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Describe the various services in home inspections?

Every person wants to live with bliss. No one in the world can get the happiest moment of life without making any effort. Likewise, if you really want to live in a comfortable house, you should inspect your home regularly. In this article, we are discussing various home inspections service. Hope this will be useful for you.

What happens during home inspections?

Generally, normal home inspections take a few hours and their reports take about 2-4 days to complete. A home inspector inspects all the interior and exterior parts of your home and makes a report about the condition of your home. After that, they tell you what you need to fix in your home.

There are major things that the home inspector looks for?

During a home inspection, a lot of things need to be observed. As per the requirement of the owner, a home inspector has to keep in mind that he has to give the best service.

  • Foundation

A problem with the foundation can cause so many problems in your home. Sometimes you are not aware of a major tragedy, but after your home inspection, it will be shocking to you that the foundation of your house is very weak.

  • Structural Issues

Cracks in walls, cracks in foundations or masonry, bad condition of door and windows, damage in the floor, tiles and so many structural problems are inspected by the inspector.

  • Old/Damaged Roof

If your roof is old then it is definitely getting damaged a lot. Suppose you see a missing splatter, or if you see dark and dirty areas in your roof, this is a true indication that your roof is damaged.

  • Damaged Electrical System

The inspectors inspect all the electrical systems in your home whether they are working properly or not. They check wiring, light switches, loose connections, dim lights, they will tell you to replace these things if they find some problem with these things.

  • Plumbing Problems

The most common plumbing problems are leakages in pipes and faucets, low water pressures, sometimes it can be involved with water heater issues. The home inspector detects these plumbing problems.

  • Issues with the HVAC System

HVAC System means Heating, ventilation, and Air conditioning System. This technology is especially for indoor comfort. This HVAC system is different from AC and includes heat pumps and gas furnaces.

  • Pool and Spa

The main purpose of this inspection is safety. Suppose your house has a swimming pool or spa, so it is necessary to inspect these things. Inspectors inspect the pool to see if electrical equipment and electrical wires are away from the pool. Services also include filters, pumps, and heaters.

  • Underground oil tank inspection

Generally, underground oil tanks are present in everyone’s home. As your house is getting old, these tanks are also getting old. So it is necessary to inspect these tanks. If your tank is over 25–30 years old, this indicates a high risk of corrosion and leakage.

  • Sewer inspection

In this inspection, the condition of the sewer and the condition of the underground tank is checked. They check when the tank was last pumped, whether they have any need to repair it or not.

Cost of Home inspections

According to the owner’s requirement, the cost depends on the condition of their house. Typically in the United States, the average cost of a home inspection starts from $300 to $500. There are many home inspection companies, and each has different costs depending on their services.

Final Thoughts on Home inspections

The home inspection is a very necessary part to manage your home in an effective way. It gives more years to your home. During the home inspection process, an inspector walks through your home and inspect all the interior and exterior parts of your home. In order to maintain your home, a home inspection is important.


To live a better life, and to increase the lifespan of your home, you will need a home inspection. It is necessary and important for everyone. About 84% of homebuyers in the United States request a home inspection. It is better to inspect your house otherwise in the future you are going to take a high risk.

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