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Emergency Dentist You Can Trust – 24 Hour Emergency Dental Extraction

If you have ever experienced pain in your mouth that requires the attention of an 24 hour emergency dental extraction. Then you know how frustrating it can be to find one that has the qualifications and equipment to help you. At 8 Hour Emergency Dental Extraction, we pride ourselves on being the best emergency dental extraction service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can schedule an appointment or just call us if you experience any dental emergencies during off-hours and we will be there as soon as possible.


24 Hour Emergency Tooth Extractions Are a Thing

Whether you’re getting in a car accident or simply chipping your tooth on a piece of popcorn, emergencies can happen at any time. When it comes to having someone to call for a 24-hour emergency dental extraction, make sure that you’re making an appointment with a dentist who is available to handle all kinds of issues. A 24-hour emergency dentist should have all tools and technology necessary to remove any tooth. Don’t put off dental work because you think it’s only an emergency if your tooth is dangling; instead, be prepared with your local 24-hour dental expert. Make sure that you have an idea of what your insurance covers as well, as there are many types of plans out there! If you want to avoid paying full price for a new smile, speak with your dentist about how they can help.


24 Hour vs. After Hours

If you’re a full-time, non-24 hour emergency dentist, advertising as an after hours or emergency dentist might be more appealing to customers. After all, no one is calling your office when they have a toothache in the middle of a weekday (or before dawn on a weekend!). But if you do offer 24 hour dental services—either to your own patients or with patients referred by other dentists—then by all means advertise as a 24 hour emergency dentist.

After all, if someone has had an accident and needs urgent dental treatment at 4am, they probably aren’t going to be Googling for a number at 5am! It’s also worth noting that many potential patients are uncomfortable with dental procedures, so it can be useful to remind them that you provide 24 hour emergency dental care; it reassures them that they can trust you. It’s also worth remembering that 24 hour dental care doesn’t just mean 24/7. Lots of people have 9-5 jobs, so 9am – 9pm is plenty clear about what time zone you operate in! So if you work until 6pm during weekdays but still offer 24/7 care through referring dentists and can still handle emergencies out of hours then call yourself a 24 hour emergency dentist!


Don’t Panic, You’re Not Alone!

Dr. Allen is here to help. You’ll be in great hands at his dental office, a 24 hour emergency dental extraction clinic that serves clients all over Vancouver Island. They’re on call all day, every day; you’ll never have to wait! Needing help with an emergency extraction? Call their office today! Dr. Alan Kimball has been practicing for more than 20 years and is highly skilled in the field of emergency dental extractions and will help you get back to your daily routine quickly with little fuss. Whatever your emergency may be – an impacted wisdom tooth, broken crown, or even painful swelling – Dr. can take care of it quickly and make sure that you feel comfortable from start to finish.

Even if you’ve never needed a 24 hour emergency dental extraction before, he’ll explain everything to you clearly so that there are no surprises when they do come into play. With services available during weekdays, evenings and weekends as well as online booking options, they’re always easy to reach. Don’t panic if you find yourself in need of an emergency dentist; instead, call Dr. Kimball’s office immediately and let them handle things for you! They offer some of the best service around so trust them with your next visit. Give them a try today!


The 24-Hour Policy Explained

While dental work isn’t typically urgent, most patients would agree that it’s better to have a tooth extraction done now rather than in a day or two. If you have a toothache, or even just an uncomfortable feeling in your mouth, it’s smart to make an appointment right away with your dentist. This way you can rule out any major issues and take care of them right away instead of putting yourself through unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Finding a dentist you can trust can be tough – but at California Smile Design in Santa Monica, we pride ourselves on offering excellent service while treating our patients like family. Our team is known for our 24-hour emergency services, making sure that there are no waiting periods when you walk through our doors. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that if something goes wrong with your teeth, we will do everything possible to help you.

That’s why we offer same-day appointments, flexible hours and weekend hours as well as 24 hour emergency dental extractions so that you never have to worry about finding a solution to your oral health problems. We know how stressful unexpected oral health issues can be – which is why we do everything possible to ensure that our patients feel comfortable every step of the way. Whether it’s minor cosmetic dentistry or serious procedures such as root canal therapy, crown placement or wisdom teeth removal, our friendly staff will always treat you with kindness and respect. To learn more about what makes us different from other dentists in Los Angeles County, contact us today!


When to Use 24-Hour Dental Services

A tooth can be lost in an instant, with no prior warning and no chance to save it. This is what makes having a 24-hour dentist on call so important. In many cases, people wait until they’re in extreme pain before calling their general dentist; some even end up at urgent care or hospitals for help. But if you’ve ever been to either of these places for a dental issue (or, worse yet, had a tooth knocked out), you know how much time can pass between your arrival and treatment start time. It’s not uncommon for a trip to urgent care to take over two hours just to get into see someone–and by that point your tooth could already be dead!


The Most Common Reasons for an After Hours Visit

Broken or damaged teeth, fractured teeth, tooth abscess, impacted wisdom teeth. These are just a few of many reasons you may require an emergency dentist to treat you after hours. The time is critical and your regular dentist may not be able to help you in a timely manner. There are also times when all but one dentist closes, leaving no other option for relief from tooth pain except for an emergency dentist.


Before the Appointment

If you feel like your tooth is broken or damaged in any way, get to a dentist as soon as possible. Visiting a dentist within 24 hours of a dental emergency will give them enough time to diagnose and treat your issue properly. If you don’t have insurance or dental coverage, check with local clinics to see if they offer sliding scale appointments or reduced-cost dental care options. Many dentists are willing to work with patients on an out-of-pocket basis as well, but keep in mind that these solutions may be more expensive than going through insurance since dentists aren’t reimbursed at 100% for their services through these alternative means.


During Your Visit to the Office

In a medical emergency, Dr. Richard knows that time is of the essence. Our office offers 24-hour emergency dental care, which means that we are ready and able to provide compassionate treatment at any hour. We have years of experience in providing dental care to patients who have undergone oral surgery, have sustained facial trauma or have experienced injury or accident. Many hospitals request that we provide emergency dentistry services on site to their patients who are suffering from life-threatening conditions such as a stroke or heart attack. During such times, you can be confident knowing that our highly trained staff will carefully assess your needs and address your concerns within minutes of your arrival at our office door.

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