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Complete guidance about kybella vs. coolsculpting procedure and their cost

Everyone has body fat! You may consider yourself a clean-eating all-stars or flywheel devotee. But at some point, you can end up having a stubborn pocket of fats that doesn’t respond to any kind of exercise or even amount of diet.

 However, excessive body fat shouldn’t give you stress since you got an option to eliminate the double chin. You may choose kybella vs coolsculpting to rid of the extra fat under your chin! All you have to visit reputable and board-certified doctors. They will take you through non-surgical fat reduction techniques that will leave you feeling your best after the treatment.

While the decision is yours on which treatment to choose between kybella vs coolsculpting, it’s important to understand what each of them entails. That’s way you will make an informed decision on the treatment method that suits you the best. 

Guide on kybella vs coolsculpting treatment methods

Kybella treatment 

You may be looking thin and sculpted or extremely toned. But you will need help from a cosmetic physician to eliminate the dreaded double chin. Your physician will take you through the two procedures and then choose between kybella vs coolsculpting.

If you choose kybella treatment, you are injected and the injection dissolves the membrane of the fat cells. Then, the cells die effectively and are eliminated from your body through the lymphatic system. But before the injections, numbing cream should be applied first. In some cases, your doctor may mix the numbing medication with kybella itself.

For effective kybella treatment, you are required to undertake several treatment sessions. Every treatment session may take about 15-20 minutes. While the kybella treatment method can offer you the most desired results, you will need up to six sessions with each session involving something like 20-40 different individual injection sites.

If you are someone who doesn’t like discomfort and you are to choose kybella vs coolsculpting, you may go for the coolsculpting procedure. Kybella procedure may be quite uncomfortable and can result in significant swelling.

Besides, you will require several kybella sessions for effective results whereby you may experience some discomfort after every treatment. Are you someone with anxiety around needles or injections? Kybella treatment may not be the most ideal for you. Besides, you should avoid it when skin laxity is your concern. It can make your skin laxity worse.

Coolsculpting treatment

Has your cosmetic physician explained to you about kybella vs coolsculpting? You can decide to undergo coolsculpting treatment. Here, your doctor is going to use cold temperatures which freezes all the fat cells. Once they have been frozen, they are eliminated through suction and cooling plates.

An applicator is placed on top of your body part that is being treated. Then, it is cooled down to the point where the cold temperatures numb the area with fat. Remember, that may take only a couple of minutes. After numbing has taken place, the fat cells found beneath the surface of your skin will continue to drop in temperature. As the process continues, the cells reach a point of irreversible damage where they are eventually eliminated from the body naturally. 

When deciding between kybella vs coolsculpting, go for the latter if you are among the people who dislike any form of discomfort. During coolsculpting, you will feel the coolness. Besides, suction and minor sensitivity is a common experience in the treatment process. However, your physician can do some massaging on the treated area after treatment to disperse the fat cells. That makes it easy for their removal from the body.

Do you seek a method of double chin treatment that offers skin laxity? Going for coolsculpting will be the best idea. It has been confirmed to be the most effective if you want to improve your skin laxity. 

Downtime for kybella vs coolsculpting treatment

The two methods of double chin treatment are non-surgical. So, you may expect no serious or little downtime for each. But you will experience some swelling after kybella treatment although it’s temporary. For coolsculpting, it is common to feel numbness and experience redness in the areas treated. However, you will be free to return to work and even do some exercises right away but with mild tenderness for 1-2 weeks after the coolsculpting procedure.

Time is taken for a patient to see results of kybella vs coolsculpting treatment

If you have opted for kybella treatment, you will see full results after about 2-4 weeks. To enhance the effects of treatment, you can even have repeated injections. Remember, you may need 2-3 treatments to achieve full effects. When it comes to coolsculpting, you can see results within 4-5 weeks after treatment. But the final results of that procedure may be seen in 8-12 weeks. For ideal results, multiple coolsculpting sessions will be very important.  

Cost of treatment between kybella vs coolsculpting

Pricing for the two treatments varies based on the service provider, goals of a patient, location, and treatment size. However, data from Allergan shows that coolsculpting may cost you about $2000-$4000 for a customized treatment plan. But that also depends on the number of your areas to be treated. On the other hand, kybella cost begins from around %1200 depending on size, and treatment area.


The decision is yours of the treatment procedure to undergo between kybella vs coolsculpting. But the two offer a great solution to the double chin fat. In terms of cost, kybella is less costly compared to coolsculpting. While the two methods are not that cheap, the cost is worth the results of the treatment.

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