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What to Expect on a Desert Safari

When planning a desert safari, you can expect a lot. From sand dunes and camel rides to henna artists and belly dance performances, you’ll enjoy the desert’s scenic beauty. You’ll also be treated to a big barbecue and sheesha smoking. If you’re interested in the culture of the area, you can learn more about the desert’s traditional lifestyle.


During a desert safari, you can enjoy sand boarding, camel riding, and dune bashing. The tour also includes a BBQ lunch and stay in a Bedouin style camp. Upon arrival at your hotel, your safari guide will pick you up in a 4WD vehicle to begin the journey. He will also provide information about the history of Dubai, and answer any questions you might have. The tour includes a break for a 25-minute break in the middle of the desert.

Guests will be transported to high dune crags where they can take pictures of the sunset. They can also choose to run down the dune at breakneck speed, like on Mount Everest. While they’re there, the driver will air up their tires for better traction. The adventure is great for both experienced and first-time sandboarders.

On a desert safari, experienced drivers will drive you through the dunes. You’ll be able to get close to the local wildlife, enjoy a barbecue lunch, and get a henna tattoo while you’re there. A fun evening will be waiting at the desert camp, complete with belly dancing, fire shows, and classic and modern music.

Dunes on a desert safari is the perfect weekend activity, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Those who want to get a little adrenaline rush will enjoy dune bashing, which is a great way to experience the vast desert of Dubai. Unlike roller coasters, dune bashing is completely safe. Luxury SUVs carrying dune bashing tourists have full safety gear and reduce tire pressure to make the ride over the dunes smooth and safe.


A camel ride on a desert safari can be a grueling experience. It’s important to bring sunscreen and sunglasses and make sure you’re in good physical condition. If you have a health problem, you’ll want to bring your prescription medication and make sure you get the all-clear from your doctor before you leave. You should also pack a first-aid kit and bring plenty of water. Camels rock when they’re moving, so you’ll need to grip the reins gently and avoid provoking them.

Camels are a popular mode of transportation in desert areas around the world. They can transport a large number of people over long distances. Some camel safaris can last for as long as a week. If you don’t mind spending some extra money on food, you can choose a tour that includes falconry and the traditional Yola dance. Camels are an integral part of Emirati culture. They’ve played a significant role in Emirati life, from providing transportation to facilitating entertainment.

A camel safari is an ideal way to explore the desert region. You’ll be able to explore the arid landscape on a camel, as well as marvel at the wildlife. You can also enjoy the local cuisine while sleeping under the stars. Tours can be arranged from the resorts in Sharm El Sheikh and on the outskirts of Cairo.

Quad bikes

A desert safari with quad bikes is an exciting way to see the desert in the morning. Professional guides will pick you up from your hotel or the airport and take you through the dunes. You will be able to see amazing sunrises and sunsets while you are riding your quad bike through the sand. Then, you will return to your hotel. You can even choose to book an evening safari, which includes more activities.

A quad bike desert safari in Hurghada offers a full day of adventure and adrenaline-pumping fun. The tour includes pickup from your hotel in Hurghada, a short training session on how to ride a quad bike, and then two hours of riding through the desert. There are plenty of stops along the way to enjoy camel rides, henna painting, sand boarding, and the local culture.

Quad biking is a safe sport and the tires are specially designed for the terrain. The quad bikes come equipped with brakes and ergonomically designed grips. The experience of riding a quad bike in the desert is unlike anything else. It is the perfect way to experience the sand dunes. Moreover, a desert safari tour in Dubai includes a quad bike ride.

A desert safari with quad bikes can be one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have. This vehicle has incredible performance and can navigate through all types of terrains. The large diameter of the tires allows for better balance and better protection. It can also navigate through trenches and rocky or muddy terrains. And since they are equipped with a large surface area, they can even surf through the sand in the desert.

Tantra dancing

A desert safari is a wonderful place to practice Tantra dancing, but it isn’t just for the yogis. Singles and couples are welcome to attend the International Tantra Festival. Here, experienced teachers lead workshops in Tantra and Biodanza, and you’ll enjoy daily music performances. In addition, the International Tantra Festival is held in Delhi and includes a healing temple. In addition to the dancing, you can experience Rajasthani culture and learn about Tantra.

The desert safari also includes scenic stops, dune-bashing opportunities, and belly dancing shows. Guests can expect unlimited drinks and snacks, henna and belly painting for the ladies, and a gourmet BBQ dinner in “Arabian style” at the end of the evening. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also rent a quad or a sand bike, and enjoy a desert campfire in the evening.

Tanoura dance is a religious performance that aims to achieve inner spiritual purity. During the performance, the dancers achieve a trance-like state. It’s said that Tanoura dancers can spin for 30 minutes without getting dizzy. This unique cultural experience is an excellent way to learn more about Islamic culture and to build a lifetime memory.

Horseback riding

A desert horseback safari in Namibia offers a spectacular experience in one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. From the vast, rolling grasslands to the red sand dunes, the terrain in Namibia is a stark contrast. Only in Namibia can you cross a deep canyon on horseback. The Kuiseb River Pass flattens the landscape and flattens the geology, creating an environment that is both breathtaking and challenging.

Sahara desert horseback riding offers the thrill of exploring this spectacular landscape while getting close to nature. You will see a variety of wildlife, ranging from camels and antelopes to the ruins of ancient civilizations. You’ll also get to explore date palm oases and Berber communities as you move through the sand dunes. You’ll even have the chance to view the Milky Way without light pollution.

The ride can last as short as 10 minutes, or as long as an hour and a half. Your Private Guide can also tailor the experience to your requirements. You’ll be accompanied by a luxury tented camp, and you’ll have access to private game reserves. You’ll also experience morning and afternoon game drives, and you’ll be able to see animals such as ostriches and giraffes. You’ll also have time for a Sossusvlei visit, an ancient lake filled with fossilized trees.

Horseback riding on a desert safari is an exciting activity for people of all skill levels. You’ll get to see wildlife and a variety of species, including zebras and gazelles. You’ll also have the chance to learn how to properly groom and feed the animals.


If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, try a Desert Safari. This type of excursion takes place in the desert and combines the excitement of a rollercoaster ride with a cultural experience. The powerful SUVs race through the dunes at high speed and cling to them at an angle. Other activities you can enjoy during a desert safari include camel riding, sand-skiing, and visiting Bedouin villages.

Depending on your preferences, you can take a morning desert safari. This type of trip offers you the opportunity to enjoy dune bashing, camel rides, belly dancing, and quad biking. The itinerary will vary depending on the package tour you’re taking. Generally speaking, though, the activities take place early in the morning.

Platinum Heritage is a great company to visit if you want to enjoy a desert safari in luxury. Their safaris are educational and supervised by licensed conservation guides. The company uses solar-powered Bedouin camps, uses stainless steel water bottles, and pays close attention to the camels, falcons, and other wildlife.

You can choose a desert safari for the whole family. It can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and features camel riding and sandboarding. Some desert safaris also include a BBQ dinner and shisha and belly dancing. Some companies offer other activities like hot air ballooning or sand skiing.

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