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Comprehensive Scrutiny of Outsourcing to India versus Other Nations

Purpose of Outsourcing

No matter which business you own, it is important to have an online presence for the same. In keeping with the current trend, you may be tempted to create web or mobile applications; however, if IT is not your forte, you will obviously have to hire a web or a mobile app developer to fulfill your requirement. This may seem easy but you need to have the required infrastructure both in terms of hardware and software to get going. And this is where the significance of outsourcing to India is worth its weight in gold. Not only will you be able to hire and get your work done from a remote developer based in a far-off country, you will also be able to do so at a much lower cost. The experience is almost akin to setting up a virtual office in another country.

In today’s scenario, burdening a single resource with multiple roles can lead to errors and capital drain, two issues that can mar business growth. Moreover, it is not feasible for a company to handle every task and also keep expenses under check at the same time. Outsourcing is the way out here for it will allow you to have your requirement fulfilled within the set timeframe and budget.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India

When it comes to outsourcing, India is a prime destination. And the reasons that make this country an outsourcing hub and will prompt you to rent a developer from India are as follows:

  1. Cost: By outsourcing your requirement to an established offshore company in India, you can slash your operational costs by as much as 60%.
  2. Access to vast pool of developers: India is replete with developers and because the two parties involved will sign on the dotted line, the one or those you hire cannot leave you midway.
  3. Flexibility: You will have the liberty to scale up or down, albeit with prior notice when you decide to hire programmers in India.
  4. Staff augmentation: You will be able to expand your existing staff and relish the opportunity to utilize diverse skills as you hire dedicated developers from India.
  1. Control: Even though you will have a remote staff working for you, you can still exercise proper control over them and have your work finished timely with due adherence to quality.
  1. Time Balance: If you also have an in-house team, you can have your work distributed in such a way that your remote staff can take over from where your own employees stop, resulting in complete optimization of time and round-the-clock operations.

Major Exponents of Outsourcing

If you are of the view that only less-known companies partake in outsourcing, you are mistaken as some globally renowned organizations have increased their productivity by establishing a dedicated development center offshore. The top examples are as follows:

  1. Slack: Slack employed an offshore design team to modify its logo, websites, and applications and now its net worth is approximately $3 billion and the user count is in excess of one million.
  2. Alibaba: Alibaba, a highly renowned e-commerce site, got its technical issues resolved by engaging an offshore team and today its growth is phenomenal.
  1. Microsoft: The famous Microsoft is another prime exponent of outsourcing and is given to using external resources extensively, what with outside faculties occupying over hundred positions.
  1. Skype: Skype, which now belongs to Microsoft, had its initial design created by Estonian developers.

Meanwhile, the companies hailing from diverse industries like finance, banking, analytics, etc. and not just IT that have chosen India as their outsourcing destination to share their workload are as follows:

  • Oracle
  • Dell
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Vodafone
  • Schlumberger
  • Texas Electronics
  • ATT Wireless
  • TransUnion
  • Telstra
  • Rand McNally
  • BestBuy

Outsourcing to US

For the uninitiated, companies around the world outsource their work to the United States as well. And US companies, instead of working under any contract or agreement, serve their clients project wise. However, this does not mean that they are less committed. Instead, they take to their work with more passion and dedication. When you hire a team in the United States, you will get the opportunity to work with a really talented and efficient staff.

The workforce in the United States is renowned for submitting work prior to the deadline, meaning you do not have to worry about last-minute updates or timely completion of your project. The only downside is that you will have to shell out more bucks compared to what you will be paying to developers in Philippines, Malaysia, China, and India.

Outsourcing Cost Comparison: India vs Other Nations

You can understand how much price difference there is going to be between the cost that you incur for hiring developers in the United States and that which you pay to rent a developer in India when you consider the fact that there is a difference of $80,000 between the average annual salary of the workforce of these two nations.

On the outsourcing front, Australia is the costliest and the United States comes second. India meanwhile is placed 9th in the list, thereby becoming one of the cheapest options. There are other factors that work in favor of India. Philippines might be cheaper than India but you could encounter problems in terms of communication and internet connectivity.

Indians in general are proficient in English; so, clients hailing from Australia, the United States, and Europe where English is the primary language should not have any trouble in communicating and conveying their messages as they hire programmers in India.

Outsourcing to India is a safe proposition too for the India government has enacted laws to protect the interests of overseas companies.

Lastly, the Indian workforce largely comprises youngsters who are full of eagerness and enthusiasm and are not daunted by any complex task.


So, the crux of the matter is that if your pockets run deep enough and you wish to receive work of the highest quality, you can mull options like Australia and the United States. Else you should have no hesitation whatsoever to hire dedicated developers from India who will work to your utmost satisfaction and let you reap several benefits, particularly time and cost wise.

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