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Diamond Jewelry Gift Ideas for Upcoming Christmas

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” —Kahlil Gibran

It is better to give than receive. We hear it all the time—especially this time of year. But sometimes I wonder if you really believe it. We say the phrase as if the generalization is a forgone conclusion, and print it on bumper stickers and billboards. And when circumstances don’t go as expected, we mutter it under our breath. But in reality, the axiom is difficult to live with. We live in a world that seeks personal gain, even encourages it. And as a result, we want to make sure the things we receive are equal to the gifts that we give.

Christmas is a celebration of love and joy and peace. These are the greatest gifts we can ever give. But they are often the most difficult—especially if we have not received them from others. Suddenly, we fall into the same foolish trap believing it is better to receive than give.

Northern Europe has been the pandora’s box of all the customs and traditions that go along with Christmas. Giving gifts at Christmas has its roots in a pagan culture. After overcoming the stressful circumstances in 2020, it’s high time to boost up the energy and pull up your socks for the year ending. This Christmas would be different, instead of grand parties; it will be about simple house parties with rum cake and wine. But celebration comes with tension and confusion for the gift, and especially when you are planning something with your girlfriend.

Significance of Christmas gifts:

Christmas comes with a lot of positive vibes- saying goodbye to the year, welcoming a new beginning, celebrating birthdays. Special celebration comes with special jewelry gift ideas. So, it’s evident that if you want your loved ones to be awe-struck, nothing could be better than diamond jewelry. In short, in the booming culture of pop and punk, diamond is a classic retro. About 4,000 years ago, Egyptian Civilization witnessed the trend of gifting diamonds that was first invented  when the husbands used to give diamond jewelry to their wives as a gesture of fondness and appreciation. Even today diamond eternity bands carry their dignity and integrity. The mesmerizing glimmer and the mystical radiance of a diamond are enough to fascinate a girl’s mind.

In 327 BC King Alexander brought a diamond for the first time in Europe. In 1074 for the first time diamond was used in a Hungarian queen’s cross. The year 1520 and 1681 witnessed the Rose Cut and Peruzzi cut in the diamond. Diamonds were always appreciated for their phenomenal beauty and prestige. Diamond rings had always carried their dignity. 

As the fashion industry started evolving the diamond ornaments’ design also faced turmoil. People started thinking about their comfort zone along with extravagance and richness. Nowadays people are keener to wear jewelry for regular use, and especially women. For any woman, their daily fashion matters a lot and diamond rings are not an exception. Even if it’s an engagement ring, today’s brides want it to be unique, but wearable with their regular outfits.

Diamond Rings

Why are diamond jewelry gifts convenient and popular?

Diamonds are the most precious and enduring of all gemstones, with their very name taken from the ancient Greek word, “adámas”, meaning ‘unbreakable. For centuries their exquisite beauty, inner fire, and unique physical qualities have made them prized above all other gems. As no two diamonds are alike, each stone is endowed with a character exclusively its own.

Thought to have been formed between one and three billion years ago, diamonds are one of the oldest substances known to man. Considering their great age and their origin from 140 kilometers below the surface, they are of much interest to scientists who consider diamonds to be ‘Earth’s messengers’ with the ability to tell us about a time and a part of the Earth that would otherwise be hidden to us.

With hardness, rarity, beauty, and an inextricable connection to love and romance, diamonds are the perfect choice for jewelry – our most treasured possessions that are present on the most special occasions. While diamonds are perfect for engagement rings, it’s not always easy to find the perfect ring for you.

Why is diamond jewelry a good investment?

When it comes to investing in diamond jewelry, it’s important to consider what holds value best in the market, as well as what will be the easiest to sell. So, first, let’s consider what kind of jewelry holds its value exceptionally well. When it comes to the value of diamond jewelry, the value of the jewelry is all about the market perception. And what’s the one thing the jewelry market cares most about? Rarity.

When you’re considering the investment quality of diamond jewelry, you should also consider the metal it’s set in. Gold (white or yellow) and platinum are both excellent investments that tend to hold value well. So, as long as your diamond jewelry is made with these precious metals, this will add to the overall value of your jewelry.

Now we move onto the next part of the investment equation: how easy your jewelry will be to sell. We’ve already covered that rare diamonds hold their value well, but it’s important to also consider what the market wants. Consider buying rare diamonds with highly desired cuts, like round or cushion-cut diamonds, rather than unusual, less popular cuts like the marquise. Make sure to get a good feel for what the market consistently likes when considering whether or not a piece of jewelry is the best investment.

Diamond jewelry

Why is diamond jewelry a good investment?

The impact of a fancy and arresting diamond bangle is so strong that it did not even leave wardrobes of divas like Diana, Madonna, and Selena. Also, a diamond eternity band symbolizes the circle of life and that is the reason people give diamond jewelry to a would-be-mother. But while choosing the perfect diamond, you are stuck in a maze of options. So Sabrina has got your back and it is here with an assorted versatile range of diamond rings to gift your girlfriend on the special occasion of Christmas. 

Gracious and sturdier diamond earrings also make a good gift for any occasion. And if you want to impress your lady love on Christmas, then surprise her with voguish diamond earrings. The traditional ways to wear diamond earrings are diamond studs and then eventually different cuts and shapes like “Emerald”, “Princess”, “Heart” or “Teardrop” shapes were invented.

Whether you plan a formal look for the company’s launch event or plan to look jaw-dropping gorgeous in your evening soiree, it’s the chic pair of diamond rings that can express your charm and aura. The long-lasting shine and brilliance of diamond earrings help you look splendid in any experimental costume. Rather than the excellent durability what matters is the timeless charm of a diamond earring. Whether you plan a coffee date with your partner or a girls’ night out, a diamond earring will help expose your allure and persona.

One last note on buying diamond jewelry: always make sure the gems you buy are certified. Don’t take a seller’s word for it that a diamond has a certain carat or color— only buy diamond jewelry that comes with GIA certification so you know the exact value of what you’re buying.

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