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Design ideas you can select for custom lotion boxes

This article highlights some appealing designs that can be used on your cardboard-based custom lotion boxes to increase their shelf impact and visibility. However, as a brand, when you order custom boxes for your products from packaging companies, make sure to select the best packaging experts, to mitigate the risks involved. 

Use your custom lotion boxes as storyboards 

Many among us still remember the Fido Dido mascot introduced by a soft drink brand. Well, this is your chance to introduce a relatable character according to your target market and use lotion boxes to tell its story to them.  It will go a long way to establish a rapport with your customers. The character you create for your brand can inform your audience about your brand, its origin, what it offers, and its use, etc. Even if you don’t have enough space to print stories on your custom lotion box, online links can be printed on it. Obviously customers will be able to read more online. 

Make your lotion packaging boxes look impressive with patterns 

One of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your custom lotion boxes is by introducing impressive patterns in design in addition to the text. Several options look beautiful when printed on cardboard custom boxes, which include; 

  1. Polka dots 
  2. Chevron 
  3. Stripes  
  4. Herringbone etc. 

These patterns can be used in vivid colors along or with other visual content. For clean and minimalistic designs, they can be used in hushed tones with Spot UV, which gives a very classy and sophisticated look to the entire packaging. 

Make sure to use all surfaces of lotion packaging boxes 

As a lotion brand, we understand that you might have more product information to print on your custom lotion boxes than other products, without a doubt. No more do you have to worry about squeezing everything on the front side of packaging boxes. Today, the packaging experts like ClipnBox allow their clients to make the best use of offset printing and print on all sides of the cardboard custom boxes in one go. Above all, you can use the front side to brand your product and other different sides to provide vital information related to; 

  1. Ingredients list 
  2. Application instructions  
  3. Warnings  
  4. Expiry dates etc. 

Use inner sections of custom cardboard boxes 

Brands and companies that make use of all the sides of the custom lotion boxes can create additional creative packaging options that will be loved by their customers. Above all It will help them generate more sales. Most companies offering skincare products for women use the inner sides of their custom boxes. They print awareness instructions about self-breast examination on the inner sides of boxes.  It helps in disseminating useful information among the target audiences in a discreet but tasteful way. A little investment of time and thoughts can help companies create stunning custom lotion packaging options that will be loved by their audiences. 

Give interesting shapes to your custom lotion boxes 

Most lotion bottles are in cylindrical shapes. You can even get your custom lotion boxes crafted in cylindrical shapes to grab the attention of your customers. It will definitely help differentiate your product from competition. Nevertheless make sure to keep in mind that the packaging that is developed for your product is easy to store and offers maximum protection to the product inside. Being space-efficient and lighter in weight will be an additional attribute, which will be beneficial for you as a brand.  

Don’t overlook sleeves in custom lotion packaging  

The companies, which are offering lotions to their target audience but want to keep their retail packaging option, minimized can always opt for sleeves instead of whole boxes. But even when designing these sleeves for lotion bottles, the brand must remember to print its identity elements and design them in a way that catches viewers’ eyes. This option is also useful when you want to revise the custom retail lotion packaging according to the changing seasons. Add sleeves with a winter season quote to refresh the look of your custom lotion boxes.

Make the colors of the lotion box count 

Custom lotion boxes need to be inviting in their appearance. The colors set the tone or the mood of the product way before the product is actually sourced or used. Bright happy colors on custom lotion boxes stand a better chance of being picked up in comparison to dull colored lotion boxesThe choice of lamination, matte or gloss, in combination with the colors can also create a desirable view for the consumer. The color combo of the cardboard lotion boxes, is therefore, of great significance. You don’t want your world class product to be rejected just because the lotion boxes did not play their part. Hence, it is of relevance to go for a custom packaging company like Clipnbox which also offers free design assistance and expert packaging advices.

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