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Effective Ways To Reduce Home Maintenance Cost ?

This is a common question that many homeowners are asking today.
Reducing home maintenance costs can be achieved by performing some regular tasks around the house. so come let’s see some Home Maintenance Checklist reduce cost

Experts reveal that most homeowners are spending more on home maintenance than they actually should because of negligence or lack of knowledge. You must have observed that you have to change your car’s engine oil every now and then, even if it has low mileage, but you don’t maintain it in the same manner as your car.

Maintenance of your house also needs to be taken care of the same way as you take good care of any other object which belongs to you!

And needless to say, our Homes are ultimately our utmost priority as it is the place where we raise our family!

House Maintenance checklists aren’t limited to one or two things but a broad category. The maintenance covers the Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, roofing, electricity, gardening, garbage, flooring, etc.

So, here are some simple & easy tips & checklists that will help you reduce your maintenance cost.

House Maintenance Tips & Checklists

Lawn Maintenance – The most overlooked part of home maintenance is lawn care, but it’s the dearest one to any homeowner.

A few minutes of daily work can make your lawn look good and healthy with fewer hassles of spending on hiring someone else all summer long!

Keep your mower blades sharp. Duller blades tear up the grass rather than cut them cleanly, leaving them more susceptible to disease or brown spots. Sharp blades give crisper cuts, which heal faster when they’re damaged by cutting wet turf.

Electrical Maintenance
To reduce your home maintenance cost, you should get rid of all the faulty appliances in your house. Repairing or replacing major appliances can be very expensive, so it’s better to replace them with new ones.

Plumbing Maintenance
Keep your sewer lines clear by having them jet-washed at least twice a year, preferably once in spring and again before the onset of winter when there are no leaves obstructing their opening. This will help maintain a proper drainage system in the house.

House Painting
Paint is not only meant for enhancing the aesthetical value of your home but also for durability purposes! The life of exterior paint depends upon the number of coats & type of surface that you’re painting on! If you want to save money, you should give an extra coat to the exterior paint.

Make sure your house’s flooring is in good condition because it gets damaged easily! So, you should maintain your house so that all these things don’t take a toll on your maintenance budget!

Carpet Cleaning
Carpets need to be periodically cleaned for optimum performance and durability.

Tile & Grout Cleaning
Tile, grouts and concrete floors are very easy to maintain when you keep them clean regularly!

Concrete Sealing
Concrete is definitely one of the most durable materials available today because it doesn’t rot or rust.

The only major problem that can occur is that it gets dirty easily due to its porous nature if not sealed properly! That’s why you should seal your floor at least 2 times a year by applying an impregnating sealer that will fill in any cracks, especially on garage floors where oil drips from cars!

Garden Cleaning
If you have a quiet garden or an open space in your compound, you must keep it clean at all times. Cleaning your garden also requires you to maintain the trees well. First, you should cut any dead branches & then clean up all the fallen leaves in autumn for preventing any debris pile-up! This will help prevent diseases that can affect your garden plants!

Garbage Maintainance
It’s very important to remove the bad smell from the garbage cans so that pests do not enter your house! Make sure they are close to the kitchen because most of the garbage is produced there. You can also use activated charcoal, which helps eliminate the smell & absorbs moisture.

Roofing Maintenance
Just like any other part of your house, the roof too needs regular cleaning and a good wash once a year! Cleaning off dirt and moss from roofs is essential because if they stay for longer, they will corrode the shingles.

Roof Repair
All types of roofs need repairs from time to time. The best time to seek help with home maintenance is when nothing seems wrong with your roof! You’d be really surprised how much damage can occur in just a few days without you even realizing it, e.g., Missing tiles that let rainwater seep into the attic, thus creating leakage problems, etc.

Rain Water Harvesting

It is the process of collecting, filtering, and storing rainwater to be used for various purposes like washing clothes, flushing toilets etc. This should be done in every house. The collected rainwater can also act as an emergency supply of water if there are droughts or scarcity of water.

House maintenance costs can further be reduced by having plants around, which will help purify the air. Another good idea is to have double pane windows and insulation on the walls of your house. By doing this, you can save money not just on house maintenance but also by reducing electricity bills!

This will also reduce your doctor bills and will help you breathe in fresher air! Indoor Air Quality should be monitored by every household. You should also keep recycling paper, plastics, glass, etc.. so that they don’t add up to the garbage pile.

Check out here for Simple hacks for setting up a Rainwater harvesting system

Parking Area Maintenance
If you have a parking area in your house, you need to have it regularly cleaned as well! You can use a driveway cleaner for this purpose. This will remove all the oil stains from it.

Ceiling Maintenance
Ceilings need to be wiped and dusted regularly to keep the house clean & prevent damage. If it’s a suspended ceiling, then check for water leakage, and if the tiles are broken & loose, then you should replace them immediately.

Staircase Maintenance
You should clean the staircase at least once a week to keep it safe for kids or elderly people. You can use a mild vinegar & water solution with some lemon juice added to it to remove dirt. Warm water is also very good for cleaning tiles because it loosens dirt.

Blinds Cleaning
You must have seen many lifts in buildings that have horizontal blinds installed on them! They need regular cleaning as well so that they last longer. It’s best if you take them down, wash off all dust & grime and then reinstall them again after they dry up! Hiring professional help will, of course, cost more but still not bad when compared with replacing them.

How To Reduce Your Household Expenses – House Maintenance

The best way to save money on home maintenance costs is by doing some simple routine tasks around the house. All these steps will make your life easier and keep your house in good condition! However, keep an eye on these also

Just think about the expense of hiring someone to do it for you if not done correctly.

So, don’t ignore it! Do it yourself instead!

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