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Erectile dysfunction: Symptoms and Treatment

How to Treat ED Problem Quickly

The critical feature of male erection disorder ( s*xual impotence, also called dysfunction ) may be a persistent or occasional inability to attain or maintain an erection long enough for intercourse.

For one to talk of impotence or male erectile dysfunction, the anomaly must cause significant discomfort or interpersonal difficulties. It must not be attributable exclusively to the direct physiological effects (including drugs) or general medical problems.

There are several sorts of erection dysfunction (s*xual impotence ). Some people experience an inability to own an erection from the start of the s*xual experience. Others have an adequate erection and so lose their tumescence by attempting penetration. Still, others have an erection sufficient for penetration but lose their tumescence before or during subsequent thrusts.

Some men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (s*xual impotence ) may only be able to get an erection during masturbation or awakening. Masturbatory erections may additionally fail, but this can be rare.

The erection difficulties of impotence are often related to s*xual anxiety, fear of failure, concerns about s*xual performance, and a reduced subjective feeling of arousal and pleasure.

Problems with s*xual impotence or dysfunction can compromise existing marital or s*xual relationships and maybe the reason for unconsummated marriages and infertility.

Erection disorders are frequent; there’s talk about 10% of diffusion within the general population, which might rise to over 50% with increasing age (70 years).

The causes of impotence are manifold and include organic factors, particularly vascular (circulation) and neurological problems, and psychological factors, particularly performance anxiety. Therefore, it’s essential to conduct a careful medical exam to establish the presence of organic causes and then advance to the psychological aspects, which have a significant impact on the overwhelming majority of cases.

The presence of spontaneous nocturnal and awakening erections, furthermore because the ability to realize and maintain an erection during masturbation, however, are unequivocal evidence that there are not any organic causes of dysfunction, but that the matter is psychological and, as such, should be addressed with a selected behavioral therapy.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

The treatment of dysfunction ( s*xual impotence ) requires a fancy process that passes through a phase of accurate evaluation of the matter, to exclude possible medical causes, to attain cognitive-behavioral (or job) treatment. This sole psychological therapy has demonstrated promising efficacy within the treatment of those erection disorders. Treat your ed using Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200

The main medical tests, to rule out the various possible organic causes of impotence, are:

Nocturnal electrometry, useful to test for involuntary erections during sleep.

Hormonal dosages, especially prolactin and testosterone, which might affect the erection reaction.

Penile echo-doppler, arteriography, and cavernosography, useful for evaluating any vascular dysfunctions.

Sacral evoked potentials to judge the integrity of the nerve pathways involved within the erection reaction.

Papaverine test or the injection of this vasodilator substance into the penis, useful to judge its functioning.

If organic causes are ascertained, the urologist or andrologist will evaluate the chance of pharmacological, hormonal, or surgical remedies for male erecticle dysfunction (or impotence ).

Suppose, on the opposite hand, and the matter is psychological. In that case, as most frequently happen, the only suitable solution may be a course of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, during which the most factors of maintenance of the matter are addressed, like performance anxiety, the strain, and other vicious circles dysfunctional.

It is a type of therapy that’s very direct to the matter, which is faced through specific techniques, but which doesn’t neglect, where necessary, the analysis of deeper psychological aspects, connected to the personality structure of the topic, to his relationships, to his ideas and beliefs referring to s*xuality, his life history and also the socio-cultural context within which he grew up.

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