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Companies Make Loyal Employees with Employee Recognition Software

Employee Recognition Software helps companies reward and recognize the efforts of employees who have worked hard over the years.

This software makes it easy to record the performance of the workers and rewarding them becomes easy.

Employee recognition software assists in improving company culture by offering tangible motivations for quality customer service, content creation, and sales performance, to call a couple of . These behavior-driven platforms allow administrators or management to line standards or qualifications for rewards and monitor employee reach determine the winning recipients.

Some solutions present peer recognition and reward options. Rewards aren’t limited to a particular industry or team and may be distributed across the corporate for love or money from yearly tenure recognition to an everyday positive attitude.

Employee Recognition Brings Massive Changes


Employee recognition software varies from, but can be integrated or be included with, employee engagement software, which seeks to solicit feedback from employees which will drive positive changes.

Both fall into the talent management software category, a neighborhood-focused on tracking employee progress for the aim of fueling innovation and building a collaborative company culture.

Big Firms and companies all over the world have great facilities for their employees. They keep rewarding them every now and then so that the motivation levels always stay up.

Employees know that their performance is being monitored, and they will be rewarded accordingly. This brings the best out of them.

Stats on Employee Recognition


According to apollotechnical.com

Globally, employee recognition is a $46 billion market. Statistics on employee recognition can help employers to better recognize and reward their employees.

A recent survey found employee recognition was most important to 37% of employees. Teams scoring in the top 20% of engagement experience 59% fewer turnovers. Approximately 34% of US workers feel engaged. 53% of workers in the US are not engaged, according to Gallup’s employee engagement statistics.

Ways to Reward the Workforce


Employee recognition is a sweet gesture by the upper management to reward the employees. It is a message for a job well done. Therefore, there are different ways to applaud the efforts of the workers. Here are some brilliant employee Recognition ideas.

Taking them out for lunch or dinner

Employees like it when they are recognized for their hard work. Taking them out for lunch motivates them and makes them happy. A happy employee will produce the best results; on the other hand, a depressed and less motivated employee will do every task half-heartedly.

Giving them a gift card

This is one of the best ways to recognize hard work. An Award having monetary value will get the attention of most of the staff. They will put in their best so that they can win such types of awards. A gift card is like a store credit. You can buy everything within the credit.

Giving them a paid holiday with family

Employees work year along with commitment and devotionA reward can motivate them to do even better. Giving them a paid holiday is one of the best ways to recognize their efforts that played a vital role in making the company great. It is a simple and effective way to say thank you.

Sending Personal Emails to the Employees

Imagine you are an employee; you get to the office one fine morning and open your email like usual. Therefore, you receive an email that makes you smile. It is an email from the CEO thanking you for your hard work. The motivation that you get out of such a gesture is unparalleled.

Inducting Employees in About Us page

Another great way to recognize the efforts of employees is to give them a shout-out on the About Us page. It will serve as a morale booster, and they will perform even better. Similarly, Employees who are about to retire can be added in the Hall of Fame. Companies Make Loyal Employees with Employee Recognition Software

This is the icing on the cake, and the Employees will stay loyal to you for a lifetime. The best part about this is the general audience who visit your Company’s page get to know the efforts of the employees and they can make an assumption that the company cares and rewards the hard working people. This is a beautiful way of thanking someone for their prestigious services.

Have a company thanks feed

If you announce the great things people have done internally, then you’re encouraging a culture of appreciation and recognition. The workers who you reward and recognize will feel good, while the employees who are observing these announcements may even work harder to earn a mention for themselves. This can be done in a number of cool ways. Surprising the workforce with a sudden party can be a great morale booster.

Basically the aim of this practice is to let them know that you are monitoring each and every inch of hard work that has been put in to make the company great. If a company is quick to fire people they should be quicker in admiring their efforts and motivating them. However, a thanks feed can act as sweet gesture from the hierarchy and it can force a drastic change among the unmotivated employees who are looking to switch the company.

Award certificates

If you want to recognize a special accomplishment or achievement, don’t be afraid to hand out certificates.

You might not want handy out certificates for everything, because this might cause them to lose a number of their value – they’ll feel less special. , certificates are often an excellent way of helping an employee feel really pleased with something they’ve achieved.

Certificates are much more than a nice gesture. However, they are a testimony to your hard work. You can proudly hang your achievement on your desk so that people can learn from you and try to replicate your practices into their work

Employee recognition programs are a way of motivating employees to perform and do good work by rewarding them for his or her diligence and dedication. Therefore, they are designed to take care of high standards of behavior, provide motivation and feedback to employees and publicly praise big wins. Overall, employee recognition is a way of telling employees that they are family and they will be recognized for their hard work and efforts

Following are some Employee Recognition Programs examples:

  1. The employee of the month
  2. Years of service award
  3. Best team award
  4. hall of fame
  5. Employee recognition wall

However, these are some of many programs that can motivate the entire staff to do more. They are tiny steps to spread a message of respect and harmony. So, a small step like this can go a long way in terms of loyalty. These award programs work like magic among employees and a competitive fighting spirit is born.


The best way to retain Employees is by telling them that their services are admired. Therefore, many Organizations take years and years to develop new ways of awarding their workers so that they can perform to the best of their ability. Awarding them consistently may increase their loyalty. This is a norm that should be changed and the idea of employee recognition is hence given birth.

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