Do You Need An Elder Law Attorney? 


As you age, your concerns about the approaching future seem more prominent. Elder law specializes in legal matters that affect elderly individuals. It enables you to prepare for your financial future and seek long-term care options. 

An experienced elder law attorney can aid you through several issues when planning for your old age. They ensure that you take the proper steps for a secure future and your family is cared for after you pass away.

Ways an elder law attorney can help you. 

  • Estate planning. 

Estate planning is the process in which a person plans the management and distribution of their estate in anticipation of death. It also manages the guardianship of minor children and the payment of debts and taxes. Your family may suffer financial and legal hardships in the future if your estate plan is improper. A lawyer is aware of all the necessities of an effective estate plan and ensures your family’s future security and welfare. 

  • Long Term Care Planning. 

A long-term care plan ensures that all your medical and personal care needs are met when you are aged. It is recommended to start planning for long-term care early to access several options that can provide for your situation. Your lawyer helps you determine the most suitable plan based on your personal needs and available funding. Without the right strategy, you may make choices that rapidly deplete your assets and leave the future of your heirs uncertain. 

  • Medicaid planning. 

Medicaid is a welfare program funded by the federal and state government that allows people with insufficient income and resources to seek medical care by providing coverage for their costs. The eligibility criteria and procedure involved are complex, and it can be confusing for people without relevant legal knowledge. A lawyer helps determine your eligibility and obtain the benefits for which you qualify. 

  • Life settlement. 

A third party can purchase an existing life insurance policy for a one-time cash payment. The buyer becomes the policy’s beneficiary and receives the death benefit in the event of the insured individual’s demise. It can help seniors that lack retirement funds to fund their costs. A lawyer can assess your situation and find out whether it is the best option for you, among other alternatives. 

The presence of an elder law attorney can significantly ease your distress regarding the future. Their advice and guidance ensure a smooth proceeding of legal procedures.

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