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Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Boxing Equipment

Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Boxing Equipment

Top of the most immeasurable boxing gloves according to 4MMA. We have chosen the most impressive designs in each price section. We will analyze resources, mechanisms, rewards, and elite boxing gloves.

In general, several leaders are often personal. Particularly when it comes to Boxing Equipment. The purpose is in the anatomy: some have a slightly thicker wrist, some have longer or shorter fingers. Because of this, the same model, which will fit absolutely on one person, will not be attractive to another from the word “definitely.”

This should always be borne in mind when matching one glove to another. But, among the total mass, the most prosperous models can be identified, which we will tell you about.

Without publicity and marketing, these will be precisely the gloves that we would have taken for ourselves, people who have been professionally marketing martial arts facilities for the past few years.

Boxing Equipment


Choosing gloves for training can be more difficult for a beginner than for an experienced one. Here’s the point. When you want to try percussion sports, but you still don’t know if you will get involved or not, you usually don’t want to buy expensive gloves. And this is a real problem because, in most budget models, boxing is not safe.

The solution was found empirically – the products of the Clinch brand. Of course, this is a less exciting brand, and you may not even have heard of it. But their Boxing Equipment cost very humane money (from 1490 rubles for February 2020) and fulfill two main conditions:

  • Usual clenching of a fist with a glove. This is, in fact, the first prevention of all hand injuries, which most often occur when you are hit with a loose fist.
  • Sufficient volume and quality of the tread. We are talking about the same foam that is hidden inside the gloves – at Clinch, it works out its protective function quite well and does not “crumple” in the third workout.
  • Clinch has different models, including natural leather, but we would recommend Aero (the most budgetary), Punch, or Prime (slightly more advanced options) for a beginner.

Of course, you should not expect that such gloves will last you 2-3 years of regular training. But, firstly, they will help not to get injured in the first months. And secondly – as a rule, at the end of the first year you will want to buy something more serious.


Want an honest opinion from the author of this article? I would not buy Boxing Equipment in the middle price segment at all. They are only 3-5-6 thousand cheaper than “premium,” but they are inferior by order of magnitude in terms of quality.

But if this amount is critical for you, then we can still advise you on a couple of outstanding options in the range of 4-8 thousand rubles (recall, these are prices for February 2020).


The first is, of course, RDX . Without a doubt, one of the best firms in this segment. The brand itself is originally from England, but most of its products are produced in Pakistan (which is not bad – many very decent things are done in this country).

The brand has very decent models with a price that is only slightly beyond the “budget,” but the most popular RDX gloves – BGL T1 Gel Pro, are an actual sales hit. There is a very dense and soft protector, an additional gel liner for protection, and excellent Nappa leather – probably for the level of materials these Boxing Equipment are loved. If we talk about landing, then it is “for everybody” – in our opinion, there is a lot of free space inside. But this can also be an advantage, for example, for those with large hands or those who like to “wrap up” more tightly with a long bandage.


The second brand that we can recommend in this segment is Twins Specials. “Twins” are an absolute classic, tested by more than one generation. Unfortunately, this classic is rapidly becoming more expensive and strives to move to the “premium,” a quality and reliable average.

What else do you need to know about Twins? Like other Thai brands, these gloves fit very tightly, and for the first 2-3 workouts, they are generally quite “oak,” so we recommend clients to work well on the bag during this period to form an optimal fit.


Canadian guys Revgear has excellent reviews from those who train 3-4 times a week. We’ve also heard the negative about them, but no more than about other brands. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to test it on our own, but it feels pretty nice to sit.

By the way, the price of Revgear Boxing Equipment is in good form ahead of the competition, especially the leather flagship model of the S3 Sentinel Pro brand. So, in general, in our opinion, there will be no considerable risk that you will prefer them to RDX.


According to the author of this article, these are precisely the gloves you should take because saving your health and comfort is not an idea.

Of course, many people will object to me, who believe that these things are not worth the money. But what should cost how much is always a very controversial point, we have already written about this, and now we propose not to delve into the jungle but to go to the end.


Let’s start with Hayabusa . This Canadian brand has been at the top for many years and has positioned. Its items as premium from the very beginning. So what can be said about them? Yes, the products in general and the Boxing Equipment, in particular, are fantastic.

The most popular brand at the moment is the T3 model. In our opinion, they have three main features – that very comfortable fit, the proprietary double-arm fixation (many firms copied this, but Hayabusa still holds the best), and the unbeatable strength of the materials. So nothing happens to them, even if you work very intensely.

It will surprise many that Hayabusa does not make all models. Of gloves (except for the top model Kanpeki ) from genuine leather. But, contrary to popular myth, today, high-quality artificial leather can be many times stronger and more durable. And no killing animals for your hobby.

Of course, the brand also has its drawbacks. For example, many may be put off by their Japanese-style design, which is not very much associated with Boxing Equipment aesthetics. In general, in practice, Hayabusa boxers are not very fond of. Someone may not like the landing, this has happened more than once, and this is normal – this is precisely what we wrote about at the beginning of the article.


The domestic brand Ultimatum Boxing deserves special mention. Yes, these guys have proved that they know how to make professional boxing equipment. In Russia (although its production is still located in Pakistan).

At the beginning of Ultimatum, everything necessary in Sports Equipment & amp was sorted out on the shelves – how the hand should sit, what protective foam should be, how much it should be, how thick the skin should be chosen, and so on. And they did accurate tests on practicing boxers.

The result is that Boxing Equipment is suitable from all sides (we are not talking about advertising. Rights) and costs, although not cheap, but much more affordable than most tops. A distinct advantage, in our opinion, is the presence of a particular sparring model with a thickened protector. In such a crew, sparring should be held if you are not indifferent to your health. And the health of your partner.


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