Essential Steps for Vegan Nail Care with a Gel Top Coat

Gel Top Coat

Some of the best nail care products on the market today are vegan. Yet, there is so much more to consider than the formula for nail polish. For instance, you might want to ensure the items you use aren’t tested on animals. Animal testing is certainly not a vegan-friendly practice. So, you must research products and the companies who make them. Must-have vegan nail care products, including gel top coat and fingernail polish remover, are essential to great-looking nails. After taking steps to create a complete vegan nail routine with cruelty-free products, your nails may look better than ever.

Clean Out Your Old Nail Care Products

When you’re ready to do a deep dive into nail care, you must clean out your old products. They could be vegan, but they could also be old, expired, dry, or gooey. It’s also best to start fresh with new nail tools like trimmers and files. This process gives you a chance to notice old formulas and items and compare them to what you want now. In addition to being vegan, you can set new standards to make sure you get great nail care products. Your new criteria may include naturally derived ingredients, plant-based elements, and nail-strengthening qualities.

Take Notes on What You Need to Replace

With a mission to fashion a whole new collection for nail care, you don’t want to forget anything. If you’re setting new standards, or you’ve looked into specific company values, write them down. You can list the products you need and the characteristics you want. This strategy makes it easy for you to have the information you need on hand. This way, when you’re ready to browse vegan nail polish, you won’t have to remember everything off the top of your head.

Explore Vegan Nail Polish Colors

Now, it’s time for the fun part—choosing your nail colors. As you explore vegan nail polish collections, don’t forget your notes! Also, don’t get discouraged if a department store doesn’t carry what you want. If you’ve added characteristics like “eco-friendly” or “naturally derived” to your must-haves, you might have to visit a specialty store. You don’t want to rule out natural grocery stores or online nail care brands, either. These alternative places could have vegan, naturally derived, and cruelty-free product lines, which check all the boxes.

Pick Up Nail Prep Items You Don’t Have

A complete nail care overall isn’t complete without nail prep items. You might be thinking of nail clippers, nail files, and maybe even a cuticle trimmer. While those are important for an at-home nail routine, look into picking up other items like vegan cuticle treatment oil. Vegan and cruelty-free formulas that maintain your nails without polish help nails look clean and healthy. If you’re ordering vegan cuticle treatment oil or fingernail polish remover online, do it well in advance. These products may be ground ship only. You’ll want to get them in time for your first completely vegan manicure.

Invest in a Vegan Gel Top Coat

Vegan and cruelty-free nail products can offer the same quality and strength as other nail products. However, your nails aren’t complete without a high-performance vegan gel top coat. A top coat glides over your other layers of nail polish to give your look a nice finish. There are different kinds of top coats available, but you’ll want a classic gel type. This top coat has a timeless, high-gloss finish. Your top coat should follow the same standards you set for other nail care. It should be vegan and cruelty-free with primarily naturally derived ingredients in the base if that’s what you want.

Set Aside Time in Your Day

The next step in creating a vegan nail routine, or any nail routine, is setting aside time in your day. It’s important to give yourself time to get your nails ready, apply nail products, and allow polish to dry. Otherwise, you may end up messing up your manicure before you’ve even had a chance to show it off. This step might seem trivial compared to other entirely vegan nail care aspects. Yet, it impacts how your nails turn out and how you might view vegan nail care in the future. If having a beautiful, at-home manicure brings you joy, make time for it!

Prepare Your Nails and Reveal a Clean Canvas

When it’s time to give yourself a vegan manicure, you’ll have to prepare a clean canvas. Get out the vegan cuticle treatment oil and acetone-free fingernail polish remover. First, use the treatment oil to soften the cuticle, and then push it back. You can do this the day before your manicure as well. Then, remove any residual oil and old color on your nails with the nail polish remover. Even if you don’t have old polish on your nails, this step helps clean the nail surface and extend the life of any color you apply. You also don’t want the cuticle oil on your nails before applying polish because the oil could prevent it from adhering.

Apply Two Coats of Vegan Nail Polish

After revealing clean nails, get ready to be amazed by vegan and cruelty-free nail polish. First, apply a base coat and allow it to dry. Second, you only have to apply two coats to get the full extent of color from some of the best nail polish options. Two coats is an important step too, by the way. Without two coats of lacquer, you might end up with thinner coats in some areas and thicker ones in others. Allow for a rest period between applications. Then it’s time for the final step.

Finish It Off with a Vegan Gel Top Coat

Finally, you can apply the final vegan product to the top of your cruelty-free nail care masterpiece. You should use the gel top coat after the second layer of colored polish is mostly dry, about three to five minutes. Then, allow the top coat to dry completely for a look that’s locked-in and ready to wow. You can even brag about it and tell people your mani is vegan and cruelty-free. It might make them think about what they’re using and the brands they want to promote. They might even ask where you got your nail polish. Or how you get such great results. That way, they know where to look for high-quality, cruelty-free products they can be proud to use.

Vegan nail care is so much more than grabbing the first bottle of vegan nail polish you find. You want to check the whole list of ingredients in a product and look into company practices. That way, you know exactly what you’re putting on your nails. You can help them continue to look and feel healthier while upholding your values and your standards. Taking steps toward a completely vegan nail care routine with cruelty-free products might help your nails feel better than ever. Plus, you can appreciate the fact that you’re instituting animal-friendly practices in another area of your life.

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