Excessive Underarms Sweating: When Should you See a Doctor

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Most of the people face the awkward situation at least once in a lifetime because of sweaty armpits. Sweating on a hot summer day, in the gym, in a stuffy room, or under stress are normal. So the body protects itself from overheating. But in some cases, increased sweating or hyperhidrosis is a condition where the body releases much more sweat than is necessary for thermoregulation. The most sweaty areas of the body are the armpits, palms, soles of the feet, face, scalp and chest.

Underarm sweating is one of the most common problems. Excessive sweating gives trouble to every person, such a pathology becomes a real barrier to personal and social life. It causes a lot of inconvenience to patients, as it causes discomfort, skin reactions (burning, itching, rash), an unpleasant odor and loosens their nervous system. The problem of excessive sweating affects the health and social life of people. At the same time, hyperhidrosis can produce real problems. Most people feel remarkably ashamed and embarrassed due to their excessive sweating. As a result, patients become irritable, quick-tempered, become withdrawn, fall into depression. Therefore, it requires careful study and a thorough examination and qualified treatment.

However, here is the following guide on excessive underarms sweating treatment. Let’s have a look at the following.

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  • Hyperhidrosis Treatments
    • Over-the-counter (OTC) Antiperspirants
    • Prescription Antiperspirants
    • Iontophoresis
    • Botox
    • miraDry
  • When to See A Doctor For Treating Hyperhidrosis?
  • Conclusion

Hyperhidrosis Treatments

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Generally, people with excessive sweating face different problems in their daily lives. They deal with frequent report frustration problems like frequently changing clothing due to underarm sweating, avoid shaking hands, afraid from the social gatherings, difficulty in writing as pen slips from hand. But at the same time, there are effective excessive sweating treatments available. In addition, people also intake hyperhidrosis medications and procedures in order to protect themselves from any condition. Some primary concern doctors or general practitioners are accustomed to the fundamental method of focal hyperhidrosis. It includes over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants and prescription antiperspirants.

Over-the-counter (OTC) Antiperspirants

It applies on the hands and feet, as well as over the armpits. If hyperhidrosis is controlled by OTC treatment, then there is no need to visit a doctor. These types of medications are used at bedtime for more time to work.

Prescription Antiperspirants

Most people with hyperhidrosis cannot treat themselves or see any results through OTC antiperspirants. A doctor will offer medical treatment of a higher-strength, aluminium salt-based antiperspirant. This can be useful for mild problems of excessive sweating.

Generally, the dermatologists are the best for treating excessive sweating, which is not controlled by OTC products. In this case, the doctors recommend that go with some official hyperhidrosis treatment, especially when sweating is severe. There are different advanced treatments for hyperhidrosis including Iontophoresis, Botox and miraDry.


Iontophoresis in hyperhidrosis is a painless and quite effective method of dealing with excessive sweating. The method is based on the penetration of a drug through the skin under the influence of direct current. Iontophoresis acts on the channels of the sweat glands with a weak direct current. The duration of the session is 30 minutes. It takes from 5 to 10 daily sessions for a persistent reduction in sweating. The number of sessions and current strength is selected strictly individually for each patient. This is usually determined by a physiotherapist or dermatologist. This is a modern procedure that really helps with heavy sweating. Iontophoresis will help even with the advanced stage of hyperhidrosis. Under the influence of electric current on the nerve endings of the sweat glands. The procedure is used as an independent treatment for excessive sweating of the body, or with complexes of drugs.


With excessive sweating, you can contact the cosmetology center for help. In the armpit area, a cosmetologist makes Botox or Dysport injections. These substances disrupt the nerve connections of the glands with the spinal cord. As a result, the glands cease to fulfill their direct functions. The botulinum toxin works in the problem area, where there is a maximum increase in sweating. It helps to drastically reduce sweat production. Injections are used to treat excessive sweating in the armpits, on the palms, and in the inguinal zone. The injection results last for 6 months, after which the procedure must be repeated.


MiraDry Fort Lauderdale - eSSe Plastic Surgery

miraDry is a unique and the only technique in the world based on very high-frequency microwaves, which allows you to instantly save the patient from sweating, the smell of sweat and hair in the armpit. The protocol of the procedure is designed so that it avoids any negative effects on organs and tissues. Moreover, it affects the sweat glands of the armpits. Moreover, it is absolutely harmless to the body. It is applied once and completely eliminates excessive sweating. Both men and women can use the new service. The service is provided by trained professionals.

When to See A Doctor For Treating Hyperhidrosis?

Sweating can result in redness of the skin and sometimes a rash. This is a completely natural reaction to an irritant. What to do when armpits sweat heavily, and sweat corrodes the skin, and the body becomes covered with small red blisters?

It is best to consult a dermatologist. Combining the irritation zone can only worsen the situation. To alleviate the condition, it is necessary to choose the right means. With a tendency to eczema or the appearance of a rash, it is recommended to consult with the right dermatologists and purchase antiperspirants, plus odorless and fragrance body care products.

You should consult a doctor of Canberra skin clinic or any other if there is severe sweating, regardless of weather conditions, physical activity or psychological state. Pathological sweating is also characterized by the fact that conventional deodorizing agents and antiperspirants, as well as other hygiene products, cannot help get rid of the problem. Therefore, it is recommended that choose the right medical approaches, restorative procedures and traditional methods to get rid of hyperhidrosis forever or for a long time.

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