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DesignEvo: Professional Online Logo Design Without Software

Do you want to design a logo online with the best possible quality? And then, you can now design the logo for your YouTube channel or your website and any other business for free without using Photoshop or any other programs.

Interested? Then read further to check out this tool. DesignEvo is going to share it with you.

DesignEvo has these reasons why you cannot refuse to use:

More than 10,000 logo templates for you to edit freely
There are millions of professional design icons and more than 100 fonts to design logos as you like
Complete freedom to give full play to the uniquely creative design Logo, and easy to operate, 5 minutes to ensure you get started
Completely free to use, you can design the logo first and then download it for free.
Support SVG vector graphics and PDF downloads, don’t be afraid of distortion due to logo printing or enlargement.
The online version of DesignEvo uses the cloud to save files, so you can come back and modify the logo at any time.

In addition to the online tools, DesignEvo also releases software versions for different platforms.

DesignEvo versions available:


Online version: This is the focus of this article, and this is the version that everyone will generally use
Desktop version: currently only supports Mac (supports OS X 10.9.0 and later versions), and the Windows version will be launched in the future, we will wait and see
Mobile version: It supports IOS and Android. The mobile version has relatively simple functions, but it is quite intuitive to make. The mobile version will also be introduced at the end of this article.

Well, let’s move to the next steps to learn how to make logos with DesignEvo.

After accessing this tool, you can register a DesignEvo account if you are new to this tool. After you enter your Email address to register, the verification code will be sent. Sometimes, you may not receive a code, but rather a message containing the confirmation link.

Now that you have created an account, then move on to the important part, which is how to design a logo using the DesignEvo website.

How to design a professional logo with your creativity


Step1: Go to the DesignEvo website and click on Make a Free Logo.

Step 2: You can choose which logo you want to customize. Also, if you wish, you can get your design from scratch.

Step 3: On the left side, you will find some important options.
Icons you can add: Many icons help you design your logo.
Change the font: You can select any font you like. There are many wonderful fonts.
Cosmetic shapes for the logo: Many templates increase the aesthetic of the logo.
Logo background colors: All known colors can change your logo’s background with one click of a button, and in any color you want.

Step 4: At the bottom of the logo image, you will find a list containing some modifications, such as resetting the size of the image dimensions and others

Step 5: By clicking on the Download button, we will be transferred to the download page.

Step6: This is the download page, as you can see in the following image
You can either purchase a logo to preserve the font copyright and some other features or get it for free by pressing the button of Download a low-resolution free logo.

There are three plans available to choose on this site.

There are three plans available to choose on this site.

Free plan: – It is free of charge, through which you can design a logo and download it on your PC with low resolution.
The Basic plan: at a value of $ 24.99, has medium features between the free plan and the plus.
The Plus plan: The price is $ 49.99, one of the highest plans that give you more features.

You have to design a logo and then download it for free without purchasing paid plans.

Well, do you want to create on your mobile, and then, on the following part, you can how this tool work on your mobile.

It provides a free application site that you can download for iPhone and Android from the official store.

The way to use the application on the phone is very easy and does not need to be explained. Unlike the site that this post has fully explained because it contains more elements. Therefore, all you should to do is download an application and start creating an account earlier and then choose the logo design you want and start to amend it upon completion and design.



DesignEvo is very user-friendly. So you would no worry about your logo design. If you are going to make a logo for your website, and then you should not hesitate to try it. Wish you can get help from this post.


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