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Static and Dynamic QR Codes

Difference Between Static and Dynamic QR Codes

QR codes have taken over the world of print advertising in a big way. Static and Dynamic QR Codes help businesses to understand customers better as they connect the brands to the customers on a personal level. 

Businesses can leverage QR codes to obtain the maximum benefit through their ad campaigns. If you plan to use QR codes for your online and offline marketing campaigns, you must understand the basic difference between static and dynamic QR codes. This article dives deep into the applications of QR codes and the differences between static and dynamic QR codes.

They can be found on packaging, billboards, business cards, gyms, museums, and restaurants, among other places.

QR Codes and their Uses

A Quick Response code or a QR code is a kind of barcode that can easily be read by a smart device and that stores information in pixel format in a square-shaped grid. QR codes are mostly used to monitor product information in its supply chain. Many smartphones have QR code readers built in them, often used in marketing campaigns. Marketers use QR codes in magazines, billboards, websites, and other marketing materials. QR codes promote engaging interaction just through a mobile phone and help businesses transfer information to the consumer quickly. A UPI payment can be made using QR codes through payment gateways like Zaakpay. You can use a QR code generator which would enable QR codes to self-generate.

QR codes are used for various different purposes:

  • Simple Text
  • Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email IDs
  • URLs 
  • Payments where they store information about bank accounts and Credit Cards
  • Online account authentications where users can scan QR codes on websites from their smartphones and log in to websites
  • For 2-step verification, passcode security is used in various applications and websites
  • Customers can scan QR codes and make a UPI payment via payment gateways like Zaakpay. With cutting-edge security, Zaakpay helps you make secure payments within seconds.

Static QR Codes

Static QR codes are for one-time use only. The content is embedded directly into the code without any external data address or URL. Static QR codes are mainly suitable for single-use and personal purposes.

A static QR code is a QR code with fixed information. The information a static QR code delivers upon being scanned is encoded directly in the QR code itself. QR codes are made up of scannable patterns of white and black blocks, all aligned in various ways. The information in a static QR code is contained within this pattern and alignment. The more (and more complex) information communicated through the static QR code, the larger and more complex the QR code is. This has implications for how small a QR code can be. Most folks want to go from URL to QR code.

QR codes

And if that information (again, a URL typically) needs to change, the pattern and alignment of the QR code needs to change. With static QR codes, more information means a bigger code, and new or updated information means a new or updated QR code.

Android and iOS are continuously making updates to increase QR scanning capabilities in mobile devices. All the user needs to do is point their smartphone’s camera at the QR Code, and they’re taken to the destination link instantly.

QR Codes managed to overcome the hurdle of downloading an additional app. The average internet speed has also increased to 5.6 Mbps, allowing consumers to scan QR Codes at lightning speed.

Key features of static QR codes are:

  • They are ideal for a single ad campaign or personal use.
  • They can store plenty of non-editable information.
  • No registration is required for static QR codes.
  • Content in static QR codes is directly embedded.
  • Static QR codes can be scanned an unlimited number of times.
  • There are many free customization options available online.
  • Static QR code scans cannot be tracked via GPS or AI.
  • They can store minimal information.
  • They are more relevant for individuals and some business types.
  • Examples of static QR codes used are on websites, email, URLs, text messages, plain text, Google Maps, and login credentials.

Dynamic QR Codes

The dynamic QR codes come with a short URL in which the actual content is embedded. This flexibility enables businesses and marketers to create their QR strategy based on their marketing campaign without re-printing the QR code.

Previously, QR Codes were not popular because smartphones weren’t equipped with native QR scanning capabilities.

The updates from Android and iOS changed that and continue to expand the possibilities of native QR Code scanning.

The release of Apple’s iOS 14 update made a positive impact. It allows iPhones to detect smaller QR Codes and scan them. It also enables the scanning of QR Codes wrapped around objects.

But the issues that continue to exist are centered around the security and accessibility of QR Codes.

Security risks with QR Codes

Due to the many phishing scams and fraud incidents, people are wary of scanning QR Codes due to the potential security risks.

A secure QR Code platform solves this problem. Using features such as custom domain and custom SSL, consumers can trust the QR Code URL due to its custom branding.

QR Code accessibility

Not everyone owns a smartphone, nor are they familiar enough with the technology to use it regularly, i.e., at restaurants, grocery stores, and malls.

A dynamic QR code is a QR code with a short redirection URL encoded in it. The information you’re trying to communicate isn’t encoded in the QR code itself, like a static QR code. What’s the best part? This is one of the most significant advantages of QR codes over barcodes.

Key features of dynamic QR codes are:

  • Ideal for online and offline marketing to boost brand value and enhance customer engagement.
  • They are best for taking digital content to retail store customers.
  • Their content remains embedded in the short URL.
  • The URL content can be edited many times without rewriting the code.
  • Dynamic QR code scans can be performed multiple times.
  • Consumers’ perspectives can be tracked in real-time.
  • You can connect with customers to pitch unique marketing ideas and loyalty programs.
  • You can integrate with the customer data platform for advanced statistical analysis.
  • A single print of the dynamic QR code helps to save time and money.
  • This code is relevant to all businesses.
  • Common examples of dynamic QR codes are their application in animation, GIF, PDF files, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and App downloads.

Advantages of Dynamic QR Codes:

  • Measure and Track Data: A critical part of the marketing campaign for any company is the measurement of statistics. This tracking feature helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaign and make adjustments if needed.
  • Edit Current Campaign: Dynamic QR codes offer the flexibility needed for a marketing campaign with fluctuating content. Depending on your real-time analytics generated, you can edit and modify your promotional material.
  • Integrate Online and Offline Marketing Channels: Leverage the features of dynamic QR codes in traditional marketing campaign platforms such as print ads, billboards, flyers to enhance customer experience. 
  • Payment: Static QR code payments include merchant names and bank details, which cannot be changed later. These are ideal for one-time payments and seasonal promotions. On the contrary, dynamic QR code payments fluctuate with every transaction, and the customer need not enter the amount manually.

You can fine-tune and optimize your marketing campaign by leveraging the best features of both these QR codes.

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