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Color Theory

Color Theory – Best 6 Color Formulas

What is color theory, guise, nowadays all the users definitely face a common problem, whether it is graphic designer, UI designer, Student, or any artist? That problem is of color combination, so when does the problem of color combination come?

When there is no understanding of color or when color formulas are not available.

Or don’t know about color theory. So to understand the color combination, one has to understand the color formula. One has to understand color theory and one has to understand color.

So let’s start with the basics, what is color?

What is color and Color Theory?

If we look at anything, whether it is a surface or a shape, then it is visible to us only when there is color in it, If we remove the color from it, then it will not be visible to us i.e. it will become transparent.

Color is needed to attract anything or to make anything beautiful. Every color has a mood, a color has a movement. With color, we can give a message to someone without saying anything, like a traffic light signal.

By looking at any color in the traffic light signal, you can understand what we have to do next. In the same way, seeing any taxi even from a distance, it is understood by its yellow color that it is a taxi. There are many such symbols, seeing which we understand what they mean. Join the best graphic design course in Rohini and become an expert in graphic designing…

That is why the importance of color is very important.

1. Primary Colors

Primary Color

Let us understand the color theory, before color combination, we start with the primary color, then in the primary color we get three colors red, blue, and yellow, these three are the basic colors.

Now you must be thinking that why only these three colors? Because these are the three colors that are not made from other colors, that’s why they are called basic or primary colors.

2. Secondary Colors

Secondary Color

Next go ahead, after that comes the secondary color. In this, we get three more new colors which we get from the primary color only.

  1. Like if you mix red and yellow, you get orange,
  2. In the same way, if we mix yellow and blue, we get green,
  3. And when you mix blue and red, you get the purple color.

So in this way, we get a total of 6 colors.

3. Territory Colors

Territory Colors

Similarly, by mixing more colors, we can make more colors which you can see in the picture. These are the Territory Colors and The combination of these 12 colors is known as Territory Colors which becomes a color wheel. And this color wheel is used a lot when doing color combinations.

Hue, Saturation, and Value

  1. Hue

Next, we come to the advanced level, what is hue, saturation, and value in color theory, This is very important when we reduce the color or combine the color, then we need them a lot.

First, we will see hue then we will see saturation, and then we will see the value, hue means color, Or we can call any color as hue, hue can be any color, Whether it is blue, green or red or any color, we can call all the colors a hue.

  1. Saturation

Saturation (Intensity of Hue) is the intensity of color, It’s like a scale, one part of which is dark i.e. colored and one part is light i.e. fades.

In this, as if you do any color towards the dark side, then it will become more colorful, Whereas as much as you do it towards the light, This will be used to create more shades of the same color as it will lighten or fade.

  1. Value

Value is called the degree of lightness illumination or darkness of any color and which is the mid-tone main color in the middle, As it moves towards the left, it gets dark. And as it moves towards the right, it goes on becoming light.

Its color light tone is made – Shade, Tint, and Tone

1. Shade

Now we will see what is Shade, Tint, and Tone, In color theory, we will first look at shades, then tint, and then tone, so that is the shade. When we add black color to any color, we get the shades of that color, Shades of any color are made when work is to be done in the background.

For example, shades of blue color are made when the sky has to be made or shadows have to be made.

2. Tint

After that comes to tint, in this it happens that when we mix white color in any color, So it becomes the tint of that color The tint of any color is the white part of that color, Most of the tint is created when there is a gradient to be given to the color.

3. Tone

The tone is also like tints and shades that when we mix gray color in any one color, Then we get the tone of that color, The tone of any color is darker than its actual color.

It is used in photos. Color Theory

Color Formula

1. Monochromatic Color

Mono means another chroma means color, That is, we can do any one color by making a color scheme, this is the easiest formula.

  • In this, select any one color from the color wheel and extract its shades.
  • Take out his tints and take out his tones.
  • So you will get many variations of the same color.
  • As I selected yellow from this color wheel and mixed black in it, we got shades.
  • If we mixed white in it, we got tints.
  • And we mixed gray in that yellow, so we got tones, so this is a monochromatic color.

2. Complementary Color

The colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel are called complementary colors.

  • Like we took one red and one green.
  • They have to be used very wisely or else these colors overpower each other.
  • And wherever we use it, they can ruin it.
  • So the best would be to darken any one of these two colors.
  • So that these colors can match with each other.

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3. Triadic Color

Triadic color, which gives us three colors by making a triangle in the color wheel.

  • Like we got a red, got a blue, and got a yellow.
  • If you want to use this formula, then one of these colors will have to dominate.
  • And the remaining two colors will have to be used in the same way.

4. Double Complementary Color

So we read complimentary color earlier and this is a double complementary color, in this, we get four colors. By using this formula, you can make very good colors, Dominate only one of these colors, then you get a very beautiful color combination.

5. Analogs Color

It can take two or four colors, which are the surrounding colors in the color wheel, these are very beautiful colors. Which is mostly related to nature, you must have seen that orange-yellow or green color is done in any food product, it is also an analog color.

These colors are used the most, this color is best for the eyes to see and this color is very hormonal. You can join the best diploma course in graphic design and learn all about colors and how to play with colors…

6. Split Complementary Color

In the color wheel, make some kind of A shape like this, And we get three colors as you can see in the image below, The contrast of this color is the same as the complementary color. So this was the color theory and color formula which help in color combination,

I hope you must have liked this blog, And whatever was the problem related to color combination, it would have gone away, If not, then you can read this blog again or you can comment on me in the comment box.

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