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COVID-19 and Technical Education: How IPS Unit of Education is Coping Up!

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Schools, colleges, modern language institutes, and universities, all were forced to shut their doors to students during the pandemic. While this reality hit us all hard, teachers were to provide the same learning environment for online classes as in physical classes. In some cases, they were successful, while in some, they were not.

However, it was more difficult for technical education institutes as IPS Unit of Education to educate students and help them grasp concepts while offering professional training. However, in our case, we hit the jackpot, not only our online classes were successful, but we had a thoroughly enjoyable short course outline, where students were able to get training in real terms.

We held assignments and tests. Via screen sharing, we were able to address students’ concerns and guided them not only conceptually but practically as well.

Students did not Miss Hands-On Training

As mentioned above, our teachers were keen on providing education along with its essential elements. We believe in equipping with skills that steer the path for career development via our short courses in Lahore.

This was the case where thinking out of the box was not an option. But to innovate methods that were flexible for the drastic times while staying inside the box. Our qualified instructors proved their mettle and expertise in this regard without a doubt.

Adopting new methodologies was surely not a piece of cake for all stakeholders, but we did it, and now it’s all in the past.

With the situation under control, we are opening our doors to students along with offering our online short courses.

Enroll in Short Courses of Your Interest

Our institute of modern language is up to facilitate students in all ways and continue our work to help towards an individual’s goals.

We have a career-ready and technology-equipped learning environment. For Instance, our SEO instructor is Google partner and is teaching for about fifteen years. The caliber and expertise you expect in an SEO guru, we don’t have to establish here that he got this.

The same is the case with our English language instructor. His students were quite happy with him and were quite hopeful about their future after the classes.

Now, we are available for both online and physical classes with our teams ready to cater to everybody’s requirements. There are many opportunities to pick from and make a decision for his/her future.

Contact us now to learn about short courses.

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