_Elizabeth Jasso Died

Elizabeth Jasso Died:

Elizabeth Jasso Died: According to police in Baytown Texas, Lizabeth Jso, who was reported as missing by her family on Aug. 5, has been found. ABC 13 reported that Jasso, who was reported missing on August 5, was located and found safe. Jasso’s relatives and police have confirmed that Jasso (31), is not pregnant. Jasso also claimed she was expecting twins.

ABC13 received confirmation from Baytown Police Department officials that Jasso met with detectives on Tuesday at 1 p.m. ABC 13 reported that Jasso is safe and that no foul play or crimes occurred. She was also not pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

_Elizabeth Jasso Died

Baytown Police released a statement saying that they are investigating Jasso’s disappearance in an active missing person case. But, they also believe that she could be experiencing a mental health crisis.  Baytown Police requested anyone with information to call investigators at 281-427-7111.

Jasso’s mother in law, who was 40 weeks pregnant, asked for help to find Jasso. The case quickly spread via social media. ABC 13 interviewed several family members concerned about Jasso and her twins’ well-being. ABC 13 reported that Jasso’s family had revealed that she was not likely to have been pregnant. Because of these twists, the case continues to attract attention online. More than 22,000 people are members of a Facebook group dedicated to Jasso’s disappearance.

 Jasso disappeared on the Day That She Said She was Going to Induced

Jasso also goes by Liz Jasso. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Cano. She posted on Facebook on August 4: “Y’all pray that this girl… Tomorrow is the induction to bring our boys into this world.” Jasso had already told her family that she was to be induced at 10:00 a.m.

On August 5, her last day of being seen, she posted a photograph of her husband’s tomb and wrote: “My heart is full with so much joy and sadness.” Your big, beautiful smile as your body rises in heaven…but I’m here and your spirit is flying all around me. Cash & Royalty are going to remember how wonderful you were …. I will forever love you pendejo.”

According to ABC 13 News Blanca Gonzales, Jasso’s mother in law filed a missing person complaint after Jasso disappeared prior to her hospital appointment. Rubio stated that she last spoke to Rubio on August 4th. “I spoke with her Wednesday night, saying, “Little mija. I can’t wait till tomorrow.” It’s best to not have babies with them until I get back. ‘”

Her father said that they were worried in the initial report about Jasso missing. Very concerned about her safety and the safety of her children. Her mother stated to ABC 13, “Let’s all know that you’re okay.” Your safety and well-being are our top priorities.

Jasso’s friend Gigi Dominquez told ABC 13 “She’s always smiling. Always laughing.” It’s hard to believe that it is possible, but we aren’t imagining anything.

 Jasso’s Husband, who was shot and killed at Baytown 6 months before she disappeared, was last seen at Jasso’s Gravesite.

ABC 13 reports that Jasso was last spotted by workers at the cemetery, where her husband is buried, on the morning of August 5. At 8:30 AM on that day, she uploaded a photo to Facebook of her husband’s burial site. According to a Baytown Sun report from that time, Jasso’s husband, Milko Jasso died in Baytown on February 17, 2020. Milko Jasso had just turned 29.

According to the Sun, Eric Freed from Baytown Police Assistant Police Chief stated that the shooting occurred at approximately 4:40 am at a Baytown residence on Park Street. “Police responded in kind to a shooting report at the Baytown home, Freed stated, and found the man dead with at minimum one gunshot,” wrote the Sun.

Jasso began a physical fight with a woman aged 20 and her boyfriend 36 years old inside their home. According to his obituary Jasso had two children from a previous relationship, a son or a daughter.

ABC 13 reported Jasso’s relatives and friends were gathering at her home after Jasso disappeared to support one another.

 Jasso’s Father and sister told her in-laws that Jasso was not pregnant, had purchased fake ultrasounds online and couldn’t ‘Evan have kids’.

Jasso’s cousin-in law told ABC 13 that Jasso disappeared after they found evidence she faked her baby. They also discovered evidence Jasso bought fake sonogram images online. She explained that her father and sister both said she wasn’t pregnant. They realized that she was trying to fake the pregnancy. She was unable to have children.” Play

 Jasso hosted a Pregnancy Photo Shoot and a Baby Shower.

Jasso’s social media accounts show that she had a babyshower and had a pregnancies photo shoot. This included a photo with her late husband in it. Jasso shared frequent posts on Instagram and Facebook about her pregnancy after the death.

Jasso took an Instagram photo that shows her with her daughter. The caption reads, “Big Sister loves Cash & Royalty” and the photo shows Jasso kissing her stomach with her daughter. Another photo shows her at the gravesite of her husband with the caption, “I love you husband… Thank you for all the precious blessings.” She held a gender reveal party in March 2021 according to her Instagram.

In July 2019, she wrote an Instagram post titled “Happy Anniversary to our first anniversary.” Our first meeting was 2 1/2 years ago.

Since day 1, we have been inseparable, even during our “breakups” LOL. By day 3, we were still staying together in each other’s homes. After six months, we moved into our first home together. I was 1 1/2 years old when you asked me for my hand in marriage.

Today, one year later, we celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It was a wild and fast ride filled with many obstacles. But one thing is certain… it will always be YOU and I at the finish… & we look forward to celebrating FOREVER WITH YOU! Te amo pendejo de mami.”

Jasso revealed to her husband that she was actually pregnant at the time of his death. In an Instagram photo, Jasso shows her husband holding her head up on his stomach.

True friends and family love Elizabeth Jasso, no matter what the circumstance

Isabella Cano Jasso’s older sister wrote on Facebook, August 6, “True friends and family love Elizabeth Jasso, no matter what the circumstance.” No matter if she is pregnant, she’s still missing! We can focus on this instead of picking at her and helping her return home.

Cano stated, “Please don’t hurtful about what you do not understand.” We will still do our best to get her safely home to her loved ones, however difficult the situation may be. Let’s not forget that she is still our daughter, sister and friend. We are still concerned about her safety and don’t have any details. Liz, if you’re reading this, we’re praying for your safety and that you will return to your family soon.

Cano’s post was commented by a friend. She wrote: “Girl it is right people judge and they do. I hope she can get out of this and understand that I am imperfect and no-one is perfect. No one has the right speak on this topic. Only she knows what has happened. It is crazy to see how judgmental there are.”

Another friend wrote that she hoped she was safe and found with family, pregnant or not. Nobody, except her, knows what she went through. Elizabeth, if you have the chance to see it. Keep your head high girl, and you will be fine.

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