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Embellish Your Food Delivery Business By Launching The Ubereats Clone

Hey there! In regard to the present times, people relish ordering food online; it brings them convenience. Other than convenience, food ordering platforms provide frequent offers and coupon codes that are cherries on top of the cake. For a business person like you, the food delivery business will be apt, as it is aiming to produce momentous growth in the forthcoming years. If you are interested to invest in the food delivery business but not sure how it will turn out, then here are some statistics for your reference.

Statistics that add spark to the food delivery business

  • By the year 2025, the revenue from the food delivery market will reach $23.5 billion.
  • The U.S. food delivery market alone is expected to spike up by 79% in the next 5 years.
  • Out of the two types of food delivery platforms, Restaurant-to-Consumer delivery is highly adopted by people. And the market volume of Restaurant-to-Consumer delivery is $4934 million as of the year 2020.

Advancements in food ordering and delivery services over the years

  • Placing orders via phone calls

Until Pizza Hut and Dominos rolled out the delivery service, the only way to place food orders was through phone calls. In this case, there are many possibilities for miscommunication which leads to poor customer service. Also, for restaurants, managing orders and payments was quite an arduous task. Eventually, with the onset of the IoT, the food ordering apps came into play.

  • Online food ordering platforms

For those who were tired of placing orders through phone calls, online ordering was a boon. Through these platforms, users can place orders from different restaurants that are located nearby. Here, individual restaurants will be responsible for delivering orders to the customer’s location. Many restaurants found it difficult to manage their fleet and track the deliveries. Hence, to sort out this problem, the fully-integrated model came into existence.

  • Fully-integrated platform

The fully-integrated model is similar to the usual food ordering platforms with a slight modification. This platform looks after the delivery services through its own fleet of delivery persons. This model is highly beneficial for restaurants that do not own their fleet of delivery people.

How to make up your food ordering system for your business?

Just with this topic, we have reached the crux of this blog. The first and crucial step in taking your business online is to develop an app using which you can look after all order management. Food ordering app like UberEats have been excelling in letting users place orders easily. Whereas the app owner can handle orders, payments, delivery persons from a single dashboard. Isn’t it the perfect platform for your food delivery service? 

Having said about the superiority of the UberEats like app, it is necessary to mention its features and its unique solution.

Uncovering the features of UberEats Clone App

  • Registration

Right from the registration phase, the app must be simple to use. While collecting the user’s credentials, make sure you limit them to a few basic details. For the easiness of users, the food ordering app is integrated with social media sign-up.

  • Category-based listings

Once users get into the homepage of the app, they will start looking for restaurants or food items. Make it simple for them by listing the food items based on categories. 

  • Order tracking

Letting users track their orders will jack-up customer service. With the order tracking feature, users can know the accurate status of their orders.

  • Payments

The payment step is crucial since users may abort placing orders at this step. While analyzing the reason for aborting orders at the payment step, it is found that the platform doesn’t contain different payment options. Therefore it is highly recommended to include as many payment gateways as possible. As of the current trend, users prefer paying through the in-app wallet. The UberEats clone comes with an in-app wallet so that users can make payments easily. 

Two major challenges faced by food delivery apps?

  • Timely delivery
  • Customer service

Timely delivery – On-time delivery has always been a concern for users. But with the food ordering app, you can assure timely delivery. But how? Once a user places the order, they will be assigned to the delivery person. The assigned delivery person will reach out to the restaurant and collects the food order. Therefore, with this algorithm of the app, you can guarantee on-time delivery.

Customer service – People leave services due to poor customer service. With the in-app chat/call feature of the food ordering app, you can assure constant customer service.

If you work on these two challenges, then you can foresee a successful business


These full-fledged insights on the food delivery business will serve as guidance for you. In the upcoming years, the food delivery industry will reach great heights, and there isn’t any shred of doubt. Seize this opportunity by launching the UberEats clone!

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