Common Myths Related to Online Language Learning Debunked By Online Tutors

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Are you trying to learn a language online? Is it because you are planning to relocate to a new country? And, you are afraid of the language barrier, but unsure how to get started? Or, is there any other reason to learn the new language? 

There can possibly be many reasons for you to learn a language, but you don’t know how to get started. Also, when you look out on the internet for help, you are surrounded with myths. This makes you feel unsure about what decision to pick?

Choosing a language teacher, whether online language tutor or face-to-face instructor, is crucial. Start by identifying your goals and preferred learning style. Don’t be misled by common myths. Clear your doubts, ensuring a confident decision. Learning a new language is a journey; make it enjoyable with the right guide.

Learning online seems to be a challenging job, especially when you are a beginner. Plus, with all the myths related to online learning, you don’t know whether it is a good deal for you or not. Let us learn the most common myths about online tutoring. Also, find out how online options can make a difference in your life. 

The Myths

  • Learning a new language online is expensive

A lot of people still believe that online learning is costly. Well, online options allow you to navigate through a list of professionals. You can pick the one that is affordable, and that matches your needs and expectations. Plus, if you hire a native English speaker, they might charge you higher. 


Whereas, when you pick someone who is professional, and non-native, chances are they are affordable. So, a little research can help you find the right tutor who charges decent enough. Navigate sites and see which online language learning platforms don’t burn your pocket. 

  • Quality is compromising Online

Just because there is no real touch, or personal learning experience, it feels the quality is compromised. But, the fact is, you get to learn one to one from the tutor. Which means, they focus entirely on you, your expectations, your learning capacity and so on. They understand the speed of your learning, and the way you learn and accordingly create lesson plans. 

Learning a language is a process, it requires constant revision on grammar, vocabulary, reading material, and more. Through online learning, you get to learn through videos, ppts, songs, and personalised lectures. 

  • Only Good for Tech Lovers

Many people feel daunted by the technical aspect of online learning. Understanding the program, managing video conferencing, sharing ppts, etc is complex. But, the truth is, the online language learning platform designs websites that are user friendly. Plus, they are designed to make the experience of a tutor worth it. Any one, without the knowledge of technical aspects, can understand how to attend the session. 

There is very limited knowledge of understanding computers, everything is seamless. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask for assistance. It is just like a normal video conference that you attend, just that you are learning from it.

You’ll end up with lots of online tutors who seem fine. When it comes time to contact some of them, here are things you can ask to see how well their teaching style can fulfil your learning needs.

How can you understand if the tutor is perfect for you? Read what other students have to say about their teaching as the reviews in the tutor’s profile.

Reviews can reflect a lot of information about the tutor like; the tutor’s ability and teaching style. If someone has written a long review and it is a positive review, this is a good sign that the tutor has made a lasting impact on them.

Lots of positive feedback can help you to assure that you are choosing the best language tutor on the platform. If they have helped other students with their learning requirements or goals, it means somewhere they will surely be able to help you too

  • It can create Distraction

Concentration is a fragile thing, and it can come and go regardless of where you are learning. Distraction can occur in the classroom too, around friends and people around. So, it is not about concentration, it is about learning from a tutor who is able to create good focus. The tutor should be able to find something interactive, fun in order to avoid boredom.

Ultimately, it is the knowledge of the tutor and the way they retain your attention. If they use good tactics, and an interesting way to handle the session, you won’t be distracted. The way you are inclined towards the teacher, and their teaching style does make a lot of difference.

Language teachers online are often cheaper and don’t require you to travel anywhere, it helps you to save you both time and money. But still budget is one of the major factors you have to consider before finalising a language tutor for you.

Teachers have a lot of factors to set their lesson price but most of the online language tutors with more experience or a degree will likely charge more. But sometimes the tutors who are less qualified or less experienced will probably cost as much as one that dedicates a lot of time to their students.

  • Students Feels Lonely

There is something called interaction that may seem to be missing. But, the best part is, students don’t feel lonely, they get all the attention. An individual approach to learning makes the session interesting, interactive and fun. You do not require anyone around you, when you have an online language teacher. You will be comfortable enough having only a tutor to interact with, this makes your learning more personalised. 

Consider them your friends, who you can talk to, connect and interact, only to improve your English. So, to burst the bubble, the students won’t feel lonely, they will feel connected to the tutor directly. So without any doubts or questions, they know who to reach without any hesitation. 

  • Connection With Teacher is not Great

Online language learning allows you to connect directly to the tutor, face to face, virtually. You make constant communication with them, and the connection is continuous. It is an incredibly great way to understand a tutor, and for them to understand you. Plus, with no other involvement of third person, you get to have better understanding. 

A face to face conversation allows you to pick on gestures, how to say things, how to be comfortable etc. Virtual communication does not restrict you to make connections, in fact it is a way to feel connected. You are directly in contact with the language teacher online, and they are able to know your learning pace, your knowledge of the language, it is a win-win! 

  • Classroom Always have an advantage

It is a matter of preference! Be it online tutoring, or classroom learning, what you like is important. If you are comfortable with the online setup, with individualised learning, pick that. If you are comfortable with classroom sessions, around friends, that will do it. 

Pick one thing that you feel will make you confident, and help you learn too. A lot also differs when the tutor is amazing, so you don’t need classroom experience. The tutor is able to give you everything that you expect in learning a language. 


When you are stuck with all the myths of online tutor, you will never be able to decide what is right for you. Online tutoring is one of the best options to pick. 

You get to learn a new language from the comfort of the home. Plus, you are getting a personalised learning experience from one to one session with the language teacher online

So, it is time that you decide what is suitable for you. Do you need a tutor present in front of you? Or, it is extremely fine for you to have an online session with the tutor! 

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