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company culture
company culture

Establishing And Sustaining Company Culture

A Misconception 

A wrong perception prevails pertaining to company culture. The fact that if you are given free foods and drinks, and have all the time to chat with your fellow employees,  your company is going to be admired by job-seeking aspirants around the world. This is not the truth. Doesn’t matter if you are running Korean translation services, or are just selling shoes online, your company needs a sustainable culture. 

Establishing A Strong Culture

In order to create a connection between your fellow employees in the workplace, you need to establish a level of trust and respect. But the real question is that how can you do that?

Let us discuss some of the company cultural tenets that can strengthen your organization.

The Need To Create A Robust Culture

First, it is important to establish the fact that your company’s success depends greatly on how robust your culture is. Because if you have that, then there are high chances, your employees would want to work for you in the long run. 

On the contrary, a weak company culture leads to a higher turnover rate. 

Let us take an example of Chinese translation services. They always focus on creating a strong company culture. And their philosophy is based upon the following points;

Motivating Employees 

If the organizational culture is strong it will motivate the employees to perform better. 

Nourishing Strengths

A strong culture nourishes employees. And helps them replenish their strengths. This does not only boosts their morale but motivates them to give their best. 

Leaders Create Culture

And that is very important if you want your worker to engage in the work they do. But it is not simple. Such cultures are only created when there is a great leader to lead the path. 

Leaders are one of the reasons, an employee decides to give all his energies, time, and devotion to the vision created by the management. Because if they don’t believe in the vision, chances are they will find another place to work at. 

Attaining Fame

These tenets are the reason companies attain fame for their culture alone. Moreover, if this path is followed religiously, organizations are able to enhance their brand image.

And that is worth everything. Brand image is the reason, firms like Ford, Coca-Cola, Mcdonald, Ferrari, have been able to occupy a wide market share for over a century. 

Creating And Sustaining A Strong Organizational Culture 

It can be an arduous task to create and then maintain a strong company culture. However, if one follows a strategy or methodology to attain that, caches are the company will get there. So let’s discuss them;

Organizational Values

The first thing that companies need to do is to establish values that the company can abide by and follow for a long period of time. Company foundation must be laid upon these values. Hence take as much time as you can to create them.


Another important aspect that needs to be considered here is that your values should be shareable. Meaning, people or your employees must be able to relate to them. 

Do not make the mistake of creating values that are dear to you, but nobody else is able to relate to them or believe in them.  

People Will Believe If You Will

On the contrary, if you create values that might be unique in their entirety, then do not be shy to share them. If you believe in something wholeheartedly, people will believe in you. 

Establishing Trust

Trust takes decades to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. The same is the case with organizations. If you are not establishing trust in your workplace, your business will never progress. 

Trusting Employees 

The first thing you need to do is to trust your workers. If you are unable to put faith in your employees, you will refrain from delegating their responsibilities. It will lead to a lot of time wastage, considering the fact that you are always micromanaging. 

Lack of Appreciation 

Furthermore, if the people working under you start feeling that the management does not put trust in them, they will feel unappreciated. And will never give their best to the organizations, eventually leading to high turnover rates.  

Hence, building trust is detrimental to the success of company culture. Three are certain steps that the management can take to initiate this factor. 

Promulgating Transparency

The first and foremost thing is to promulgate transparency in the workplace. This will enable people to openly communicate with each other without ever being dishonest.

Appreciating Efforts 

Secondly, if the management starts to appreciate the effort that their employees are putting into their work, it will boost employee recognition and conference. This display of appreciation will create trust. 

Allocating Time 

Thirdly, companies should take the initiative to allocate their time and resources to establish robust relationships with their employees. Small programs or activities that empower different departments will create strong bondage between employees. 

Accepting Mistakes 

One thing that is essential in creating trust is to accept your mistake. Regardless of the position of power or authority that an individual has in an organization, admitting mistakes can create fairness and credibility. 

It allows workers to feel that the management is human too. And motivates them to display gratitude and appreciation for the company, hence building trust. 

Trust Is A Journey

Trust is a journey rather than a destination. It takes time, commitment, patience, and effort to build. However, if you start taking small steps periodically, you will get there. And your company culture will strengthen too. 

Promote Communication 

Establishing effective communication is very important if you want to create a strong company culture. And if you are working remotely, without a strong communication network, it will be very difficult to run a successful business. 


One is prone to create a lot of conflicts if communication is not being done properly. Hence, ruining the company culture. Many confusions that arise in companies are basically a consequence of poor communication. 

Therefore, ensuring that communication is a priority must not be second-guessed. 

Software translation services are an example of good organizational communication. 

Utilizing Tools 

They utilize a lot of tools to make the process more efficient and smooth. It mainly includes messaging software like Slack that keeps different departments and teams in contact with each other. Every update or initiative that is taken by a team is instantly shared with the rest of the workers. So that everyone is aware of what is happening in the company.

Secondly, video conferencing software like Zoom can also be utilized if the employees are working remotely. It is always a better option as compared to work emails that are not actively used by the workers.  

Creating Communication Avenues 

The main idea behind this narrative is to create as many avenues for your employees as you can so that it becomes almost second nature for employees to communicate with each other. 

Path Of Least Resistance

Most of the time organizations do not expect or demand their employees to communicate. Hence, many often take the path of least resistance and make the choice not to communicate too much. 

Setting Communication Expectations

On the contrary, if you want to create a strong company culture, you need to set communication expectations.  Taking assistance vis-a-vis morning meetings, thinking group tanks, or regular team meetings can allow this to happen. Korean translation services do implement such activities inside their organization. 


The key factor that enables businesses to succeed is a strong culture and a system of beliefs that are shared by the employees and management. 

The reason why firms should strive for building a robust organizational culture is that the workers will always be on the same page. Secondly, trust will be established between the managers and the workers. And lastly, it will provide a strategic competitive benefit to the firm that will allow it to perform better than its competitors.  Read More

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