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Eccentric Training Benefits You for Strength and Flexibility

Experiments with exercising techniques are not new. In fact, each of the workout plans and exercising modules has its plus and minus points Eccentric Training.

There are pieces of training aimed at a particular body part or a specific muscle area.

Some exercises are for fat burning and weight loss. Some workout plans are cardiovascular and others make your bone and joints strong. Other workout plans like Aerobics are for a full body.

Likewise, Eccentric Training aims at enhancing the endurance of long muscles of the legs, arms, and back. It is a modification of some of the usual endurance exercises. The only experimentation is with the pace.

Here in this article, we will be dealing with all the characteristics of Eccentric Training Exercises and also see what are some best specimens of this mode of workout. Keep reading.


What Are Eccentric Training Exercises?

Eccentric Training is a modified form of muscle endurance workout plan. It differs from regular endurance training only in terms of speed. Yes! You heard it right.

As a matter of fact, muscle power increases by their types of actions, namely, concentric, eccentric, and isometric. When you do weightlifting or squats, you endure pressure with the help of these three consecutive actions.

Let me explain!

When you are sitting down during weight squats, your muscles stretch and increase their length. This is eccentric action. Meanwhile, when you hold a position during a workout, your muscles perform an isomeric function to hold the pressure.

Again, when you come back to the previous posture, muscles contract back. This final action is the concentric one.

What happens during Eccentric Training?

The duration between eccentric and isomeric actions of your muscles is delayed. As a result, you hold a specific exercising pose for a longer period which puts more pressure on your stretched muscles. This technique tries the power of your muscles better and makes them stronger than a normal endurance exercise does.

To clarify, we will proceed to count the eccentric training benefits one by one. Let’s go!


What Important Benefits Do Eccentric Exercises Give?

Fitness experts have wondered about the quick benefits of Eccentric Training.

The mechanism of the longevity of time and slow speed gives good gains to your muscles. Let’s find out the best of them here:-

1: Flexibility at Par

Your muscles stay in a lengthening position for a long time. In fact, the slow speed of exercise enables your muscles to stretch for a longer duration. This increases the flexibility of your muscle tissues. Therefore, eccentric exercise for flexibility is a smart option.

2: A Saviour from Injuries

If you follow workout steps at a high pace, the chances of injury increase. Rapid stretching and contraction can tear your muscles. But, when the process is slow, muscles adapt to the pressure in a better way. This lowers the risk of injury and breakage.

3: You Become a Better Performer

If your muscles train better, you gain more of them faster. Studies and researches show that when Eccentric Training enhances the endurance of your muscles, you perform better in workout sessions. As a result, you gain muscles fast.

4: The Best Choice for Athletes

Eccentric Training Exercises are the best choice for athletes to upgrade their performance as well. Any sportsperson needs greater endurance, strength, and flexibility for achieving their goals. This innovative exercise mode provides them with all.

5: Smooth Metabolism

One extra bonus of this eccentric training program mode is that your metabolism becomes smoother than ever before. To our surprise, Eccentric Training can increase the rate of calorie burning during rest hours and can aid substantially in weight loss.

Therefore, eccentric training benefits are manifold and provide you with optimal health as well. However, it will be a wise move to look for the downsides as well.


Are There Any Potential Cons?

In fact, fitness enthusiasts must be familiar with DOMS. Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness is one of the potential Cons of doing Eccentric Exercises Training. But, studies show that almost all beginners face this problem even with the lightest mode of workout.

In addition, experts have to say that if you suffer from DOMS, it doesn’t mean you should stop doing exercise. Training yourself more and more can make your body accustomed to the pain and soreness.

And, as time goes by, the frequency of DOMS decreases while your endurance increases. Also, exercising further gives you relief from pain. Therefore, this is not a downside for real.

Now, we head on to find out some of the best workouts that involve this explicit training. Let’s explore some of the best eccentric exercises.


What Are Some Best Eccentric Exercises?

As we already know Eccentric exercises are for muscle endurance. This mode of training targets tendons, hamstrings, ankles, and loins primarily.

However, you can benefit your arm and back muscles as well by doing some modifications in the regular endurance training.

For now, we will concentrate on some eccentric exercises for the legs. Buckle up for the session!

1: Eccentric Adductor Lateral Lunge

This is an eccentric derivative of classic Lunges. It impacts your tendons and groins. Let’s do it.

  • Stand straight with your feet at a minimal distance.
  • Use a towel or piece of paper under one foot for smooth gliding.
  • Bend one of your knees and extend towards your side as much as you can.
  • Take them back to the previous position.

This exercise gives you all the advantages of the usual Lunges in a better way. It not only makes your tendon muscles strong but also aids thigh fat reduction.

2: 2 Up 1 Down Eccentric Deficit Heel Raise

This workout is one of the best eccentric exercises for flexibility.  It targets the Achilles’ tendon and ankles. Time to perform!

  • Use a staircase.
  • Hold the railings and stand on the lowest stair.
  • Being your weight on your forefoot.
  • Ease one of the feet bringing it down the stair and in the air.
  • Bring the ankle of your foot on the stair and let the other foot join it again.

This training cures the stiffness of the ankles and Achilles tendons. Also, it increases ankle mobility.

3: Eccentric Forward Lunge

Another modified version of Lunges. It puts pressure on the quadriceps. Go for it!

  • Stand still with feet at a minimal distance.
  • Step forward and bend your knees at 90°.
  • Try to touch the ground with another knee.
  • Put most of the pressure on your front leg.
  • Repeat it with another leg.

This eccentric training is effective for the strength of your quadriceps. It can burn fat from inner thighs to tone it up as well.

4: Hamstring Walkout

The hamstring is a crucial part of your thigh. This exercise impacts this part the most. Let’s see how!

  • Bring your body to the glute bridge position.
  • Take little steps on your heels to walk out.
  • Then take the little steps on heels to walk back to the bridge posture.
  • You can rest your arms on your upper torso.

This workout benefits your hamstring muscles and heels. It also gives strength to your back.

So, we experienced some amazing Eccentric Training Exercises here to benefit our leg muscles throughout.

Now, the next important question is, how can we add Eccentric Training methods to our exercise routine? We try to find the answer in the section below.


How to Incorporate Eccentric Training into Your Workout Routine?

When we experiment with our bodies, there are chances of some drawbacks. That doesn’t mean you should not try something new. And that too, when it is more beneficial. Fitness experts recommend some easy tips to keep in mind while opting for Eccentric Training Exercises. Let’s find out what they have to tell you.

  • Don’t make haste: Your body is adapting to something alien. Keep patience. Go slow.
  • Basics first: Start with the simplest forms. Once you can endure them, go for the complex ones.
  • No heavyweight: Always remember to perform eccentric training with lightweight. It will lower the injury rate.
  • Be within limits: You must not try your limits in the very beginning. Start with minimal incorporation.
  • Recovery matters: Don’t exhaust your body all at once. Take as much time as you need for rest and healing.

As a matter of fact, adding up eccentric training to your workout routine is no rocket science. You just need to be a little conscious of some subtleties.


The Final Word

To wrap up this discussion, we can say that we explored about an amazing method of workout which is called Eccentric Training Exercises. We found out that this new mode works on the mechanism of concentric, eccentric, and isomeric properties of our body muscles.

To clarify, the extension of time while our muscles acquire the maximum expansion is called eccentric training. We got to know how this training gifts us so many benefits for our overall health. It not only provides strength to our muscles and bones but also improves metabolism.

To add more, it can lead to weight loss as well. There are no serious side effects on our health from doing these kinds of training exercises. Therefore, we also took a sneak peek into some best eccentric exercises.

In short, Eccentric training can be added to your workout routine by following some caution tips by your health experts. So don’t wait! Get-set-go!

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