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Election of the next WTO Secretary General South Korea called for Japan support

Election of the next WTO Secretary General South Korea called for Japan support

The World Trade Organization (WTO) Secretary-General Robert Azebedo has announced his resignation, and eight members from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Egypt, Moldova, Nigeria, Kenya and South Korea have run for the next Secretary-General’s election. South Korea’s trade negotiations director Yoo Myung-hee called for support at a press conference following his statement at the WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It is customary to unanimously elect the WTO Executive Director, and if Japan rejects it, there is almost no chance of being elected. Japan plans to support candidates from Africa.

Who is the right person to reform the WTO? Japan is a country that sees its capabilities and qualities.” The WTO continues to be dysfunctional. The Appellate Body, which is equivalent to the Supreme Court, has a maximum of seven people, and each case is examined by one set of three people. Due to the fact that the United States has rejected the appointment of a successor to a senior committee member.

WTO Ministerial Meeting was scheduled for June 2020, but was postponed to 21 years due to the effects of the new coronavirus. Due to the timing of preparations for the ministerial meeting and the election of the Secretary-General, which will be appointed in August 2009, Secretary-General Azebedo announced that he would resign one year later and entered the procedure for electing the Secretary-General. WTO Executive Secretary will unanimously select by repeatedly narrowing down the method of dropping the candidate with the lowest support in the Member State talks.

It is unlikely that a candidate opposed by either country will be selected. South Korea’s candidate said in an interview that Who is the right candidate to reform the WTO among the Secretary-General candidates is Japan, a country that sees capabilities and qualities, and China understands the importance of multilateral trade. Appealed for support from two countries, China and Japan. With Yu Myung-hee, head of the Trade Negotiations Headquarters. Korea has made two candidates for the WTO Secretary General’s election in the past two times, but this is the third challenge.

Korean government thought that the Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Who will reach the term of office in June 2021, is expected to run the minister of foreign affairs Kang Jing-wa, but since Secretary-General Kang himself declined, Mr. Yuu I decided to run for the election of the WTO Executive Director. After graduating from Seoul National University, Mr. Yu Myung, chief of trade negotiations, headed the investment division of the foreign affairs department and the trade negotiations headquarters, the first secretary of the Embassy of South Korea in China, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Counselor, and the head of the trade negotiations office. He has been a bureaucrat for 25 years with a career in trade, Who was promoted to his current position in February 2019.

Meanwhile, the trilateral free trade agreement between Japan, China and Korea He was the representative of South Korea for the Working-level Conference for the conclusion of the (FTA) and the East Asian Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which is attended by 16 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Yu has faced Japan frequently after assuming his current position. In April 2019, the WTO Senior Committee decided to lose Japan in a dispute in which Japan filed a Korean embargo on seafood in eight prefectures including Fukushima. When Japan refused to accept the decision, Mr. Yuu made a blame on Japan at the Council of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ministerial council.

In July of the same year, when the Japanese government strengthened its export control to South Korea and solicited public comments regarding the exclusion of South Korea from the White country, it also moved to the United States for arbitration by the US government and the US Congress, and took measures in Japan. Criticized. When the South Korean government sued the WTO on September 11 to strengthen Japan’s export control, Mr. Yu said that South Korea had faced 100 battles in the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute with Japan, and that Japan would face it thoroughly. Showed a bullish attitude.

On the other hand, at the meeting of the Seoul Japan Club (SJC), which attended in December 2019, immediately after the South Korean government announced the extension of GSOMIA and the withdrawal of WTO complaints, they are calling on Japanese companies in Korea to expand their investment in South Korea. Japan, the United States, and China did not give candidates, and the EU’s next WTO Secretary General, Who had forgotten to set up a candidate for unification, expects the WTO’s dysfunctional reforms and the elimination of protectionistism spread by the corona pandemic. At the same time, attention is being paid to the selection of the WTO’s first female executive director and the first African-born person.

Nugoji Okonjoywarera of Nigeria is chairing the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Vaccinations, the GAVI Alliance. Okonjoy Weara is an African woman Who led economic reform as Nigerian finance minister after serving as managing director of the World Bank, and Amina Mohamed of KenyaThe former chairman of the WTO Ministerial Conference is also a woman from Africa. Now, the economic conflict between the United States and China, Japan and South Korea is great, and the conflict between the United States and the EU is being discussed. Japan, the United States, and China have not given any candidates, and the EU has forgotten the advocacy of a unified candidate. The current secretary-general of Azebedo is from Brazil , and next time there is a voice from a developed country.

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European Commissioner Hogan, Who was from Ireland and was responsible for the trade policy of the European Union (EU), was considered strong, but gave up running. .. This is because it is difficult to win the election because the country facing the economic conflict is likely to face the opposite country. The Japanese government has solidified its policy of pushing either Nigeria or Kenya. But Kenya’s candidate is likely to be backed by China, which has invested heavily in the country, with possible opposition by the United States. Japan is the opposite of the Korean candidate. South Korea has once again filed a suit with the WTO against Japan, which has strengthened export control, and candidate Yu is in a position to take the lead. The campaign period will be two months, after which a new secretary-general will be born.

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