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Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

If you want to spend your vacation in the desert, you should consider a desert safari in Dubai. This excursion offers a variety of activities, including dune bashing, sand boarding, and camel rides. You can also get henna painted. There are several hotels in the city close to the desert safari.

dune bashing

If you want to enjoy some thrills and spills without breaking the bank, consider a desert safari in Dubai. You can enjoy sandboarding, camel riding, and dune bashing on your way to a barbecue dinner at a Bedouin-style camp. Some excursions also include belly dancing and henna.

The dune bashing experience usually takes between twenty and thirty minutes, depending on the level of comfort of the passengers. It is advisable not to take part in this activity if you are pregnant or suffer from back or heart ailments. You should also make sure to apply sunscreen and drink lots of water to keep your skin from drying out. Most activities in a desert safari are included in your safari package, but you should still bring cash to cover any extra expenses.

The dune bashing activity in Dubai has been a part of the local culture for centuries. It is a great way to enjoy the sand dunes in a unique way. You can capture your memories by participating in this exciting activity. It is also an ideal location for a unique photoshoot.

If you would like to enjoy the thrill of dune bashing, you may want to take a tour in a quad bike or dune buggy. Some of these tours include cultural activities, such as Henna painting, Shisha smoking, belly dancing, and falconry. You can also take a vintage Land Rover tour of the dunes and the wildlife that lives there.

sand boarding

If you are a thrill-seeker and are looking for a new adventure, consider sand boarding on a Dubai desert safari. This activity is very similar to snowboarding, except that instead of snow, you ride on a board that is made of sand, and the pressure required is similar to that of a skateboard or surfboard. Although sandboarding requires some basic skills, this activity is relatively inexpensive, and it is also a good sport for beginners. Some of the excursions also include instructions, so you won’t need to worry about whether you are ready to try this new sport.

Guests can book a dune bashing safari with a guide and can take this activity on a desert safari. The trip lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, and will end at the highest point in the desert. You will stop at a picture stop where you will get a sweeping view of the landscape, and marvel at the stunning red-hued dunes. Sand boarding is another great activity on a Dubai desert safari, and it is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Before attempting sand boarding, it is a good idea to prepare for the heat and dust. Temperatures in the desert are high during the day, but fall sharply at night. To protect yourself from sand and dust, you should wear layers of clothing, as well as sunscreen and goggles.

camel ride

When planning a trip to Dubai, you should be prepared for all of the sights, sounds, and smells of the desert. The best way to experience a camel ride is to take a desert safari tour. There are many reputable tour providers in the region. These excursions last anywhere from five to fifteen minutes.

A typical desert safari tour will begin with a pickup from your hotel. The tour will take you into the desert and you will be able to experience dune bashing and other exciting activities. The desert is filled with wildlife and you’ll get the chance to photograph it in its natural habitat. A camel ride in the desert is a great way to immerse yourself in traditional Arabian culture. Here, you’ll also get a chance to view some of the desert’s rare species.

During your desert safari in Dubai, you’ll meet the local Bedouins and get to know their unique culture. You’ll also get to sample some traditional cuisine and enjoy a traditional dinner cooked in Bedouin style. You can even choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. You’ll also get to see the famous red sand dunes.

A desert safari in Dubai includes a camel ride and a desert drive. Some desert tours also include an optional quad biking experience. The vehicles are comfortable and clean. You’ll also be given a chance to take pictures in local dress. There’s a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs.

henna painting

Henna painting is an authentic and fun part of a desert safari in Dubai. During the excursion, you will enjoy dune-bashing, sand-boarding, quad biking and much more. You will even get a chance to visit a Bedouin camp where you can see how the Bedouins live. You can also get a free henna tattoo from a Bedouin lady dressed in Burqa.

There are various desert tour operators that offer henna painting as a part of their safari packages. Platinum Heritage offers an authentic Arabian experience with henna painting and delicious food. Other desert tour operators, such as Arabian Adventures, offer a wide range of thrills and excitements, including dhow tours and sunset safaris.

Traditionally, Arab women have used henna for decoration. Women in the region can use henna for weddings and other celebrations. It is an excellent alternative to tattoos because it is harmless to the skin and can be easily removed. In addition to being a fun, traditional way to express yourself, henna painting has a long tradition in the Middle East.

Henna is one of the oldest cosmetic products and has been used for thousands of years. It is a traditional part of Arab culture and weddings. Even in the modern age, henna arts are a part of the culture and a unique way to express yourself in Dubai. Depending on your budget, you can get a henna painting for as little as fifty dirhams or as much as a thousand.

barbecue meal

During your desert safari in Dubai, you will be able to enjoy a barbeque meal with a buffet of local and international dishes. You will have the opportunity to try delicious Arabic and local delicacies. There is also a chance to get a henna tattoo. The night will also include a belly dance and Arabic music.

The dinner is accompanied by a belly dance show and shisha smoking. The experience is an unforgettable evening in Dubai that you’ll never forget. You will also enjoy a traditional Arabian welcome and the authentic Arabian ambience at the campsite. The tents will feature low tables and comfortable seating.

Before the dinner, you will be picked up by 4WD SUV jeeps. During the evening safari, you will visit the Lahbab road, which is the best place for dune bashing in Dubai. The camp also has a quad bike compound where you can ride your quads for 30 minutes or an hour. Afterwards, you can go for a sunset photography session.

Another popular activity in Dubai is the evening desert safari. It starts around 3pm and proceeds towards the red dunes and Hajjar Mountains. Then, your trip will end at a Bedouin-style Desert camp, where you’ll enjoy a barbecue meal and live entertainment.

Cultural experiences

If you’ve never visited a desert safari, it’s definitely worth a try. During an evening safari, you’ll be treated to delicious food and mind-soothing entertainment. You’ll get to experience the cultural traditions of the region as well as see falcons and acrobats perform.

One of the highlights of Desert safari in Dubai is the live entertainment. A stage is set up in the middle of the camp and talented performers entertain guests. Belly dancing to Arabic music and the traditional dance Tanoura are two of the most popular performances. If you’d like to have an authentic experience, it’s best to visit during November or March, when temperatures are pleasant and nights aren’t too cold.

The desert safaris can be combined with evening activities, such as henna-painting and falconry shows. You can also participate in a full barbecue dinner as part of an evening desert safari. There are also cultural performances, including traditional Emirati performances and traditional dances.

The cultural experiences during desert safari in Dubai are diverse and unique. In addition to seeing the beautiful desert scenery and the Bedouin culture, desert safari in Dubai offers thrilling safari rides. Depending on the package you choose, you’ll also get the chance to visit local villages and have a glimpse into the local life.

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