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Essential features you must include in your freelance website

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The number of people choosing their career as a freelancer is increasing rapidly and going to surge in the upcoming years as well. The benefits it brings for the freelancer are remarkable. It becomes a new way of work, where people are not much dependent on any organization. 

If you have talent which can fulfill client demand then surely you will get a lot of work from this platform. Being a freelancer you need to be very active in upgrading yourself, the technology and requirements may change everyday. Services like designing, content writing, developers, and many more can be available from this single platform. It’s just the intermediary between the employee and employer along with providing every service.

Well, there are a lot of things that developers need to be considered while creating freelancing websites. If they use the readymade best freelancer clone script then no need to worry about it, it serves everything. But the design, features, service support must be taken care very carefully whether you are using a php freelance script or starting from scratch. The more better you serve, the higher the user traffic you will get.

Today, people are more concerned about the website performance, features, usability. They may not use it until and unless they are satisfied with the service. Therefore, let’s dive into some features which you must include in your freelancing website.

01. Review and ratings

One of the most important features which every freelance website must-have. The disadvantage of working online is that you can meet the people with whom you are working. For that, this feature is very important. You may choose any freelance marketplace script, it will be there for sure.

This feature is useful for the employee and employer both. After completing the project, the employer will give you feedback based on the work you have done. It’s important for the freelancer to get positive reviews because based on that they will receive their next project. Employers will definitely look out at the feedback before giving you any work. 

Therefore, this is why reviews and rating features are useful on any freelance website.

02. Testimonial

Another essential feature your freelance website must-have. It’s somewhat like the reviews and ratings. Here, users can write down their experience of working with the freelancer.

Many websites have adopted this part of the website and included in the first page of it using a carousel. You can choose a few of the best testimonials and put it in the highlighted section of your website. It grabs the attention of people for sure. Hence, the inclusion of this feature makes your website even more popular and attractive.

03. Payment system

Flexibility and convenience in the payment system let the user make transactions with ease. It’s necessary to make payment for the employer after completion of the work. Every best freelancer clone script includes this feature along with various modes of payment such as debit/credit card, net banking, PayPal much more. 

Everything must be possible with using a single platform, so that attracts more and more people towards it. Moreover, you should not ignore the security needed to protect every payment happening from the website. People are highly concerned about the security, otherwise they will not visit again. 

Thus, along with important features in your website you should not compromise with the security of it as well.

04. Notification system

Push notification is the most effective way to opt for in terms of marketing strategy. It helps to reach maximum people and increase user traffic on websites. It is just a simple technique which you can follow to highlight your website among other competitors.  It keeps notifying your user with the latest happening in the website, it includes a new message, latest bid, new project, and much more. 

Notification is the alternate of the emails, messages which generally people would not see, but notification can be much more effective. Most of the php freelance script would offer you this if not you can customize your best freelancer clone script as you want.


05. User dashboard

It’s really necessary to have this feature in your website. Every user must have their own dashboard which includes each and every detail about them. Here, users can edit details such as skills, experience, bids, project undertaken, and much more. 

Whenever employers visit your profile they must find it interesting and impress them at first attempt, it increases the chances of getting the work. Thus, your website must consider this section as an important feature. 


Therefore, having a website is not enough. It must include a lot of features and functionality which helps to capture the attention of people. The above-mentioned points clearly define what features you can add in your freelancing platform to make it attractive and unique.

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