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Does Jewelry Make a Good Children’s Day Present?

Does Jewelry Make a Good Children’s Day Present?


Children are precious, and so is jewelry, so why not gift a cute, unique jewelry item to your child to celebrate Children’s Day? Of course, you can give them toys, action figures, or video games, but then you can give them any time of the year. You don’t need a special day to buy action figures. Instead, make Children’s Day more personal by giving them adorable and sparkly jewelry items that will truly show your love and affection. Even if they don’t fully comprehend the significance of receiving such a valuable present, they will value it more as they grow older.


So, to answer your question, yes! jewelry does make a good Children’s Day present. In fact, this gifting of jewelry on Children’s Day is now becoming a trend. Though toys are still popular (particularly among the youngest children), parents are increasingly looking for more sophisticated gifts. And what is more sophisticated than a charming piece of jewelry? If you still have doubts, let us convince you a bit more.


Reasons Why Jewelry Makes a Good Gift for Children’s Day


  • Jewelry Is Both Beautiful and Timeless

Jewelry is beautiful and has a reputation for lasting a long time. There are very few things that remain excellent and valued for an extended period of time. Most things, or in this case gifts options available to you, like a pair of trendy shoes or some latest fashionable clothes, etc will be worn out in some time. Even if they aren’t as worn out, they will go out of style quickly, and kids will move on to the next fashionable item. The same goes for electronic products if that’s what you are planning to give. 

Things like iPads or cell phones are necessary items nowadays, that you need to buy for your kids just like you buy books or stationeries. The novelty of giving them as gifts are not there anymore. On top of that, they will also become obsolete and you will have to replace them with something superior. Jewelry, on the other hand, can be worn for many years without becoming out of style. Even if the piece in question falls out of the trend train, it can always be brought up to date by replacing the setting or adding stones to it.


  • The Unmatched Versatility of Jewelry

Almost every piece of jewelry can be worn in a variety of ways. They can be worn with a range of outfits and can be easily matched with other jewelry. And it’s appropriate for both special occasions and everyday use. Their versatility is especially advantageous to children, as they do not have a set of favorite styles like adults do. And they enjoy experimenting with their wardrobe. If the child loves to dress casually in jeans and a t-shirt, a silver pill bracelet will complement that outfit. If the same youngster decides that casual jeans are no longer her style. And now prefers skirts or dresses instead, the very silver pill bracelet will go with those as well. There is no age restriction when it comes to jewelry, which further proves its amazing versatile quality. It can be given to anyone, from babies, toddlers, teens, and adults.

  • Jewelry Makes Good Remembrance Pieces

This point is directly related to its ability to last a long time. They’re good mementos or remembrance items because they’ll stay on forever. When the child is older and has a life of her own, she will be able to recall the magical day when she received that lovely petite choker necklace or drop diamond ring. It will bring back memories of her feelings and happenings from the day. As well as make her appreciate the people in her life. An iPad will never be able to do this; only a lovely piece of jewelry will be able to evoke such deep emotions, even after such a long time has passed.


  • Kids Actually Love Receiving Jewelry

Anyone who is under 18 can celebrate Children’s Day. It doesn’t only apply to toddlers and very young kids if that is what you are thinking. So there is no doubt the teenager will love to receive a gold cursive name necklace or a drop diamond ring but guess what? Kids who are more on the younger side also love receiving jewelry as a gift. When a little girl gets jewelry for a gift, it immediately makes her feel special and important. She will probably want to put it on right away and show it off to her friends and family members. And just to remind you kids love sparkly things, so it only makes sense that they would love dazzling jewelry items.


Hopefully, all of this has persuaded you. And you are now considering purchasing a brilliant piece of jewelry for Children’s Day. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a gorgeously embellished item. Especially if the gift is for a much younger child.


  1. Keep Safety in Mind

This is not really a concern when gifting to older children. But if the recipient is on the younger side, then you will have to make safety a priority. Get screw-back earrings or lobster, hook clasp for bracelets, and necklaces. Also, make a note if the child is allergic to any specific metal. 


  1. Don’t Buy Cheap Jewelry

No matter the age, children are still children, and they are likely to not take care of the jewelry. So, if you buy cheap jewelry, they will be more susceptible to breaking and falling apart. Invest in high-end items that will last longer than the low-cost kind. Since it won’t break apart immediately, it will also provide time to teach your child the importance of looking after valuable items. You may believe it’s a good idea to start with inexpensive products. That way, it won’t matter much if they get damaged. Right? Wrong! If the child breaks the item and you appear unconcerned, they will stay oblivious to the value of money. It will prevent them from taking the necessary precautions to keep their jewelry secure in the future.


  1. Don’t Look for Classic Pieces

Be it, teenagers, youngsters, or kids, none of them tend to prefer classic design and style. Most prefer something quirky and distinct, preferably colorful. So, don’t waste your time looking for classic designs. They make good heirloom pieces to pass down later in life, but they don’t really make good Children’s Day gifts. Go for a rose gold spiral ring with multiple gems. Any kid will love the colorful stones and the unique design.


  1. Look for Small but Personalized Items

Kids are usually very energetic. Always running off to somewhere and doing something or the other thing. So if the jewelry piece is small in size, it will not prevent them from having fun and being active. Maybe get an enchanting petite choker necklace. It’s both small and stylish with the right amount of sparkle. Small items are great, but it would be even better if they are personalized. Engraved pieces or initial necklaces like a gold cursive name necklace, will be significant as well as beautiful. Essentially, what we are saying is, custom fine jewelry is an excellent present for Children’s Day.



All of these can be a lot to think about before buying just a small piece of jewelry. However, it is important to consider all of the above. Gifting a kid a valuable piece of jewelry requires more attention and consideration than gifting an adult. Whether you select a petite choker necklace, a gold cursive name necklace, or a silver pill bracelet, make sure that they are custom fine jewelry. And not the cheap breakable type.

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