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Different types of tractor plows and their need in agriculture

Agriculture is not a modern practice. When ancient men started planting crops, they required a practical method for turning the soil. They did not have adequate tools as compared to today’s tools. With evolving technology, agricultural tools have developed that have saved the farmers’ time, labor, and energy and have made agriculture more efficient.

Tractor plowing is one of the essential soil management techniques that has been used for centuries. It helps to create a straight, grained, structural, and moist sowing layer. Though plowing is simple but is an effective farm practice that cuts, granulates, and inverts the soil, creating furrows and ridges. Tractor implement manufacturers make sure that they provide superior quality tractor plows to the farmers to gain the maximum benefits.

Plow-A revolutionary farming tool

The plow is one of the oldest farming tools with a remarkable revolution, originating from simple and primitive plows to modern plowing machinery. Earlier, plowing was a demanding and labor-intensive farm practice. However, modern farming techniques have improved plowing techniques. It has allowed choosing between various types of plows and improved farm machinery. With the availability of modern tools, it has reduced the farmers’ burden and has helped them relax, leaving the workload on technology.

Types of tractor plow

Moldboard plow

Moldboard plow is a wing-shaped plow that consists of a large curved bottom attached to a frame. As the plow is pulled over the ground by a tractor, it bites deep into the earth, moldboard plow slices, and inverts a soil layer leaving a rough soil surface. If fertilizer is spread before plowing, it is mixed with the soil in the process.

Reversible garden plow

The reversible garden plow is similar in design to the moldboard plow. It uses two or more blades to cover a wider area of land. Blades are installed back-to-back, with one set positioned to turn the earth right, and the other group arranged to turn the earth left. One blade or collection of blades is used at a time. The plow sets are switched at the end of a row. It makes the furrows evenly spaced and allows the operator to work end to end in either direction.

Chisel plow

These are generally used to till the soil with less disruption for better conversions. It relies on a curved shank that enters the ground without digging it up and turning it. Garden tractor chisel plows are available in a variety of widths, designed to meet different needs.

Disc plow

Disc plow uses discs instead of a wedge-shaped blade. The idea behind using discs is to help reduce friction. Disc plows are rows of concave steel discs that revolve as they are pulled. Disc plows work well in rough ground and in a field with hard stubble left behind by a combine.

Subsoiling plow

Though similar to chisel plows, these are rigid and heavy-duty in nature. Subsoiling plow is used to break up the ground beneath a hardpan layer. It is done without turning the soil and bringing it to the top. It has the capacity to plow to a depth of 45-75 cm.

Ridge plow

Ridge plow consists of double wings that raise the soil into a furrow. These are essentially used to create ridges for specific crops. These work best for cultivating potatoes.

Purchase plow that fits your needs

Agriculture Equipments Manufacturer is well-known for selling agricultural products of high-quality. Different types of plows are used for various agricultural activities. The quality of plow is a must for the best results. The type of plow you need depends on your soil’s composition and the power of the tractor you’ll use to pull it. We sell the plows that are built with technology for the best results. All kinds of plows are available here with various deals and offers. We have helped a thousand farmers purchase the right kind of agricultural tool.

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