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DeepFake Technology: Are Social Media platforms Safe for People?

Since technology has appeared in human lives, it has eased down the burden of our shoulders, for example, Computers, Cars, Washing Machines, etc. Right? What if DeepFake technology is used for the wrong purposes? Let’s find out!


DeepFake Technology

You might have heard the news that online scamming and fraud are increasing day by day and things have become worst due to Coronavirus Pandemic. Now, some people creating new ways to scam people using technology. Things are seemed to be more dangerous for women since Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been invented. Earlier women’s images were used to morphed and shared for pornographic purposes. Now, using ‘DeepFake technology’ which is a form of AI is being used to morph videos using the images of women they post on social media platforms.

Is DeepFake Technology A Threat To Women?

DeepFake technology is really a threat to the world, especially for women. As per the latest news, approx. 1 lakh ladies have to confront this nightmare. Their fake videos were made using Deep

Fake technology. They use some images of women and turn them into fake or pornographic images or videos. These videos are being shared on a very famous social media messaging app- Telegram. On this app, you can see many fake videos of mainly female celebrities in the world.  It seems that thousands of people have been using the app to create such fake images or videos created with the assistance of this technology.

Since now, the Telegram app is considered safer as compared to WhatsApp. But after the revelation of the DeepFake technology, we don’t know how safe are social media platforms now?

Can These Fake Videos Or Images Be Removed?

As per a report, these fake videos or images cannot be pulled down from the internet once shared or uploaded. Today, there are plenty of apps where such videos are being uploaded and it has become so difficult to remove them because they have reached thousands of websites and tracking them is not a child’s play. A big question arises here is how safe are social media apps? Women keep updating their photos on different social media apps including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and using their photos some cybercriminal creates fake porn videos. These videos are then shared with millions of websites and without the knowledge of women.

Safety on Social media is a big concern of today. After uploading or sharing such inappropriate content on the web, it is not easy to remove them from there. You can make a complaint under the IT Act of India but there is no guarantee that all these fake images or videos will be deleted as there is a huge number of sites where deleting such content would be a real hard deal. Let me share a recent example with you.

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A Malayalam film industry actress Sona M Abraham had performed an intimate scene in a movie that was supposed to be deleted as per the director’s instructions. But they did not confirm whether the video was actually deleted or not. After some years of the shooting, the raw footage of this intimate scene was found on the web, especially on YouTube.

After knowing the issue, the actress along with her family reached the police station to remove such footage from the internet. However, the complaint was recorded but the video could not be removed till now.

Social media security is not limited to women but also men are being targeted and facing the same ordeal. The former US president Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi who is a speaker of the United States House of Representatives have also fallen prey to video tampering. Apart from this, recently, after watching the fake video of Nancy Pelosi, the US President Donald Trump had tweeted that Nancy was stammering considering the video as real. After some time, the followers of Trump assumed that Pelosi was drunk.

This video was tampered without the use of DeepFake technology but its impact was huge. Nowadays, we can’t trust any videos or audios footage as they are losing their credibility due to the implementation of such a technology.

How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe on Social Media?

The vast majority are active consistently on Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and an incredible number of different apps. These all give free to your personal information, which implies that anyone everywhere in the world can perceive what you post and keep your posts as long however it sees fit and use it anyway they need.  Whatever you state from the first occasion when you post anything online will remain there forever for anybody to see.

Your Online Safety is relying upon what you give out of personal information, not just the conspicuous like yours or your children name, age, address, social security number, debit or credit card numbers, email, telephone numbers, and significantly more is personal information, but also personal thoughts are considered as personal information. Forgetting this can in some circumstances make a drawn-out risk for you. Public employed like instructors and private employed who in a snapshot of negative thoughts let go of online security and post something terrible about their supervisors or workplace have either lost their job or gotten into a great difficult situation that can truly influence their future economy.

There Are No Secrets Online

Do you permit your folks or your children to peruse your journal? I don’t figure you do. We as a whole have our secrets we sometimes share in particular minutes with an accomplice or a closest companion. However recall if you divulge even your closest friends online a mystery, it is not, at this point a mystery.

Not on the grounds that your companion is allowing you to down, but in light of the fact that you don’t control different people group’s online security level and therefore don’t have the foggiest idea what may befall whatever you convey. The second something leaves your control-zone like your own made sure about PC it is in a real sense out of your control.

Social Media Safety Tips For Students

Everybody is on the web nowadays, and millions are utilizing social media. With all the web stalkers out there how would you guard yourself? Individuals need communication on the web, for the sake of entertainment and for online independent venture. Utilizing Facebook is an incredible social site, you can post your photos, tell pretty much all the great you had in the midst of a get-away, inform all regarding your business, so with this how would you keep it hidden?

Focus on Privacy Policies

Facebook has a privacy policy that you can create, and just those you offer to can see your profile, pictures, and other personal things you post. When using Twitter, yes it is the most open social site, but you can in any case tap on, ensure my updates, that way just individuals following you will have the option to see them.

Nothing is absolutely protected with regard to the web. There are hackers out there that the lives of people by stalking them. If you actually have a tour with someone, ensure you change your settings by obstructing them, no one can tell what may occur if they were driven crazy.

When posting, don’t move diverted by saying where you are. Like, here I am as yet trusting that the show will begin, at that point give details. Never post that you are taking some time off and how long you will be gone, that is a certain method to have your home broke into. There are some things that just should not be shared!

Use Google For Security

Another beneficial activity is ensuring you get their complete name, at that point Google it. See what comes up and sometimes you can even discover what they do. Get their telephone number so you can look through it, generally consider them back to see if the number is genuine. If you feel that you are being followed by someone on the web, at that point Google your own name. You can go to Google.com/post and it will let you know if your name or telephone number is ever being referenced in a blog entry. It may be more difficult if you have a name like Mark Anthony, as you will get flawed disapproval, but you should know if it is about you or not.

Be exceptionally cautious when opening messages from someone you don’t have a clue about. It could in a real sense clear out your PC with an awful infection. If your email accompanies a connection, never open it, except if you for sure know the sender. There is an erase button for a reason, and it should be utilized!

Begin utilizing your firewall; most PCs have pre-built firewalls, ensure it is turned on. Having a firewall will shield hackers from getting into your PC and discovering your passwords. It is particularly important if you do online banking.

Continuously turn your PC off when not being used. The web is a two-way road, and if left on, can permit hackers simple access. By detaching it, it can decrease the opportunity of anything terrible occurring.

Make sure to never give out your complete name, address, or telephone number to someone you don’t have the foggiest idea and trust. The utilization of social media apps is also utilized by hackers and stalkers that think it is basically enjoyable to attack people’s private lives.

So whether your utilization social locales for personal or for your online independent venture, simply be careful there are terrible individuals on the web similar to there are in the city. Your folks instructed you to never converse with outsiders, well on the web never give out the entirety of your information and you will remain safe.

Bottom Line

Deep Fake has become a threat where one can utilize it to defame somebody. More horrifying thing is that there is some software accessible to help make and transfer such content on the web.

In the midst of an urgent situation, there are a couple of places where you can look for help. Social media platforms have an alternative to report such content so the second you spot something it should be reported. What’s more, if it isn’t resolved, the casualty can move toward the Cyber Cell Department or can report on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India can also be drawn nearer. Most importantly you can go for an FIR for the situation at the closest police headquarters.

Source: DeepFake Technology: Are Social Media platforms Safe for People?

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