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Do you Know The Nursing Home Billing Secrets

Medicare coverage especially PART A is quite strict. It actually covers up to 100 days of skilled nursing care. It eventually means that the level of care has to be skilled which cannot be handled by outpatient methods. As a nursing home, it becomes critical for you to make sure that you make the right efforts to earn competence and a competitive edge in the market.

However, with time it becomes quite difficult for resources to have the right understanding, processes that make sure payments are realized quickly. Finding a reliable partner that can help in eliminating challenges by offering specialized intervention can offer a definitive edge. It ultimately boils down to creating a system, develops processes, understands how to manage your claims, upfront payments, submitting the claims clean, and timely.

What is the Sunknowledge approach?

Over the years, we know how to eliminate your practice management challenges. With a superior pool of resources, our team knows what it takes to offer a complete plan of action. We are currently working with the largest nursing homes in the country and that too with excellent references.

We have transformed collections for the best and have great credentials across the entire industry. Not only nursing homes, but we are also working with hospitals and other long-term care centers, DMEPOS companies, urgent care centers, and many more with great repute.

We have a superior pool of nursing home billers that knows it all from verifying patient details, entering patient demographics, medical coding, submitting the charges and right modifiers with the claims, working on the denials, and last but not the least working on the aging accounts receivable and improving your collections. We have a track record of reducing operational costs by 70% and know how to drive your revenue in the best possible manner.

Leverage the Sunknowledge action plan and let us give you an edge in your collection efforts. Our experts are just a call away from you. Know more about how we can make a genuine difference in your nursing home billing accounts payables.

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