Concealed Carry Comfort – How Holster Shirts Can Make a Difference


When you’re concealed carrying, comfort is key. This starts with a shirt that will mask your firearm and minimize printing without making it difficult to clear your cover garment and draw.

A holster shirt offers an innovative solution to these challenges. They’re made to fit close for a seamless look under your clothing and include a gun pocket on either side to conceal your weapon.

Concealed Pocket

Whether you’re IWB or OWB, concealing a gun can be challenging. Good holster shirts for concealed carry will help you hide your weapon with a concealed pocket that’s roomy and snug but not too tight. A roomy fit ensures that the shirt drapes over the gun and holster, so you don’t have to worry about it showing when you bend over or reach up.

A concealed pocket can also be handy for storing essentials like keys and wallets. One thing to keep in mind is that while zero printing is nice, you’ll also want to be able to clear your cover garment quickly and easily. This means your holster shirt shouldn’t be so tight that it can’t easily be swept aside or pulled back to reveal the gun inside.

Comfortable Fit

Many concealed carry users have difficulty finding form-fitting clothing that offers the extra material to hide their holster and gun. While looser fabrics work for some, they are better if you want to clear your cover garment and draw your weapon quickly.

Look for a holster shirt designed for concealed carry, such as this one, to minimize printing and offer an overall comfortable fit. This camisole works with OWB, IWB and bra holsters and is available in sizes small to XXL.

Many holster shirts also include snaps instead of buttons, making it easier to clear the shirt while drawing. Just be sure to practice removing your cover garment and drawing your gun before you go out in public! Otherwise, you may spend more time on these tasks than necessary. Fortunately, this is something that can be improved by training.


If you’re carrying a jacket, clearing your cover garment and drawing your firearm can take longer. In addition, you’re left with extra fabric clinging to your gun and catching on your belt loops, which can make the entire process even more challenging.

A holster shirt eliminates this issue by allowing you to easily conceal your weapon and accessories. Most holster shirts feature ambidextrous pockets with elastic or hook-and-loop closures, enabling you to carry IWB or OWB as needed. The holster pockets are also strategically placed to ensure your weapon is concealed while you’re taking it, so it’s easily accessible should you need it in a hurry.

While the downside to a holster shirt is that you’ll need to wear another layer of clothing, it’s still a more comfortable option than sticking your firearm through your waistband. The holster pockets also store additional items like handcuffs and spare magazines.


Depending on the circumstances, you may need to be able to draw your firearm quickly. Unlike jackets that can be hard to get a handgun into and out of when closed, most holster shirts can be easily opened for quick access.

Some holster shirts can be worn alone and under other clothing, making them versatile. They also tend to be tuckable, which is important for those who want to carry in a cross-draw or appendix position.

A holster shirt can prevent chaffing and securely stow a pistol while maintaining a covert profile. They have pockets under each arm to accommodate a compact pistol or other firearm accessories and an outer layer of mesh fabric that disrupts your gun profile. In addition to reducing printing, they also feature a shoulder yoke that distributes gun weight and minimizes movement during physical activity. This makes them ideal for concealed carry. Plus, they’re available in Big and Tall sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.

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