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Bilservice Stockholm
För att kunna ge bästa bilservice åt de nyaste bilarna och deras teknik arbetar vi kontinuerligt med vidareutbilda våra mekaniker. På så vis kan de hantera utrustning för avancerad diagnos och felsökning och i förlängningen utföra hela serviceprocessen, Allt för att du bara ska behöva en enda verkstad för service på bilen i stockholm.


Today we are talking about car services but many people are afraid to ask about it, while they have to know this car service information and important details in their everyday routine. Coming on your way next 6 basic car services, which every driver has to do in their vehicles with the best service provider like a Bilservice at Stockholm, Sweden.


What Is A Car Service?

A car service is similar to a regular check-up for your vehicle. An extensive 50-point checklist or a simple service and repair may be all that will keep your vehicle in good working order. Your safety is mostly dependent on your vehicle, which makes it important. For problems like flat tyres and oil changes, you may be able to cure the symptoms yourself, but only an expert can diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs.

Bring your vehicle to Acton Service Centre the next time the check engine light comes on for maintenance.

A detailed guide to car servicing is provided in this article, so that you know what to expect when you visit a mechanic.


10 types of services every car owner should know from ‘Bilservice


How much do you know about your personal car in detail because you are using it in your daily use to commute anywhere, so, you have to know this important information given by Bilservice Stockholm as below.


Every driver out there should be able to give their vehicle engine’s cooling system a good once over. It is very important because it has to suffer with the car’s engine heat as well as outside temperature’s heat or cold weather season. You have to keep an eye for swells, cracks, or anything related to circular systems. Also make sure there is enough fuel in the radiator compartment to keep your engine cool while running.


Serpentine belt is layered after the outer part of the engine compartment to run engines and related systems properly. It sometimes cracks or breaks in long run usage, so you have to make sure with it and keep an eye or your service provider like a Bilservice Stockholm is always checking in their routine service so you don’t have to worry about it.


Remember, fresh air is always the most important. Without free flowing air supplies to your car engine will eventually overheat and break down your cars anywhere, so air filters have to be clean and properly circulated to keep your car engines breathing properly.


You will never know when your battery will stop working and break down so you always have to carry jump start cable with you in your car to help yourself as well as help others in an emergency. Sometimes due to heavy usage of all features without charging your battery will eventually lower your battery power. In that case if you want to start your car in the garage, you have to start the engine from jump start from any other battery power source.


As a driver you have to know how to change your vehicle’s tyres if it punctures. You also have to maintain and focus on your Vehicle’s Alignment & balancing while running to drive your car properly. And don’t forget to keep an eye on your air pressures before sitting in the car to drive hassle free anywhere.


As an expert service provider Bilservice Stockholm advised, Engine oil is the main part of your vehicles. Whenever you start your engine, just wait for 2 minutes to pick your car up from the spot because it needs a couple of minutes to circulate oils at every part of the engine so. You also have to make sure that your vehicle is relatively parked at level surface to make your engine oil stable. Oil filters also contribute to its role in filter oil to serve to clear engine usage.



Don’t put off checking your transmission fluid for another 100,000 kilometres because that’s when it’s most likely to fail. Check the fluid level at every oil change and follow your manufacturer’s suggestions for transmission filter and fluid changes. Overheating the gearbox can lead to internal damage if the burnt or dark-colored fluid continues to use. To learn how to change your car’s transmission fluid, check out these instructions.



Transferring power from the transmission to the wheels is accomplished by the differential in your car. All rear-wheel-drive vehicles have a rear differential, as do some front-wheel-drive vehicles, however some have a separate unit. The rear end housing contains the axles and differential for the rear wheels. Lubricating the differential and wheel bearings becomes more difficult when the viscosity of the gear oil deteriorates over time. While you’re at it, have the differential checked for wear and replace any worn or damaged parts. Differential and transfer case fluids are typically serviced according to a predetermined timetable.



Carbon, muck, and dirt are all that’s left. Every time the engine is running, these scumbags are sucked into the fuel system. To put it simply, a buildup of dirt and grime reduces engine power, decreases fuel economy, and decreases drivability. A fuel system cleaning can help your engine run more efficiently and more effectively again. Most of the time, a twice-yearly dose of gasoline additive is all that’s require. To avoid filthy fuel, make sure you’re using high-quality gas.

Thousands of miles can add to your car in just a few hours of work. Make an appointment with your local Bilservice Stockholm repair centre today to get your vehicle service.



As a hygroscopic, or water-absorbing, fluid, brake fluid can draw moisture from the air. Even if the hydraulic system is sealed, the reservoir is not, which means that water can be drawn from the air and pumped into the system directly from the atmosphere. Your brakes’ hydraulic system is corroded over time as a result of this. Testing your brake fluid is as simple as using a dip strip, which you’ll be able to find at your local NAPA Auto Parts. It’s time to flush and change the fluid if it’s a nasty dark brown colour.


Below are FAQs for “Bil Service”

  1. When should I have my vehicle serviced?

Answer: At least once a year, or every 12,000 miles, you should bring your vehicle in for service.

However, this is just a basic guideline, and your own unique driving style will have an impact on how long it takes you to get there. In addition, the condition of the road plays a significant role.

If the check engine light is on, or if you hear a strange noise that causes you to worry about the health of your vehicle, bring it in for service.


  1. In an automobile repair shop, what are the things they look for?

Answer: Interim, Full, and Major Car Services each have a different checklist of items that need to resolve. There is a 25-point checklist for the interim automobile service, and a 40-point checklist for the complete service, respectively. Checklists for major car services include a 50-point checklist.


  1. Is wheel alignment part of a standard car service?

Answer: A car service does really include checking the alignment and tread depths on the tyres.


Summary: Remember, that proper routing service is important for all accessories to work properly. As an Experienced car service agency From Sweden, Bilservice Stockholm suggested that every driver should be able to inspect their vehicles regularly to drive hassle free to anywhere.

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