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Desert Safari

 Desert Safari in Dubai

While on a desert safari, you’ll be treated to Arabic music played by your driver. The driver will stop periodically at a service station to let air out of your tires, and you’ll also have the opportunity to peruse small souvenir shops. The most popular souvenir is an Arabic headscarf, known as a “Ghutrah”. This piece of clothing protects you from the harsh desert heat.

Desert safaris

A desert safari in Dubai is a great way to see the local wildlife and the desert itself. Here, you’ll get a chance to see wildlife like Arabian gazelles and oryxes, as well as other species that are common in the desert. Desert safaris in Dubai offer a variety of options, so you can customize your experience however you like. For example, you can choose to have a private tour or quad bike through the desert, and you can customize the route based on your interests. Just remember to eat well beforehand and pack snacks for the journey.

To ensure that you have the best time possible, you’ll want to wear comfortable clothing. Wear loose cotton/linen pants and a lightweight T-shirt, as it will get hot and uncomfortable during the desert safari. Women should avoid wearing tight clothes and should choose loose cotton/linen pants or salwar kamiz. Women should also avoid wearing heavy jewellery, as the heat can be intense in the desert. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sun!

If you’d like to experience the desert at sunrise, you’ll want to choose a full-day safari. This type of tour is ideal for couples, photographers, and other thrill seekers, and usually starts early in the morning. Unlike a half-day tour, you’ll have plenty of time to plan activities, such as quad biking, dune-bashing, and henna painting. You can also choose an evening desert safari, which is cool and offers the chance to watch the sunset.

Desert safari tours can be booked online. Make sure to bring sunscreen and hats. Also, remember to pack a light lunch.


One of the best ways to experience the desert in Dubai is to take a camel safari. These ancient creatures have been used as a mode of transport in the desert for centuries. The typical safari in Dubai takes you on a 45-minute camel ride through the desert, where you can watch the sunset while relaxing on the camels. In addition to enjoying the scenery, camel safaris also offer the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the UAE. You can also take part in a falcon show, which will give you an insight into the Emirati way of life. The flight of these animals is astounding, and they can reach speeds of three hundred and ninety kilometers an hour.

Camels have long been used as the primary mode of transportation in ancient Arabia. These creatures, which have been known as the ‘Ship of the Desert’, are extremely reliable and capable of carrying large amounts of water and food. They can also endure long journeys without tiring. Camels on safari in Dubai are safe, well-behaved, and are a great way to see the desert and its wildlife.

During a camel safari in Dubai, you’ll enjoy a camel-riding experience along with other activities like falconry and traditional Bedouin food. You’ll also get the opportunity to learn about the desert flora and fauna and take pictures of your adventure. You can also visit the Bedouin camps and see the traditional Bedouin lifestyle. These tours usually last four hours, and you’ll be able to dress up in traditional Arab clothing.

The price of the desert safari with a camel ride includes pick-up and drop-off from your hotel. For kids aged three to 11 years, the cost is 103 US dollars. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to experience camel rides in Dubai, there are several reputable tour providers.


When visiting Dubai, one activity you shouldn’t miss is dune-bashing, which involves driving over huge sand dunes at high speeds. The shifting surface of the sand makes the activity extremely difficult to control, so the tour is best done with an SUV. Dune-bashing is an exhilarating activity that will give you a true thrill. You will be in a convoy with other participants, and the ride will be extremely loud and dusty.

The dune-bashing tour begins with a pickup from your hotel. The vehicle will then drive to the sand dunes. Along the way, the tour will stop at rest areas, where you’ll wait for other groups. These rest stops will also allow you to let air out of your tires to avoid getting stuck in the sand.

The Liwa desert is a good place to start if you’ve never done dune-bashing before. The area contains several massive dunes, including the Moreeb dune, also known as Terrying Mountain. A bit of experience will make the dune-bashing experience more enjoyable.

A dune-bashing excursion lasts for about an hour. You’ll travel in a convoy and stick close together to complete the stunts. You’ll experience g-forces pulling you in every direction, as well as a weightless sensation when you’re atop the dune. It’s best to ask for a front seat if you’re tall. You’ll be in the car for 20 minutes, but be sure to request a front seat if you’re extra tall.

The dune-bashing tour is an exciting adventure that’s ideal for the weekend, when you’d like to get out of the city. This adventure is suitable for both kids and adults. Although it’s a thrill ride, it is completely safe. The luxury SUVs carrying the tourists are equipped with safety gear. In addition, tire pressure is reduced to make the vehicle move smoothly over the dunes.


Sandboarding is a popular sport that takes place in the desert. It is similar to snowboarding but much easier. You will receive safety instructions and equipment for your trip. It is a good idea to wear a sandboard and a helmet. The experience also includes camel and quad bike riding, dune-bashing, and a meal.

The most common locations for sandboarding are tall dunes. Experts will be able to perform backflips in the air. Sandboarding requires a different board than snowboarding. The sand is also more abrasive. You will also need a heavier board.

There are two main areas where you can go sandboarding in Dubai. The first is Al Faya, which is about an hour’s drive from the city. This desert is covered with red sand and a variety of spots for sand surfing. There are pop-up cafes and campsites throughout the area. The second location, Al Lahbab, is about forty minutes’ drive from the city. The location has a large area of red sand, and it is popular with sand boarders during winter.

A sandboarding safari in Dubai usually involves a 4×4 drive to a dunes area. The tour will include a return transfer from the city. The group will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the sand dunes. Once there, you will have the opportunity to try out sandboarding and enjoy all the activities available.

The experience includes sand boarding and a camel ride. You can reserve this experience with a few clicks of your mouse. You can even book the tour through a messenger app such as Whatsapp. If you are looking for a unique desert experience, this tour is for you.


The cost of a safari in Dubai varies depending on the package you choose. There are different options available, such as two-hour desert safaris, which include dune bashing and sand skiing, and quad biking. The cost of a six-hour package is AED 280 and includes dinner and a lot of activities in the desert.

You can also opt for a night safari, which lasts around seven or eight hours. These safaris can be very expensive, so be prepared to shell out up to AED 900 per person. However, evening safaris in Dubai cost a bit less than morning safaris. You can get a regular night safari for AED 390, and a special Red Dunes Bashing excursion for AED 420 ($115).

The cost of a desert safari in Dubai varies depending on the time of year and the number of people on the tour. Typically, a six to seven-hour desert safari in Dubai will cost about 70 dollars per person, with a discount for children. You can also opt for a private safari, which will cost you more.

A desert safari can cost between forty and sixty dollars per person, but can cost as much as 100 dollars if you’re traveling solo. The price will vary depending on the provider, how many people are on the tour, and the type of transport. The cost of a desert safari varies widely, so it’s best to consult the ticket seller’s website to find out the exact cost.

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