Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Engaging in entrepreneurship requires the ability to create an idea which can lead to the creation of a business. Entrepreneurs in Nigeria is the act of undertaking a project and successfully completing it on your own. 

Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

The entrepreneur is a person who acts in complete independence and is responsible for his actions. To engage in entrepreneurship in Nigeria, there are certain qualities you must possess in order to be recognized as knowledgeable. A good entrepreneur should possess:

Creativity: Have innovative ideas in order to stand out and constantly renew yourself.

Will: Be dynamic and ambitious to carry out every project. 

Meticulousness: Be structured to succeed in all business projects.

Humility: Must take time to constantly question yourself, and accept criticism in order to improve.

But choosing to engage in entrepreneurship has its benefits, such as: 

Freedom: There is no need to submit to authority and orders of a superior. An entrepreneur works for himself and for no one else. He is his own boss.

The total absence of routine: An entrepreneur is not obligated to work under the normal 9-5 routine. This is because he has the freedom to decide what time to work and get results. To be considered as a business leader, he has to learn “everything about one thing and something about everything”.

The taste for challenge: An entrepreneur generally has a taste for adventure because engaging in entrepreneurship is more or less a desire to surpass himself and to prove himself capable of the job. 

While entrepreneurship has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages. Here are two common setbacks that entrepreneurs in Nigeria experience:

Instability: Venturing into entrepreneurship means accepting an unstable professional life. Especially at the beginning, there is no certainty of having a salary at the end of the month or any kind of weekly wage.

Pressure: Without a fixed salary, entrepreneurs tend to live with some certain kind of pressures like, “How to settle expenses or how to pay the employees or finance to get more resources into the business, etc.”


Entrepreneurs In Nigeria – Social Media

Creating a social media profile is the first step to take in order to benefit from the site’s services. This step involves choosing the ideal platform on which to present your business.

LinkedIn remain the ideal channel for professional networking. Whilst general social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are useful and essential for brand awareness. 

Publicizing a new business is not an easy task and requires the adoption of a steady and consistent communication plan.

The utilization of social networking sites offers entrepreneurs in Nigeria an additional channel of communication. The use of social media networks makes it possible to achieve some entrepreneurial goals.

The purpose and benefits of creating the social media channel is to:

  • Briefly describe your brand or nature of your business.
  • Include a link leading to your website.
  • Attract potential customers by developing quality and relevant content.
  • Publish information on services, promotions, campaigns or latest products available and discounts.
  • Make use of social media campaigns.
  • Monitor the engagements of customers.
  • Connect with a vast network of professionals positioned in related markets.
  • Improve company awareness through effective SEO and content marketing.
  • Reach a maximum of Prospects.
  •  Build customer loyalty.
  • Build great customer relationship management.
  • Have easy access to essential information relating to new market trends or competitive activity.


There are three social media platforms for brand awareness:

Social media marketing is clearly and definitely achieving results. Companies and business owners use it all the time and it has, and is still yielding positive results. Here are three main social networks used widely for advertising campaigns, but you can learn more on social media marketing here.


The best known, but also the widest in terms of visibility. The idea of displaying your advertisement using this platform can be interesting. Facebook has a wide range of options to make brand building for entrepreneurs in Nigeria worthwhile.


The twitter platform is useful, informative, and above all visible. Running an advertising campaign on this channel has proven effective for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. 


This is a professional platform for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. It helps to connect with clients and top CEO’s and business individuals around the globe.

As an entrepreneur who is into services like plumbing, food vendors, fashion designers, data analytics, digital marketing, etc. LinkedIn is the best avenue to build a profile in order to connect with likeminded professionals.


Entrepreneurs In Nigeria – SEO

It is no secret that for entrepreneurs in Nigeria to excel and be recognized in Google search engine, the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Per Pay Click (PPC) is of utmost importance.

Entrepreneurs in Nigeria know that they need to optimize their websites in order to generate traffic. But most entrepreneurs are not SEO strategists and so have no idea on how to go about this process.

As an entrepreneur who has no knowledge on optimization, it is very much advisable to learn and know some SEO basics that can help build your brand. It is best to note that in the long run, you would require the assistance of an SEO company and this is why our company works on boosting clients’ brands with SEO tools and techniques.

With that said, here are eight tips you need as an entrepreneur to establish a solid foundation for your brand or business and to attract clients’ attention:

  1.  Establish a strong and compelling social media identity- There can be no marketing or recognition without an identity. And To establish a strong internet presence, you must learn all the intricacies of your chosen social media channel in order to generate leads to your website. But to attract a larger audience, you have to create content that your followers will feel compelled to share. One other way to establish a compelling presence is to possess your own unique brand, this means that you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors and do things differently. Things that your customers want or approve.
  2.  Identify your target audience, communicate your Niche and build trust-  Part of the success of an SEO campaign is having a primary niche to build the keyword for your campaign. To choose a primary keyword for your niche, you need to identify a specific audience for your products or services. Identifying a target market and a primary keyword for your niche allows you to run a cohesive and more effective campaign that will drive traffic and sales. Building trust with your customers by seeking their opinion in order to know necessary areas for improvement gives your brand a good image. Customers will be encouraged to refer your products or services to their network.
  3. Create original and relevant content consistently- Content strategy is essential to attract new customers, and so content marketing should be a priority in your marketing strategy. Producing relevant and consistent content will allow you to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The objective of content marketing is to expand your network so that you can capture more potential customers from the search engines. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, it is advisable to regularly update your website with meaningful original content.
  4. Learn Search Engine Optimization- If you choose to handle all of the SEO business or you decide to outsource the work, it is important to take some time to learn more about proper search engine optimization. Credible resources, like our blog, are a great place to learn SEO best strategies.
  5. Make use of SEO keywords and monitor it regularly- For your site to be duly and effectively positioned, you need to put in place a solid SEO referencing. Adopting a website perfectly designed to welcome your potential customers, and especially to acquire traffic are essential factors to ensure a certain visibility. In order not to be non-existent on Google and other search engines, you have to optimize your referencing. For that, you have to work on keywords, titles, and Meta descriptions, etc. The more relevant the keywords that are included in your campaign is, the more targeted traffic you are going to bring to your website. Also, it doesn’t matter how successful your keyword is in driving traffic. Search trends will always change, and the keywords that searchers use to search for your type of product or service may also change slightly. So it is important to always be on the lookout for new keywords.
  6. Learn PPC and assess the impact of campaigns- Once you have put in place the right editorial campaign, it is important to regularly examine the behavior of your visitors as well as your data in your analytical tools. A tool like Google Analytics will give you a better understanding of your website strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Optimize internal links- A perfectly optimized internal linking structure ensures that all the pages are linked together. Connecting relevant pages to each other is mainly to achieve a certain level of traffic on all pages. This is important if you want your website to be more authoritative in the eyes of search engines.
  8. Use Google analytics- Google Analytics for SEO reveals important data on the source of your traffic and what visitors are doing on your site. You can use the data to identify the right opportunities and prioritize efforts to increase traffic.

Entrepreneurs in Nigeria


Are you new in entrepreneurship and searching for the right article to help you have a solid foundation for your business?

But now you know the purpose of creating a social media channel for your business and locating your customers.

You also know that engaging the service of an SEO company can be of great advantage to your business.

Here at Deyo Digital, your business growth is our goal. We use SEO tools and techniques to make this possible.

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