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Connect Etsy shop with your OpenCart store using the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integrator


With the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Connector Extension, the Store owner can manage the Etsy shop inventories and orders from the admin panel of the OpenCart store. By selling goods at the Etsy Marketplace, store admin can spread awareness about their brands, products, services.

Now manage your OpenCart store and Etsy shop from a single interface using the Etsy Marketplace Integrator. Using the Knowbands OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration module admin can list the products at the OpenCart store and the Etsy Store from the same admin panel. With OpenCart Etsy Connector, sellers can import products from their online OpenCart shop to the Etsy Marketplace. Etsy OpenCart integrators enable the admin to map the categories and attributes of the store with the Etsy categories and attributes. OpenCart Store admin using Etsy Marketplace connector can upload the products in bulk at the Etsy store.

OpenCart Etsy marketplace Connector Extension saves lots of admin time in listing the product manually. In addition to the above, Knowband offers full 3-months of support on the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace connector.

Steps to Connect the Etsy shop with OpenCart store

In order to set up the connection between the Etsy Marketplace and the OpenCart shop, the store admin needs to follow the below-listed steps:

  1. First, buy the OpenCart Etsy API Integrator from the Knowband store.
  2. Install the Etsy Marketplace Integrator in the backend of the store.
  3. After Installation, register your shop on Etsy Marketplace.
  4. After submitting the required details at the Etsy Marketplace, submit the API details in the admin panel of OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Connector.

Now you can start managing both the platforms from the admin interface of the OpenCart store.

Key Benefits of the Etsy OpenCart Integration Extension by Knowband:

  1. OpenCart Etsy Marketplace enable the admin to upload the products in bulk at the Etsy Marketplace
  2. OpenCart Etsy Connector Extension offers an automated solution to list the products at Etsy Marketplace.
  3. The OpenCart Extension reduces both the efforts and time required in managing the inventory at Etsy Marketplace.
  4. Orders received at the Etsy Marketplace can be easily tracked and updated from the OpenCart store.
  5. OpenCart admin can list the products at Etsy shop at a custom price.
  6. Store owner can easily keep a check on the sales report

Salient features of OpenCart Etsy Integrator by Knowband:

  1. OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Connector offers real-time synchronization.
  2. Etsy store Integrator enables the store owners to bulk uploads the products to the marketplace from the admin panel.
  3. OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integrator allows the admin to sync the order received at the Etsy Marketplace in the admin panel of the OpenCart store.
  4. Store admin gets notified about the Etsy Marketplace updates via Email Notifications.
  5. Categories can easily be imported from the Etsy Marketplace.
  6. Products Listed at the Etsy Marketplace can be easily synced from the Etsy Marketplace.
  7. The store owner has the access to set the custom price of products at the Etsy store.
  8. OpenCart store owners can create multiple profiles from the admin panel.
  9. Store owners can create multiple Shipping profiles from the admin panel. Details like the shipping method, shipping cost, origin country, additional cost, and time are set by the store owner. Store admin needs to map the Shipping templates of OpenCart store with the profiles created to make the shipping services working at the Etsy Marketplace. Store owner can modify the template from the admin panel.
  10. For all the listed products, the inventory gets automatically updated whenever an item is purchased at the Etsy Marketplace.
  11. Store owners can test the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace in the sandbox as well as Live mode.
  12. OpenCart Etsy Integrator module allows the admin to add a shop section at the Etsy Store. The shop section will enable the admin to display the products in a particular category.
  13. OpenCart Etsy Connector Extension offers multi-lingual support.
  14. OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integrator offers a user-friendly interface. No technical knowledge or coding skill of store admin is required.
  15. OpenCart Etsy Connector offers a simple installation and configuration process.

To know in detail about the Etsy Marketplace Connector for OpenCart, please refer to the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integrator User Guide. Besides OpenCart, Knowband offers Etsy Connector for various platforms including PrestaShop, Magento 2, and Magento.

Watch how OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration Extension works

Integrator Modules are available for shopping platforms like Google Shopping, eBay etc. The Google shopping, eBay connector modules are available for PrestaShop, OpenCart and Magento 2 platforms.

Also, Knowband offers Multi-vendor Marketplace to transform your online store into a fully-functional marketplace in a few simple steps. The multi-vendor Marketplace plugin is available for platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento 2. Multi-Vendor Marketplace developed by the extension offers mobile app compatibility. Store owners can develop both Android and iOS mobile for the stores. Having a Multi-Seller Marketplace mobile app for the store will help the admin to extend the reach of the stores. Customers can easily view the list of sellers and their products from their mobile phones. Reviews and Ratings can also be shared from the mobile apps.

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