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Essential Tips to Follow for Choosing Attractive Candle Packaging Designs to Target Customers


We all have been using the candles to adorn the house or any place at the time of celebration. Their use has been standard for the anniversary of the birthday events. But have you ever thought of gifting someone with the beautifully scented candles? If you are about to, make sure you have the candles available in the wrapping of attractive Candle Packaging.

When we talk about designing the candle box pieces, there are different factors the customer needs to pay attention to. In the middle of so many options, it is not easy to pick the standard one. It would help if you went with the colorful box styles; they should also look enticing.

Let’s highlight a few more tips below to see how a perfect candle box packaging can end up with appealing design artwork.

Candle boxes play an important role in retail products

Hence, candle box packaging is essential for the products, especially when you are in the retail items. We all know that retail merchandise is available in different embellishments in both small and large categories. And when consumers visit these retail stores, they will first notice the product packaging artwork.

No doubt it is just the box packaging design that can make your consumer visit your store all the time. This shows how much important and valuable the packaging finishing is. Some customers even take it as the primary element other than the product quality. Therefore, always look for the unique boxes available in the unique printing artwork.

How can you personalize the candle box packaging?

Different packaging companies offer you complete liberty in designing attractive box designs. They can vary according to the occasion or theme for which you use the candle box. A variety of box styles are available, out of which a few common are:

You can often think of personalizing the Candle Packaging Boxes with some desirable coating finishing work. Three different categories of coating work are available for boxes which are:

  1. The matte coating helps to bring an attractive look to any dull-looking box. It adds a sleek feel to the overall packaging with stand-out printing work.
  2. Glass coating is available to give the box the shiny and polished finishing touch.
  3. Spot UV is a sort of unique coating which is a combination of gloss and matte work simultaneously.

Use of inserts in candle packaging box: Is it essential?

In the packaging work, you should take all those possible steps to make your product stay secure and in original shape. This will improve the customer satisfaction a lot because they are receiving something which is nice looking.

With time, different customization trends are becoming available for the box packaging. And in all those trends, we have the insert option! You will find different box styles with the insert option as the customization effect.

Different styles of inserts are available by the packaging companies. A few of the most common inserts which you are can use with window artwork are:

Hence, for the unique packaging outlook, you can explore other design features to make your candles appear presentable. This is how you can let your candles appear different from competitors. Such designs are often essential for branding regards.

You can often facilitate the process of branding through some great color schemes. A variety of color combinations are best to choose in which you have to count the logo. In addition, you can choose the color model, not just the color customization. Most the packaging companies offer two different color models, which are:

Furthermore, candle box packaging can appear more enticing by adding some add-ons. With such add-ons, you can add a decorative effect to the boxes and make them look improved. A few of the extra add-on options are discussed below:

Essential Tips to Follow for Choosing Attractive Candle Packaging Designs

1.      Concentrate on staying enticing

When we say that make your box look attractive, it usually means that we want the packaging to have many colors. It’s a fact that attractive and colorful box packaging will always target the customers in huge quantities. This is how they will always be curious to visit your store.

Thus, the more appealing the box packaging will be, the more it will help boost your brand’s sales. It will be facilitated if you use white and natural color shades for packaging boxes. Some brands even use tokenism styles and do not opt for detailed looks.

2.      Choose durable and high-quality material

The following essential element is hence the selection of material which needs to be durable and high in quality. Durable material is responsible for letting the fragile item stay secure at shipping time against any cracks or damage. Therefore, for the final protection, material hence plays a significant role.

According to our recommendation, cardboard as well as Kraft are the best materials for box manufacturing. Cardboard will hence provide massive protection for the product against heat or different environmental factors. You can have it rummage around the box to prevent the candle’s wax from getting melted.

3.      Make your product the stand out one

Once you are ready to display the products on shelves, make sure they look enticing, unique and different from others. This will help you in increasing the overall sales of the market competition.

It would help if you always considered going for the Candle Packaging Supplies choices, which facilitate you to build a powerful novel identity. The box printing has the brand logo or tagline on the front surface. This will look outstanding for the new customers as well.

4.      Use it for advertising your brand

Don’t forget to use the box packaging as the medium of brand promotion. No doubt that the box solution is the most affordable option to have for the brand advertisement. This will hence help you let the customers visit your store all the time. And thus, it will also maintain long-lasting brand loyalty.

Can you purchase candle packaging in bulk?

Yes, you can! You can hence place the box orders for the candle products as well. The bulk order placement will be essential in saving much of your money and efforts. Some box companies even offer you discount deals on bulk orders. Go and get them right now!

When you are purchasing the box as in bulk, make sure that they are not of the low quality. Sometimes, you do receive bad quality boxes when you are having them in huge quantity. This is what you need to be careful of. See the quality of packaging, material work and the designs. The box should hence provide your product an everlasting security at the time of shipping.

Contact Claws Custom Boxes for Excellent Candle Box Design

To have excellent box designs of Candle Packaging for your products, look into Claws Custom Boxes right now. We work as a reliable box manufacturing company is offering you some great box designs in various options. Let us know what your primary requirements are. Our professional team of experts will deliver your order in less time.


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