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Cute Winter Engagement Ring Trends You Should Know

Are you losing your mind? Spending way too much time on Pinterest and Instagram oohing and ahhing over engagement rings? Are you looking for a cute, sparkly, wonderous engagement ring for your planned upcoming winter proposal? Are you completely confused and overwhelmed because you are not really sure which engagement ring trend is in and which one is out for the winter season? And finally, feeling disheartened because you can’t decide what kind of ring to choose, that will make the most important person in your life squeal with joy and say, Yes!? get custom jewelry design los angeles

Don’t worry; take a deep breath and read this piece with utmost focus. We, like you, have been swooning over winter engagement rings on social media. We’ve even gone one step further and compiled a list of the most popular winter engagement ring trends right now. From round stones to emerald cuts, halo to single solitaires, the possibilities are literally unlimited. However, certain identical designs and cuts have been popping up all over the social media feeds, fully with the wintery aesthetics in the background. All we had to do was connect the dots find out all the cute and adorable winter engagement rings that are trending. Here are the top six engagement ring trends we’ve seen this winter so far. And we are sure you have seen them too, but just didn’t know they are the trending style.

1. Bedazzled or Textured Shank

Engagement rings used to have a plain but gleaming band with diamonds on top. The centerpiece, its cut, clarity, color, and carat were all important features of any engagement ring. Those things are still important, of course! But people nowadays seek individuality and more glitz. The focus is no longer solely on the ring’s head but has shifted to the shank as well. People are looking for different textures such as ridges or dipped squares, as well as embedding the entire band with small sparkly stones. Take a twisted rope diamond ring for example, isn’t it better than a basic band? Also, inlaid diamonds around the shank are the most popular trend right now to complement the sparkle of winter.

custom jewelry design los angeles2. Hidden Halo

As the name implies, the halo is veiled. That is, it isn’t on top of your ring, surrounding the main stone. Instead, it wraps around the center stone from beneath the prong tips. This adds shine from a different perspective without being too over-the-top. Its lively and energetic shimmer makes it one of the most popular winter engagement ring styles. There are a variety of forms available, ranging from fully adorned arched baskets to single hidden stones set within each side. This particular trend is perfect for those who prefer a subtle brilliance, as the hidden halo isn’t “on your face” shiny. Instead, its sparkle peaks out at certain angles.

3. Thin Bands

People are now more cautious with their money, especially in the aftermath of a devastating pandemic that caused so many financial problems. As a result, people seek out jewels that appear larger but are less expensive. However, unless you want to sacrifice quality, there isn’t a way to do so. Putting diamonds on a thin, wispy ring like a gold midi ring, on the other hand, is a clever way to make your stone stand out and appear larger. The trend of wispy thin bands is all over the internet since it is a creative way to make the stone look bigger without spending extra money.

4. Single Solitaire

Rings with a single solitaire are, of course, nothing new. It’s an old, classic design and has been around for quite some time. Suffice to say, this specific style is as timeless as diamonds themselves. Stunning single solitaire rings are always in style, whether it’s winter, summer, or spring. In terms of the scintillating solitaire itself, there are definitely numerous possibilities. But the winter engagement ring trend has pushed oval and marquise cut at the top of the list.

5. Diamond Eternity Band

Eternity rings are typically given to mark significant dates in a relationship, but they have recently become a popular choice for an engagement ring. And you can see diamond eternity bands everywhere, the moment you type winter engagement ring trends on your browser. They’ve grown in popularity to the point where they’re nearly universally regarded as a form of love currency. And the design of a diamond eternity band speaks for itself, symbolizing love and long-term devotion. Isn’t that what folks were hoping for when planning a proposal? Oh! just letting you know, Eternity white gold rings are also preferable to other metals around the winter season.

diamond eternity band6. White Gold Diamond Ring

Finally, white gold diamond rings are at the pinnacle of the winter engagement ring trends. Even better if they’re eternity white gold rings.

And it’s easy to see why they’re so popular during this time of the year. With their pearly white gold band and gleaming diamonds, they are ideal for the winter season. The best part is that a white gold diamond ring can be worn in any season. Sure, they go well with the winter mood, but their contrasting color makes them stand out in the summer and adds to the charm of the fall season.

7. Decade Inspired Rings

Many people believe that we can never let go of our pasts, and engagement rings are no exception. Fashion, like jewelry designs, recycles. Designs that were popular in the past are reappearing and gaining popularity among the general public. People are going crazy about those old-timey heirloom-worthy rings, and designs from different decades are thronging the engagement ring market. Designs from the Victorian era or the Renaissance period are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, jewelers are creating decade-inspired rings with a modern twist. Because it is the collision of the past and the present that makes these rings truly magnificent. The winter ring style appears to be traditional rings with a great silhouette but modern cut stones or diamonds.

twisted rope diamond ring

8. Statement Rings for Stacking

We’re all aware that jewelry stacking is all the rage these days. Every item of jewelry, from necklaces to earrings, can be layered to create a stunning appearance. Stacking jewelry looks especially attractive in the winter since it adds a bit of boldness to our winter outfits. It’s no surprise, then, that the stacking trend has made its way into the engagement ring market. People are not only buying typical engagement rings but the ones that can be stacked with other rings. A diamond peak ring or a fortress diamond eternity band, for example, are large and bold enough to be included in a statement stack. However, with their polished band and gleaming embedded diamonds, they also make a classic but one-of-a-kind engagement ring. They really shine in the winter, but they’re also stylish enough to stand out in the other seasons. 

You can choose between a twisted rope diamond ring or a diamond eternity band in white gold, but you should know that customizing them rather than purchasing them from a store is preferable. This allows you to make minor changes to the design as you see fit. There are many options within custom jewelry design los angeles, you just have to do some research and select one from the above trends.

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