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editing and proofreading
editing and proofreading

Copy Editing Vs Proofreading: What’s the Difference

Copy Editing Vs Proofreading: What’s the Difference and Which Do You Need?

Copy editing and proofreading is the act of defining what an author writes for professional publishing. On the other hand, proofreading serves as a safety net, ensuring that the author and copy editor did not overlook anything. Both of these occupations have the same goal: to make a piece of writing services as readable and error-free as possible.

In this post, we’ll take a quick look at the jobs of copy editors and proofreaders, and we’ll help you determine which type of editing your manuscript requires at any particular point. If you want to get right to the point, you can take our quiz and find out for yourself.

What is copy editing?

Copy editing, in its broadest meaning, guarantees that a piece of writing is ‘right.” Most people will interpret this to imply correcting spelling and grammar errors, but it normally goes much farther in professional printing.

Ensuring readability

Many copy editors will also recommend revisions to improve the manuscript’s readability and correctness, depending on the mandate they receive. Assume the following was written by an author:

Kevin secretly dropped his pen into the dustbin while his fifth-grade class was distracted reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

A skilled copy editor would remove the recurrence of Kevin’s name, de-capitalize ‘fifth-grade,’ and recommend methods to improve the readability of that phrase. They may also remark on the unusual use of the British phrase “dustbin” in an American context.

Kevin’s fifth-grade class was taking a break from saying the Pledge of Allegiance. He threw away his pen in the trashcan.

New authors frequently fear that an editor will slash and burn their work, erasing all signs of their ‘voice.’ An experienced, professional copyeditor, on the other hand, will be sensitive to the author’s distinct style, adjusting the copy in ways that allow their voice to genuinely sing.

What is proofreading?

In traditional publishing, the proofreading stage occurs directly before the book writing goes to print. A designer or typesetter will prepare a file to submit to the printers after the copy has been modified. Before printing 20,000 hard copies, they will make a ‘galley proof,’ which is a test version of the book. A final digital version will also be reviewed for upcoming eBooks.

It’s more than just typo-hunting

The proofreader will next go through the proof, again and again, to see whether the copy editor missed anything or if the designer accidentally inserted a mistake into the final file. These errors may include, in addition to typos:

  • Incorrect page numbering;
  • Incorrect index;
  • Text that is misaligned;
  • Extra (or omitted) spaces between words;
  • The paragraphing is incorrect.

A proofreader’s responsibilities are frequently broader than what we’ve outlined above. In the case of nonfiction or journalistic writing, they may also fact-check the text.

Let’s take a look at where copy editing and proofreading might fall into an author’s publishing journey now that we’ve outlined the kinds of responsibilities required.

Which service do you need?

One of the things you’ll need to manage as an indie author trying to self-publish a book is editing your manuscript. You can locate qualified and experienced copy editors and proofreaders in just a few minutes using internet marketplaces like Reeds. The actual difficulty is determining when to hire them.

Copyedit after your structure is finalized.

Because a copy editor will be focused on specific sentences and paragraphs in your manuscript, you’ll want to make sure you’re happy with the structure of your book first. If you want to remove chapters, add new ones, or change key portions, don’t hire a copy editor just yet! You’ll have to either acquire another copy to edit later or pay a professional to edit something that won’t be in the final book.

Get a separate proofreader after the copy edit

Professional proofreaders are on hand to spot errors made by the author and copy editor. Some copyeditors also provide proofreading services, but it’s frequently advisable to obtain a second set of eyes on the job. If a copyeditor makes a mistake the first time (no editor is perfect), there’s a good probability they’ll make it again during the proofreading. If possible, hire a separate copy editor and proofreader.

And that’s it! When you’ve completed the editing step of your book, you’re almost ready to share it with the rest of the world. And, with the assistance of these two dependable pros, you can confidently publish your masterpiece, knowing that it has realized its full potential.

It is essential to have your research paper edited by experts!

While presenting your findings in your manuscript, it is critical to ensure that it is error-free. To avoid rejection, it is critical to submit a well-written research paper. At the end of the research, every researcher wishes to publish his or her research report. Whether you produce an abstract, a research paper, a research proposal, or a thesis, we are offering some key recommendations in this post that can ease the hard process of research paper editing.

Take a look at the following list of dos and don’ts while editing your research paper:

  1. Go over the entire paper again—just make sure your text doesn’t contain any incorrect ideas. Maintain a keen eye when editing and proofreading your paper. Simply read each and every word carefully, no matter how long it takes.
  2. Take a methodical approach: read your research document several times from various perspectives. Minor grammatical and punctuation errors should be corrected.
  3. Proofread and edit: Once you’ve finished the first draft, you must proofread and edit it. It will verify that your study paper is correct.
  4. Take a printout and observe: After you have done all of the necessary revisions, simply take a printout of the work and observe the tiny steps that lead to a flawless research paper. Concentrate on your writing style, sentence structure, flow, and tone.
  5. Seek help: You should ask your friends to look over your paper and edit and proofread it. It will assist you in identifying your errors from a new perspective.


  1. Don’t revise your work while you’re writing; instead, focus on getting your ideas down on paper while you’re drafting your first draft. Editing while writing might disrupt the flow and cause mistakes.
  2. Do not hurry to the finish line. This is a common mistake among researchers. They rush through the entire process in order to cross the finish line. It is impossible to edit and proofread your study work at the same time. If you rush, you will exhaust yourself and the quality of your revision will suffer.
  3. Avoid using an aggressive tone when writing a paper; instead, write in your own voice.

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