Everything you ever wanted to know about life in Long Island

A blackm and white picture of Long Beach you will enjoy during your life in Long island.

We have all heard about Long Island but not many people know what living in Long Island really is. There are plenty of things that make this place an amazing place to call home and I want to tell you more about them. If you are interested in knowing more about life in Long Island, you came to the right place. I am going to tell you everything you need to know about this place before you move here. And even if you weren’t planning on moving to Long Island, reading this might change your mind.

The beaches are always close by

If you are someone who loves the beach, and who doesn’t, Long Island is the place for you. No matter where you live in Long Island, you’ll be on the beach in no time. And there are plenty of things for you to do on the beaches of Long Island. The summers are very hot in the state of New York, so cooling down by swimming in the ocean is going to be your favorite activity. The waves here are great and most beaches are sandy. This makes them perfect for relaxing after a hard work week. Walking, jogging, and any other beach activities are possible here throughout the whole year. The best part about the beaches on Long Island is the fact that there are plenty of them, both public and private ones. And if you live by the beach, you might just manage to have your own private beach. 

A black and white picture of the beach you will enjoy during your life in Long island.
Living near the beach is amazing.

Living close to New York City

New York City is one of the biggest and wildest cities in the country. And one of the things people love about life in Long Island is the fact that you are living very close to NYC. So close yet enough far away from all the noise and craziness. This is why a lot of people who work in New York City live on Long Island. Traveling to work is very easy as Long Island is well-connected to New York City. We are talking about an hour of driving away from the center of NYC. This makes it a perfect place for people with small children and young professionals who still aren’t earning enough money to live in NYC. You don’t even have to have a car in order to travel from Long Island to New York. There are trains connecting the two places too.

Beautiful scenery all year round

One of the most amazing things about Long Island is the fact that it is a place full of wonderful nature and beautiful scenery. There are plenty of trees and green spaces here. You will love spending time outside. But the most amazing part of this beautiful scenery and nature is the fact that the air here is very clean and fresh. The ocean makes it even better. And this is why a lot of elderly people decide to move to Long Island after retiring. Spending time outside and breathing fresh air is very good for your health. Having this much nature surrounding you also means your children will be growing up in healthy surroundings which is a very important thing. There are plenty of benefits of playing outdoors for children. So, if you only want the best for your children, can help you relocate to Long Island whenever you wish to do so.

A view of a lighthouse.
There’s plenty of nature on Long Island.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always available

Another thing about life in Long Island related to living a healthy lifestyle is the fact that you have access to fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. This is because Long Island is home to many organic farms. You can even go with your family and pick out your fruits and vegetables yourself. As you can see, Long Island is a place where living healthy is very easy.

Among many fruits that are growing on Long Island, grapes are one of them. And do you know what that means? That means that there is plenty of vineyards here too. You and your significant other can enjoy good quality wine all the time and you can also go wine-tasting. But there are plenty of other places where having dates and celebrating anniversaries and other important dates is possible. Long Island is full of amazing beach bars and restaurants where you can also enjoy fresh seafood. Living in Long Island sounds a lot like living n the Mediterranean. 

Amazing for shopaholics

Long Island is an amazing place for a shopaholic. Not only do you have New York close by but you also have one of the largest shopping malls in the country located near you. It is the second shopping mall in the country and its name is Roosevelt Field Mall. This means that shopping for Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gifts are made super easy when you live in Long Island. There is plenty of other malls such as Walt Whitman Mall, Tanger Outlets Riverhead, and many others.

There are plenty of shopping malls on Long Island.
A shop window with neatly arranged clothes on hangers.

There are plenty of indoor activities for you and your family

Not only is spending time outside going to be a lot of fun but so is spending time indoors. There are plenty of cinemas, theatres, museums, arcades, bars, and restaurants here. You’ll have a plethora of fun things to see and do which is very important for people with small children. You can always move without any hassle locally to a part of Long Island where it suits you most and where all these things are close by. There is even an amusement park on Long Island. And you have probably already heard of it, it’s Adventureland in Farmingdale. You can also go to the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center with your family and see a 120,000-gallon shark tank.


Life in Long Island is a genuine pleasure for a great majority of people. You get a chance to spend time at the beach, enjoy the nature, take up a lot of leisure activities, and, finally, if you need the urban feel, NYC is in the vicinity. Hence, moving to Long Island is a good decision indeed.

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