watch

If your father is in the category of men who love to stay groomed or we can say well-dressed. Then gifting him a watch on Father’s Day can also do the trick. Right from the basic watches to as high as your budget goes. There is a large market to explore, what do you think of it? Also, wristwatches are now smart and you can consider the same- if you have the budget for it. But if you want to go for the basic one, just remember, you should keep the basic option to be a suit watch. Yes, you heard that right. Going for a leather strap, rubber strap, or chain strap is your choice.

A travel bag

Last but not the least, we have the best bet that can’t be neglected- a travel bag. Coming from experience, there is always a need for a travel bag when your father is a frequent traveler. And considering the list of options that are already in the market, you will have no problems in making a choice. Considering a rucksack or a duffle bag, a small trolley to a duffle trolley; you can go for any of the options that are available in the market. Just make sure, it has all the utility pockets. Don’t go for the old age bags. Nowadays, you have smart bags too. Pick one of those. 


So, how did you like the list? There might be something there in the list that your father would love to get on Father’s Day. All you need to do is figure out which amongst them will be a perfect match. IF you are not able to figure out the right pick; just go for a couple of 3/4 sleeve shirts with a Chinese collar. That would just swell his collection of shirts and is something that will find its use in a meeting or a party.

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