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Everything you must know about intimate Wash

best organic Oudh accord intimate wash - the love co

best organic Oudh accord intimate wash - the love co

When it comes to maintenance of self-care no one does it better than women. Whether it’s about the discovery of the best home medications or choosing the best skin care products, women know it all! But what about the intimate parts? Do women care about their intimate areas as much as they do for the rest of the body parts? Well, I doubt. Do you exactly remember when was the last time you bought or used a different product to take care of your intimate parts? But if not, then let me tell you how important it is to preserve your intimate health and hygiene.

So start using the best organic Oudh accord intimate wash.

Girls talk about their hair and skin treatment but still, they have hesitation in talking about the intimate wash. So naturally, girls are likely to make a big blunder which is using the unchanged bathing soap for both body and intimate regions. Now there’s a question that what’s so wrong with doing so, right. So the matter of fact is that the skin around your intimate area is much more subtle than the rest of your body. This is why intimate parts need special care.

Maintaining a consistent hygienic regime is necessary for a hale and hearty mind and body, but it is in the same way it is important to pay more attention to intimate health. Since the vagina is gentle and more vulnerable to contaminations, different practices must be followed to avoid the disruption of pH balance so that the acidic mantle of the skin remains sustained. Try keeping intimate parts neat and clean.

 Your intimate area is irreplaceable and must be touched with utmost care. If you use chemical soaps or heavily sweet-scented products that generally you use on other parts of the body, you can aggravate issues such as odor, dryness, or recurring infections by disturbing its pH-balance of your skin. Since the vagina has the potential to clean itself with an in-house emollient, it is best to simply wash your intimate area every day with lukewarm water and a gentle and smooth intimate cleanser.

The pH level of our body and vagina keeps on varying. Do you know that a healthy vaginal is acidic, and the pH level ranges from 3.5 to 4.5? But most of the bathing suds have a pH level greater than 4.5.

Doctors recommend that we use mild soap and water, if we are considering a cleaner, healthier, and exotic feeling, and then there is no harm in using an intimate sponge.

What is an intimate wash?

Many of us don’t know what an intimate wash is. And many of us don’t even show concern about cleaning our intimate parts.

 But a woman needs to know about the importance of what an intimate wash is and what wonders it can do.

It is a way out specially designed to purify the intimate areas of women. It helps in keeping the pH levels balanced and protects the vaginal portion from bacterial and fungal infections. It is available in malls, departmental stores and, medical drugstores. You can also find it online. But use with the doctor’s prescription.

Why use an intimate wash?

Intimate wash helps to balance the vaginal pH levels and helps your vagina to stay healthy and hygienic. Regular use helps in preventing bacterial or fungal infection in the vaginal area. It also maintains the growth of good bacteria called Lactobacillus, which is very important for a healthy and fresh vagina. It leaves you feeling fresh the whole day with no odor, wetness, or tackiness. Some of the intimate washes help in lifting and rejuvenating the skin.

How to use an intimate wash?

Why should an intimate cleanser be part of your day-to-day hygiene?

Although the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, it is important to understand that the vagina is just a portion of your intimate layout. If the vagina is cleaning all the impurities inside, then also your vulva, the vaginal lips, and the labia need some attention, your attention.

And so, it is important to wash the vaginal area at least twice a day with a mild intimate cleaning product, especially when you are on your menstrual cycle. As a thumb rule, avoid wearing tight and uncomfortable undergarments for a long time, since they do not let the skin breathe and don’t even retain the moisture from perspiration. This becomes a breeding ground for contagions! Also, the regular use of an intimate disinfectant helps in keeping the infections at bay like UTI (Urinary tract infection).UTI develops faster in women than men. So women are at greater risk if there is no use of organic ingredients infused intimate wash.

Your vaginal area is very sensitive, so it’s better to eliminate the usage of conventional intimate products that can be too harsh on the intimate skin. A gentle Intimate Cleanser is made with pure Oudh essential oil is safe and nourishing for your body. Subsequently, regular soaps and chemical-based body washes strip off natural oils and disturb pH levels of intimates, natural Intimate Cleansers are specially created to maintain the balance and prevent infections! 

The revitalizing and soothing Oudh accord intimate wash provides 100
% shield to the menstrual parts of the body. Organic Oudh accord intimate shower has the aroma of Oudh, aloe Vera, and tea tree. The intimate wash is sulfate-free. 

Oudh oil is used to cure the problem of bad odor. It is a cleanser that has natural foaming properties. The intimate wash also has antioxidant elements.

Intimate wash has the essentials of the therapeutic plant extracts and exotic essential oils which provide the skin cooling sensation and provide irritation and itching-free skin. 

The intimate wash can be used by all genders. It is also beneficial for all skin types without any side effects. The intimate wash provides extreme care to the sensitive parts of the skin and provides a pleasant feeling to the skin of purity, health and freshness throughout the day whether you are in an office or any public place. Providing a sense of comfort to your skin.

In a nutshell, it excellently purifies your intimates without being tough. Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

Regularly use the best organic Oudh accord intimate and make your vagina happy and healthy!

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