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Easy Ways to Clean your Diamond Engagement Ring

It’s very easy to buy beautiful jewelry for yourself, but it isn’t easy to maintain it in the long run. Everyone can buy jewelry, but only a few are successful in retaining its shine for long. An engagement ring is one thing that people wear daily and can pile up a lot of dirt daily. And wearing a dirty ring can damage your skin and is harmful to your health. For the majority of people, their engagement ring is not only a piece of metal. It is much above that. Engagement rings always hold high sentimental value for everyone, and consequently, everyone tries their best to retain their shine. Despite this, you need to clean your engagement ring after some time, and every time, you cannot seek professional help for the same as it will amount to unnecessary expenses. As a result, try bringing that lost shine back by cleaning it at home by yourself. 

Here are some of the ways which will help you to clean your diamond engagement ring at home.

Ways to Clean your diamond engagement ring 

Many people ponder- how to clean diamond ring? There are numerous remedies to clean your diamond engagement ring at home. You can try fixing your engagement ring by following these simple methods: 

Soap and water mixture-

No matter your ring setting or metal type, the best way to clean your diamond ring is using soap and water. Get a small bowl, fill it with water and soap. Depending on the dirt deposited on the ring, soak it for around 30 minutes in the solution. On the other side, if you want to remove some residue like makeup or perfume from your ring, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Be careful while using chlorine on your ring as it can damage your ring. 

Chemical-free solution- 

When purchasing a jewelry cleaner or polisher, it’s essential to do your research. Your diamond ring can lose its color or its durability if there are any chemicals in it. A highly rated jewelry cleaner that can ensure a perfect polish of your ring is sparkle bright. It can restore rings made of any metal.

Windex solution- 

Windex and hydrogen peroxide solution also work best on your diamond ring. In a bowl, take some Windex solution and hydrogen peroxide solution. Consequently, soak your ring in it. All your dirt and bacteria will be wiped out by way of this. After this, you need to remove the dirt with a toothbrush’s help and wipe it with a soft cloth later on. 

Use vinegar- 

Take half a cup of vinegar in a bowl and put some baking soda. Immerse your diamond ring in it for about two to three hours. Consequently, dry it with a towel. Vinegar is a magic ingredient for your diamond ring as it takes away all the dirt. 

Tips for caring for your diamond ring

diamond engagement ring

You can clean your diamond ring anytime by following the ways mentioned above, but you must take care of it so that it does not get damaged or ruined. Here are some of the tips to take care of your diamond ring. 

Refrain from lotions and creams- 

Whenever you are getting ready for some party or occasion, make sure to wear your jewelry at last. Firstly, you wind up with your makeup and everything you apply on your body as it can ruin your diamond ring’s shine. It can also get discolored. 

Handle with care- 

The diamond ring is costly, and consequently, you need to handle it with care, especially if it is your engagement ring. Always remember that your ring is a fragile object, and don’t push it into something hard as it can break your ring. Consequently, if you are in some labor activity, then make sure to remove your ring and keep it in some safe place. 

Ensure maintenance- 

You must be having the warranty of your ring if your ring is new. Keep in mind the warranty period and try to get it maintained or polished during that period. It will serve you two advantages. One is that you will no longer need to pay extra for it because it is included in the warranty period, and secondly, your ring will look as new as it was at the time of purchasing. 

Care while doing household chores-


People usually turn ignorant after some time concerning their engagement ring. They fail to realize that doing household chores while wearing your ring can cause damage to their diamond ring. Consequently, one should remove the diamond ring while doing such work if one wants to retain its shine. 


Now people must have got the answer to their question- how to clean a diamond ring. You can save your expenses by cleaning your diamond ring at home by following the ways mentioned above to do so. 


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